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EmoteChat CodeSourceDescription
Admire Me/admiremeCrown StoreThrow your arms wide to call attention to the fact that YOU are the most awesome being within three provinces!
Air the Heir/airtheheirHigh Isle Collector's EditionGrant refreshing relief to those around you by waving this graceful fan.
Aldmeri Dominion Banner/banneraldmeriCombine 10 Alliance Standard-Bearer's Emblems, available by opening Pellinal's Midyear Boon Boxes, with Alliance Standard-Bearer's License, available for purchase from Praedicant MaeraDisplay your alliance's banner with pride and honor!
Alik'r Shrieking Cheese/shriekingcheeseStonelore Crown Crate - SuperiorThe name says it all! It's cheese, it's from Alik'r, and it shrieks. See for yourself!
Alinor Allemande/alinorallemandeAntiquities (Summerset)Dance with the courteous grace of the High Elves!
Angry Dust Off/dustoffGloomspore Crown CratesBeen through a bit of an adventure, eh? Time to dust off.
Arachnophobia/arachnophobiaGloomspore Crown CratesDo you feel something? On your back? Is that a … spider?
Arkay's Warding Gesture/wardingsymbolNew Moon Crown CrateThe world can be an awful, terrible, no-good place filled with undead. Ward them all off with Arkay's help. (Caution: Does not actually ward off undead.)
Arrow to the Knee/arrowtokneeGreymoor Collector's EditionExpress all the angst and agony of taking an arrow to the knee!
Barkeep/barkeepAyleid Crown CrateExhibit your mastery over proffering powerful potables in clean containers!
Begone!/begoneLost in the Gloam in Clockwork CityThis intimidating display is sure to scare off even the bravest birds.
Belly Laugh/bellylaughMorrowind: Collector's EditionExpress your hilarious mockery of another with this over-the-top laugh emotion.
Bite Me/bitemeNightfall Crown CrateAn obvious request for a vampiric blessing.
Blow Bubbles/blowbubblesIron Atronach Crown CratePull out your wand, blow some bubbles, and watch them drift in the air.
Boozy Boot/boozybootAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateNeed to slake a deep thirst? Partake of your favorite beverage the Lonely Troll way by quaffing a boot full of it!
Bright Moons Greeting/brightmoonsBandaari Pedlar Crown CrateSweep your hands into a gesture revering the moons, Jone and Jode, with this Khajiiti greeting.
Bull Horns/bullhornsEnter either Falkreath Hold or Bloodroot dungeon for the first timeChannel your inner bull.
Bumbling Artificer/bumbleCelestial Crown CratesOh, hey, what's this uh. Oops. You didn't see that. That didn't just happen.
Cardsharp/cardsharp"The Tournament Begins"A dexterous display of deck division and distribution!
Cat Contemplation/catcontemplationElsweyr Collector's EditionContemplate the Lunar Lattice like a true Khajiit, thinking deep feline thoughts and totally not taking a cat nap.
Chaos Ball Boom/chaosballboomOccasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn's Reward Box, earned by completing BattlegroundsRiding high on your latest triumph, you slam the Chaos Ball into the ground. Good idea? Maybe not. But it was fun to watch.
Chaos Ball Victory Dance/chaosballvictoryOccasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn's Reward Box, earned by completing BattlegroundsYou've done it! You have the Chaos Ball! Time to rub your superior play in the opposition's faces!
Chatty Hand Puppet/chattyhandDragonscale Crown CrateSometimes the only way to have a decent conversation and get a straight answer is to talk to your own hand. Right?
Chef Kiss/chefkissGrim Harlequin Crown CratesSublime doesn't even begin to describe the perfection you just experienced. No, for that only a gesture will do—this gesture!
Clippers/clippersCrown StoreSoul Gem beats Clippers, Clippers beat Parchment, Parchment beats Soul Gem. Ready? Go!
Come Get Some/comegetsomeScalecaller Crown CrateBeckon your loser of an opponent to come get a piece of you—if they dare.
