Three Towers: Part One [NA]

  • Strident Springs Demesne: Three Towers: Part One [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

I spent a lot of time choosing my first property. I wasn’t sure if it would be my first or my only, so I went about looking for something that would suit a broad concept of “home” rather than something more narrowly specialized and creative. I was also looking for a place where my husband’s and my characters would actually “want” to visit/spend time. That meant crafting stations for sure. Additionally, I wanted something bright and cheerful. Too many of the properties were dark and dank or kinda crumbling in disrepair. I wanted something that could accommodate multiple sleeping areas, multiple crafting areas, a separate room for the kitchen & cook hearth, a stable for our mounts, and maybe a garden area. I knew none of the small properties would work, even tho several were quite charming. I was not attracted to the mansion size properties. Those were way too large or had awkward layouts. In the end I settled on Strident Springs. It did not have the best location but it provided the most of what was important to me.

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