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Disguises are temporary costumes granted during a quest for use during that quest. If your character is attacked while wearing the disguise, it will disappear from your inventory.

Aldmeri Dominion

Colovian Uniform

  • Zone: Reaper’s March
  • Area: Arenthia
  • Quest: The Colovian Occupation
    • Looted from Highland Archer’s corpse near Cariel
    • Found in chests in several houses in Arenthia’s Tower district

Colovian Uniform - Female FrontColovian Uniform - Female BackColovian Uniform - Female SideColovian Uniform - Male FrontColovian Uniform - Male BackColovian Uniform - Male Side

Courier Uniform

  • Zone: Malabal Tor
  • Area: Bandaari Trading Post
  • Quest: Enemy of My Enemy
    • Take it off of Courier Rufinus’ body during the quest chain

Courier Uniform - Female FrontCourier Uniform - Female BackCourier Uniform - Female SideCourier Uniform - Male FrontCourier Uniform - Male BackCourier Uniform - Male Side

Hollow Moon Garb

  • Zone: Grahtwood
  • Area: Redfur Trading Post
  • Quest: Flipping the Coin
    • No longer obtainable

Submitted by: A’yme

Hollow Moon Garb - Female FrontHollow Moon Garb - Female Back

Kollopi Essence

  • Zone: Greenshade
  • Area: Gurzag’s Mine (outside)
  • Quest: Frighten the Fearsome
    • Loot Kollopi Trees

Kollopi Essence - Female FrontKollopi Essence - Female BackKollopi Essence - Female SideKollopi Essence - Male FrontKollopi Essence - Male BackKollopi Essence - Male Side

Phaer Mercenary

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Phaer
  • Quest: The First Patient
    • Loot from upstairs cabinet in Mercenary Bunkhouse after paying Scout Taniril

Phaer Mercenary - Female FrontPhaer Mercenary - Female BackPhaer Mercenary - Female SidePhaer Mercenary - Male FrontPhaer Mercenary - Male BackPhaer Mercenary - Male Side

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Quendelum
  • Quest: The Veiled Choice
    • Loot cot after speaking to Eranamo in North Ruins

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female FrontQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female BackQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female SideQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male FrontQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male BackQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male Side

Sea Viper

  • Zone: Greenshade
  • Area: Seaside Sanctuary
  • Quest: A Storm Upon the Shore
    • Take Lamil’s Armor 
    • Loot Sea Viper Armor Baskets around Seaside Sanctuary

Sea Viper - Female FrontSea Viper - Female BackSea Viper - Female SideSea Viper - Male FrontSea Viper - Male BackSea Viper - Male Side

Steel Shrike

  • Zone: Malabal Tor
  • Area: Fuller’s Break
  • Quest: Raise the Curtain
    • Kill Steel Shrikes

Steel Shrike - Female FrontSteel Shrike - Female BackSteel Shrike - Female SideSteel Shrike - Male FrontSteel Shrike - Male BackSteel Shrike - Male Side

Vulkhel Guard Marine

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Vulkhel Guard
  • Quest: A Hostile Situation
    • Loot chest behind Eshaba

Vukhel Guard Marine - Female FrontVukhel Guard Marine - Female BackjVukhel Guard Marine - Female SideVukhel Guard Marine - Male FrontVukhel Guard Marine - Male BackVukhel Guard Marine - Male Side

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