Crab Pinch.crabpinchSunken Trove Crown CrateThat crab seems interested in you. Is it friendly? It seems that maybe—no, no, ouch! It's pinching your finger!
Crochet/crochetIron Atronach Crown CrateTake some time away from adventuring to crochet using your favorite yarn.
Daggerfall Covenant Banner/bannercovenantCombine 10 Alliance Standard-Bearer's Emblems, available by opening Pellinal's Midyear Boon Boxes, with Alliance Standard-Bearer's License, available for purchase from Praedicant MaeraDisplay your alliance's banner with pride and honor!
Days of Light Spectacle/daysoflightsAyleid Crown CrateSpread the holiness of the Day of Lights wherever you venture with your own magical light. Whether those around you dance or pray, they'll thank you for wishing their farming and fishing efforts well.
Desert Rain Kata/desertrainkataBandaari Pedlar Crown CrateWield a sword in this kata practiced by adepts in the Khajiiti order of Rawlith Khaj.
Dragon Call/dragoncallCrown StoreKhajiit merchants insist that this "Dragon call" can summon the beasts as surely as a duck-call summons waterfowl. While its effect on Dragons remains a matter of debate, everyone agrees that its clatter attracts irritated friends and neighbors.
Drink From Horn/drinkhornCrown StoreDragon Hunters like you deserve only the best beverage in the best container. Drink out of the horn of a Dragon - potentially one that you yourself have slain!
Drink From Skull/drinkskullNew Moon Crown CrateThe skulls of your enemies make fine containers for your favorite beverage. Here's to you, skulldrinker. Here's to you.
Ebonheart Pact Banner/bannerebonheartCombine 10 Alliance Standard-Bearer's Emblems, available by opening Pellinal's Midyear Boon Boxes, with Alliance Standard-Bearer's License, available for purchase from Praedicant MaeraDisplay your alliance's banner with pride and honor!
Egg Scramble/eggscrambleGloomspore Crown CratesHow long can you keep a chaurus egg in the air without using your hands? Find out!
Elite Seat/eliteseatHigh Isle Collector's EditionTake your place on this elegant throne and survey all who seek your leadership.
Falkreath Frolic/falkreathfrolicNightfall Crown CrateJoin in on the exuberant folk dance of Falkreath!
Feed Bird/feedbirdSunken Trove Crown CrateTake a moment to breathe and feed the birds. There's always a hungry bird somewhere, after all!
Feline Hygiene/felinehygieneElsweyr Collector's EditionNothing is more important to a self-respecting Khajiit than proper grooming! Clean those ears and whiskers.
Feline's Fancy Juggling/juggleyarnCelestial Crown CratesUp for your next juggling challenge? Try yarn balls—both fancy and colorful. Just watch out for pouncing feline friends!
Festival Beggar/festivalbeggarHollowjack Crown CrateTraditionally, the Witches Festival encourages beggars to ask for alms and children to ask for treats. Er, what's your excuse, hero?
Festive Bell Ring/festivebellringFrost Atronach Crown CratesRing in New Life with this festive bell-ringing emote!
Festive Treats/festivetreatsHollowjack Crown CrateThe Witches Festival encourages beggars to ask for alms and children to beg for treats. Now you can oblige them with this kindly behavior. Be generous while you can, for as the witched and haunts remind us, life is short!
Fight Me/fightmeGrim Harlequin Crown CrateThese jerks are really asking for it! When you're ready to settle an argument the old-fashioned way, express it with this aggressive emote.
Fire Salts/firesaltsIron Atronach Crown CrateNothing says spicy like a sprinkle of fire salts!
Fire Spinning/firespinningSovngarde Crown CrateAmaze and perhaps even hypnotize onlookers with your skills at spinning fire. A perfect complement to knife juggling, fire breathing, and other festival activities!
Flip the Bird/flipthebirdScalecaller CrateShow the ultimate in disdain for your adversary by flipping the bird at them.
Flower Fling/flowerflingDaily Reward Want to show appreciation for a divine performance? Maybe express your deep adoration to someone? Toss them a flower!
