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Disguises are temporary costumes granted during a quest for use during that quest. If your character is attacked while wearing the disguise, it will disappear from your inventory.

Aldmeri Dominion

Colovian Uniform

  • Zone: Reaper’s March
  • Area: Arenthia
  • Quest: The Colovian Occupation
    • Looted from Highland Archer’s corpse near Cariel
    • Found in chests in several houses in Arenthia’s Tower district

Colovian Uniform - Female FrontColovian Uniform - Female BackColovian Uniform - Female SideColovian Uniform - Male FrontColovian Uniform - Male BackColovian Uniform - Male Side

Courier Uniform

  • Zone: Malabal Tor
  • Area: Bandaari Trading Post
  • Quest: Enemy of My Enemy
    • Take it off of Courier Rufinus’ body during the quest chain

Courier Uniform - Female FrontCourier Uniform - Female BackCourier Uniform - Female SideCourier Uniform - Male FrontCourier Uniform - Male BackCourier Uniform - Male Side

Hollow Moon Garb

  • Zone: Grahtwood
  • Area: Redfur Trading Post
  • Quest: Flipping the Coin
    • No longer obtainable

Submitted by: A’yme

Hollow Moon Garb - Female FrontHollow Moon Garb - Female Back

Kollopi Essence

  • Zone: Greenshade
  • Area: Gurzag’s Mine (outside)
  • Quest: Frighten the Fearsome
    • Loot Kollopi Trees

Kollopi Essence - Female FrontKollopi Essence - Female BackKollopi Essence - Female SideKollopi Essence - Male FrontKollopi Essence - Male BackKollopi Essence - Male Side

Phaer Mercenary

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Phaer
  • Quest: The First Patient
    • Loot from upstairs cabinet in Mercenary Bunkhouse after paying Scout Taniril

Phaer Mercenary - Female FrontPhaer Mercenary - Female BackPhaer Mercenary - Female SidePhaer Mercenary - Male FrontPhaer Mercenary - Male BackPhaer Mercenary - Male Side

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Quendelum
  • Quest: The Veiled Choice
    • Loot cot after speaking to Eranamo in North Ruins

Quendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female FrontQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female BackQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Female SideQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male FrontQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male BackQuendeluun Veiled Heritance - Male Side

Sea Viper

  • Zone: Greenshade
  • Area: Seaside Sanctuary
  • Quest: A Storm Upon the Shore
    • Take Lamil’s Armor 
    • Loot Sea Viper Armor Baskets around Seaside Sanctuary

Sea Viper - Female FrontSea Viper - Female BackSea Viper - Female SideSea Viper - Male FrontSea Viper - Male BackSea Viper - Male Side

Steel Shrike

  • Zone: Malabal Tor
  • Area: Fuller’s Break
  • Quest: Raise the Curtain
    • Kill Steel Shrikes

Steel Shrike - Female FrontSteel Shrike - Female BackSteel Shrike - Female SideSteel Shrike - Male FrontSteel Shrike - Male BackSteel Shrike - Male Side

Vulkhel Guard Marine

  • Zone: Auridon
  • Area: Vulkhel Guard
  • Quest: A Hostile Situation
    • Loot chest behind Eshaba

Vukhel Guard Marine - Female FrontVukhel Guard Marine - Female BackjVukhel Guard Marine - Female SideVukhel Guard Marine - Male FrontVukhel Guard Marine - Male BackVukhel Guard Marine - Male Side


  1. Kaiserin
    1 April 2014 @ 0923

    Awesome, glad to see this was implemented! 🙂


  2. Silas
    8 April 2014 @ 1144

    Do the disguises drop for players not in that faction? Example, can I get the Frostedge Bandit if I’m in Daggerfall?


    • Exiled Messenger
      8 April 2014 @ 1152

      I have no idea. All I know is that they dropped for me where I’ve indicated. They aren’t bound though. I was able to bank them and wear them on another character in a different faction.


      • Vasdrakken
        17 April 2014 @ 0137

        They should drop for anyone of that alliance anyone else in that area is breaking the system since the veteran areas are not same area they just use the same landscape. The other thing is they are tied to quests in the areas so if the quests are not there the disguges will not likely be there as well.


    • Kaiserin
      18 April 2014 @ 0554

      The disguises attached to quests cannot be obtained by enemy players, obviously, but your characters of another faction can wear them so long as you transfer them into the bank. For example, if I get a disguise from an EP area, my Dominion character can wear it if they go to the bank and withdraw it. I hope that makes sense!


    • SteamPunkPro
      28 April 2014 @ 1108

      When you move to the different zones as a vet, (At vet 1, and vet5) you can get the rest of them, by just doing the quests, I’ve got all the specialized ones from this list and a few more, and I’m from daggerfall.


  3. KiwiGuy
    9 April 2014 @ 1922

    Please be aware though, these are unique items, so if they are in your bank and you roll an alt, that alt will not see any of the disguises in your bank drop or be able to recieve any from NPC’s that hand them out.
    On the upside they can just open the bank and grab the ones they need.


    • rtx
      3 May 2014 @ 0642

      Disguises are tradable.
      I put seadrake disguise in bank as alt and withdrawn it as main. Now I’m wearing it.


    • Dagma O'Neill
      5 May 2014 @ 1657

      They are not unique if they are in the bank, they are not bound either. Wearing the vanguard uniform with my alt sorceress right now.


