Upstairs At Last [NA]

  • The Ebony Flask Inn Room: Upstairs At Last [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

My dark elf took a room at the Ebony Flask Inn, in Ebonheart. This is the third place I acquired and we finally got an upstairs room. I wanted the rooms to feel like places to store gear and catch up on rest while in town visiting, so i furnished them with things you would find in a room at an Inn. A bed, a desk or table, a closet, a few snacks and something to drink, lighting, a book to read or study up on. I haven’t yet found a way to fit in the pitcher and wash bowl which one sees in all the movie and tv westerns but I did manage a few frills to give the rooms a bit of life. Thanks to all who are sharing their ideas and creative endeavors here. I am enjoying seeing how you put it all together.

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