Gladiator/gladiatortauntCombine 30 Arena Gladiator's ProofsThis unusual emote displays an aggressive "Gladiator" gesture that varies depending on what kind of weapon the user has equipped. All indicate a warrior who's ready for action!
Glimmer Dust/glimmerdustHigh Isle Prologue QuestAdd a bit of alchemy to your day by using this fine powder.
Go Quietly/goquietlyMorrowind: Collector's EditionTo a defeated opponent, express your concern—or lack thereof—by urging them to pass on softly and silently. Aww!
Goutfang Kata/goutfangkataBandaari Pedlar Crown CrateqMaster the flow of energy in this kata from the Khajiiti order of Vrin-Thak.
Guar Stomp/guarstompCollect all 7 Runebox fragments from the Elsweyr Prologue questsDo the Guar Stomp! Rahrr! Wave your tiny hands! Grahrr! Stomp your reptile feet! GUAR!
Happy Face/happyfaceSummerset Collector's EditionHappy Face: an exaggerated emote from the theatrical House of Reveries on Summerset Isle.
Hiss/hissSovngarde Crown CrateWhether you're indicating your need for extreme personal space or simply making your displeasure known, hissing is a versatile and expressive tool.
Horrifying Egg Hatch/egghatchGloomspore Crown CratesIs this a chaurus egg? About to hatch? Nope!
I See You/iseeyouScalecaller Crown CratePut your opponent on notice that you see EXACTLY what they're up to.
Jugglin' Pumpkins/jugglepumpkinHollowjack Crown CrateAmong the hard-bitten warriors of the Undaunted, no feat of dexterity is more admired than the Autumnal Ornamental Gourd Triple-Toss, also known as "Jugglin' Pumpkins." Do you like hearty applause and sincere adulation? Try it!
Karthwatch Banner/karthwatchbannerAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateBrandish the banner of Karthwatch. Long stand the Tower!
Kick the Dirt/kickthedirtCrown StoreTaunt your contemptible opponent by kicking some dirt at them.
Kiss This/kissthisMorrowind: Collector's EditionWhen words aren't strong enough to express your disdain, encourage them all to "Kiss this!"
Let There Be Lichen!/lichenGloomspore Crown CratesWave your favorite glowing fungus in the air.
Line in Sand/lineinsandCrown StoreExuding contempt, you draw a line in the sand, and dare your opponent to cross over it.
Marshmallow Toasty Treat/marshmallowtreatWitches FestivalToast your marshmallows and eat the ooey-gooey result. Tasty!
Memorial Toast/memorialtoastSovngarde Crown CratePour out a libation to those fallen heroes who walked your path with you—or who came before you.
Miser's Muse/misersmuseAyleid Crown CrateThe feel of coins in your hands delights your senses, stoking your avaricious imagination.
Missing Sweetroll/sweetrollGreymoor Collector's EditionLook for your missing sweetroll. Where did it go? This is important to know!
Mistletoe/mistletoeFrost Atronach Crown CratesThis emote requests a festive and seasonal public display of affection. Use with care!
Mistletoe Posterior/mistletoeposteriorFrost Atronach Crown CratesA cheeky request for a rude public display of affection!
Morthal Banner/morthalbannerAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateFlourish the banner of Morthal. For Hjaalmarch!
Muscle Flex/flexCrown StoreShow off your mighty thews for all to admire!
Offer Weapon/offerweaponBlackwood Collector's EditionKneel and offer up your arms to one worthy of your trust. This gesture varies depending upon what kind of weapon the user has equipped.
On Your Mark .../onyourmarkGloomspore Crown CratesSignal that it's time to start with this emote. Ready? Set. Go!
Own the Throne/ownthroneAyleid Crown CrateYou own it. Now show it. That throne is yours!
Pale Lord's Throne/palelordStonelore Crown Crates - LegendaryOh, life. Or death. Whichever. It matters not, really, as long as you have power over both. As a Pale Lord, you can grant either to those who kneel before you.
Parchment/parchmentCrown StoreSoul Gem beats Clippers, Clippers beat Parchment, Parchment beats Soul Gem. Ready? Go!
Pedlar Beckoning/pedlarbeckoningElsweyr Collector's EditionNo merchant beckons a customer with more charm and enthusiasm than a Baandari Pedlar!
Petal Presentation/petalpresentationLost Depths Prologue QuestGive your favorite person a delightful flower.
Pet Plant/petplantGrim Harlequin Crown CrateYour plant is such a precious little leafy thing! You love it so much, and it loves you, and you love each other! So much love!
Play Esraj/playesrajBaandari Pedlar Crown CratePerform rich music with a traditional Khajiiti instrument! Favored among string players in Rimmen, the esraj is played with a bow.
Play Qanun/playqanunCelestial Crown CratesPlay the qanun with a virtuosity that could make homesick Khajiit weep for Elsweyr.
Play Ragnar the Red/ragnartheredGreymoor Collector's EditionPerform "Ragnar the Red" on a lute. Thrill your audience with your skilled string rendition of this piece!
Play Tiny Violin/playtinyviolinNightfall Crown CrateThis emote allows you to fully express just how … ahem … sad you find something—no words needed!
Polish Dragon Trophy/dragontrophyCrown StoreDragon Hunters often polish a trophy from their past battles to help them focus before the next battle. This Dragon trophy is yours to focus upon. Perhaps polish it a little? It's got a speck right...there. No, no. There.
Ponder Poorly Drawn Map/pondermapNightfall Crown Crate"Huh. Wait. No. Maybe this way? No? Who drew this so-called map?"—every adventurer ever
Pop the Cork/popthecorkDaily Reward - June 2022It's time to celebrate! Pop open that sparkling cider and enjoy the moment.
Psijic Cosmic Starburst/cosmicstarburstNightfall Crown CrateIs that a new sun? A falling star? No! It's an exhibition of your psijic power. Glorious!
Psijic Glowglobe/glowglobeFind 7 Runebox Fragments in Sunhold and combineThe sages of the Psijic Order employ glowglobes for a variety of purposes, including to provide illumination when studying scrolls and tomes late into the night. How this one wound up in Sunhold is anyone's guess.
Rage of the Reach/ragereachCombine 30 Siege of Cyrodiil Merits with a Siege of Cyrodiil CommendationSometimes you just need to let all the rage out. All of it.
Rolling Pin/rollingpinThe Intrepid Gourmet BundleExpress your emotions with a rolling pin, the best baking implement for angry rants!
Round of Applause/roundofapplauseStonelore Crown Crate - SuperiorBe ready to support (or admonish?) your friends with a very literal round of applause.
Sad Face/sadfaceSummerset Collector's EditionSad Face: an exaggerated emote from the theatrical House of Reveries on Summerset Isle.
Salty/saltyThe Intrepid Gourmet BundleNeed a touch of salt? Sprinkle away! Need more? Why not keep sprinkling?
Sapphire Heraldry Horn 1/trumpet1Founder's Foe achievement in Tales of TributeAnnounce the beginning of festivities by playing a jaunty tune on this gleaming horn.
Sapphire Heraldry Horn 2/trumpet2"Tribute Tactician"Announce the beginning of festivities by playing a jaunty tune on this gleaming horn, originally used at the Sapphire Tourney.
Sapphire Heraldry Horn 3/trumpet3"High Roller"Announce the beginning of festivities by playing a jaunty tune on this gleaming horn, originally used at the Sapphire Tourney.
Scarecrow Pose/scarecrowposeSovngarde Crown CrateReady to fend off pesky scarecrows without the slightest provocation … or not?
Scorching Chaos Ball/scorchingchaosballOccasionally received as a reward from Battlemaster Rivyn's Reward Box, earned by completing BattlegroundsOoh, ouch, too hot to handle! Quick, pass along the Chaos Ball before it burns your hands!
Siegestomper/siegestomperCombine 30 Arena Gladiator Proofs with an Arena Gladiator’s RevengeWhat happens when those other alliance dare take your keep? Show them by stomping all over their puny defenses, yeah?
Skull Ponder/skullponderHollowjack Crown Crate"It is well to ponder the inevitability of death, for then we must consider how best to use what life we're given, yes?" -- Chaplain Jorden, Priest of Arkay
Slice Food/slicefoodThe Intrepid Gourmet BundleSlice, dice, and chop your ingredients with style.
Solitude Banner/solitudebannerAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateDisplay the banner of Solitude. By the wolf!
Soul Gem/soulgemCrown StoreSoul Gem beats Clippers, Clippers beat Parchment, Parchment beats Soul Gem. Ready? Go!
Souvenir Conch Shell/conchshellDark Chivalry Crown CrateThe soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore emanate from this High Isle conch shell when you hold it up to your ear. Ah, memories of sunny days amid the surf.
Spicy Soup/spicysoupIron Atronach Crown CrateClear up those sinuses with a nice bowl of zesty soup. Taste the heat!
Spyglass/spyglassStonelore Crown Crate - SuperiorScan the horizon for distant shores with your trusty spyglass. Better to know the lay of the land than go in unprepared, yes?
Name: Spyglass
Found in: Emotes
Images of Spyglass
Stargazer/stargazerCelestial Crown CratesReady for some restful time staring at the stars? Stretch out and start looking for your favorite constellation with this emote.
Summon Bat/summonbatNew Moon Crown CrateBats are cute, yes? And you want one hanging from your finger, of course. Only monsters don't want to let bats hang from their fingers. You're not a monster, are you?
Sword Dance/sworddanceSunken Trove Crown CrateAccording to the Way of the Sword, the blade must become an extension of the body. Display a Redguard's weapon-mastery with this stylish display!
Ta Dah!/tadaSummerset Collector's EditionTa-Dah!: an exaggerated emote from the theatrical House of Reveries on Summerset Isle.
Tame Lightning/tamelightningNightfall Crown CrateThe power of lightning crackles between your fingers. Impressive!
Teatime/teatimeMorrowind: Collector's EditionInvite your friends (or enemies) to join you in a lovely spot of tea!
Teeba Warm-Up/teebawarmupStonelore Crown Crate - SuperiorWarm up for a rousing game of teeba-enoo, a popular Argonian pastime.
Throw Rotten Egg/throweggsHollowjack Crown CrateConvey your utter disdain for that which offends you by hurling a rotten egg at it. And hey: stay classy!
Tracker/trackerHollowjack Crown CrateCarefully examine the traces of your prey's passage. No doubt about it: they went this way!
Two Thumbs Up/twothumbsupGrim Harlequin Crown CrateAsk not who has two thumbs up—it's you.
Wait the Great/waiterHigh Isle Collector's EditionDignity. Aplomb. Poise. Unceasing imperturbability. These traits suffuse your very being as you attend to the needs of others.
Wall Pantomime/wallpantomimeDragonscale Crown Crate(Silent scream.) "Let me out! I'm trapped behind an invisible wall! Help! No, really—invisible walls! Get me out of here! Isn't this convincing? Just look!"
Wargame Trebuchet/trebuchet"Siege Specialist" achievementLet the games begin! With this portable trebuchet, you can wage a yard war and toast to your victories over the ensuing feast.
Warm Hands/warmhandsEvening Star Daily Rewards (December 2022)There's a bitter wind blowing in off the Sea of Ghosts—better warm your hands!
Wash Your Damn Hands/washyourdamnhandsDaily Reward (Oct 2020)No. Seriously.
Where's My Drink?/wheredrinkSunken Trove Crown CrateLost your drink, eh? Well, where did you last have it? Check there.
Whispering Claw Kata/whisperingclawkataBaandari Pedlar Crown CrateThe Khajiiti order of Ziz Kurah often practice this kata to find balance within themselves. Now you can do the same.
Wickerman Mishap/wickerman"Harrowstorm Explorer"It's that glorious time - that moment when you can burn the wickerman. But...that burning smell is you!
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