    • Kaladin Stormblade
      8 May 2014 @ 2104

      I’ve actually seen people selling disguises in chat, and I’ve traded a few to other players myself so can confirm they can be traded.


  4. Lawerance Lord
    13 April 2014 @ 2252

    how do i get vanguard uniform


    • Exiled Messenger
      13 April 2014 @ 2301

      The Brothers of Strife quest on Stonefalls.


      • Hideyoshi
        15 April 2014 @ 0511

        Actualy, the quest is called ‘Aggresive Negotiations’, it starts in Kragenmoor. Once you pick up the quest, the uniform can be bought from Kaasha.


        • Vasdrakken
          5 May 2014 @ 0042

          if your fighter’s guild rank is high enough you can intimdate her into giving it to you for free.


  5. CantSpeakEnglishThatGood
    14 April 2014 @ 1520

    Where can I get the Quendeluun Veiled Heritance disguise? I love that look, but I don’t know where to search for it. I play in the Ebonheart Pact and I just want to get it with an Aldmeri twink. Which zone? Which level? Would be good if someone could answer 🙂


    • Kevin
      14 April 2014 @ 2233

      Forget the name of the quest, but it is in Auridon


    • Undarl
      15 April 2014 @ 0334

      It’s from a quest called “The Veiled Choice” that you pick up at the Quendeluun Wayshrine, northwest of Skywatch in Auridon.


      • CantSpeakEnglishThatGood
        15 April 2014 @ 0449

        Hm…so it’s level 8-12, right? Okay, thank you 🙂


      • Dominik
        24 April 2014 @ 0343

        I got it from the Quest – but is there any other way to obtain it, ’cause I’d like to get another one for a twink?


  6. Dominion Loyalist
    15 April 2014 @ 2055

    For dominion there’s also the courier outfit (Imperial robes with hood), from malabal tor (Quest at banndari trading post) and Colovian outfit (Imperial medium Armour with optional helmet) from a quest in reapers march (Arenthia)


  7. Some random Aldmeri twink
    16 April 2014 @ 0038

    The sea drake disguise shape is quite random, if you want an specific type, you have to destroy the one you have, relog and pick up the disguise again from the basket.
    Although it changes its shape randomly when you teleport using a wayshrine or sometimes when you enter a ruin, the only way to fix it is unequiping the disguise, reloging and equiping it again, but sometimes you’ll get a different shape.
    TLDR dont bother at getting the sea drake disguise, its bugged.


    • Kaiserin
      18 April 2014 @ 0551

      That’s not entirely true. All you need to do is log in or out, OR you can just change zones/areas. Mine changes sometimes just from going in or out of a different door. It’s quite nice, but a bother since there is one style I like more than the others.


    • DZ349
      8 May 2014 @ 2217

      Thanks so much for clearing this up! I picked up the Seadrake disguise because I liked the look, then when I came back to the game later it turned into this ugly skirt thing. So I destroyed it and started killing like 500 seadrakes trying to find the original one I wanted (the one with the pants, not the skirt), and I couldn’t find it at all. Then I destroyed it, relogged, and killed a seadrake and I got the original back! Of course now I’m scared to use wayshrines and stuff because I don’t want it to turn back into the ugly skirt version again, lol…


    • Firefist Sally
      17 May 2014 @ 0530

      The black&teal variant I’ve posted didn’t change it’s shape or color at all (and I had it and used it for days). And I’m really glad for that. Maybe the little “lock” icon is what you need? It’s permanent and looks cool on my pyromancer, what else is there to ask for? I was REALLY, REALLY lucky to find that gem in guild store for mere 20g 😀


  8. Khasakhal
    18 April 2014 @ 2247

    wher can i get Kollopi Essence – Frighten the Fearsome (Greenshade) ? Thx


    • Exiled Messenger
      18 April 2014 @ 2352

      When known, the disguises have the Name – Quest where it is obtainable and (Zone).


      • Khasakhal
        19 April 2014 @ 0755

        Ok was not sure because didnt know translation of zone’s name, Thanks again 🙂


  9. HelpOut
    26 April 2014 @ 2336

    Could someone please tell me how to get the Bloodthorn Female Disguise because everyone time i get one and put it on my female character its the male version.


  10. Yumi
    26 April 2014 @ 2345

    Even the reward disguises are ugly…. T___T


  11. NONAME
    27 April 2014 @ 0508

    The Northwind disguise does not drop in Eastmarch, but instead in the north of The Rift at Northwind Mine.


  12. Noxas
    30 April 2014 @ 1524

    So where and how do you get the sea viper disguise ive looked around at several camps and checked maybe I just keep missing it


    • Fundis
      8 May 2014 @ 1022

      It’s a particular quest in Greenshade where you get it, don’t remember the exact name of the quest. But if you’ve already done that quest and don’t have the disguise the only way to get it is to do it on another character or ask customer service to restore it


    • NilNil
      26 May 2014 @ 1052

      Sea Viper disguise drops off of mobs in the Seaside Sanctuary in the NW corner of Greenshade.


  13. Fundi
    3 May 2014 @ 1447

    several of these images are incorrect. The sea drake outfit and the bloodthorn outfit does not look like that for female characters


    • Vaellas
      4 May 2014 @ 2341

      Actually some of these have multiple appearances. It can change on different logs or entering different zones.


  14. Quixoticism
    23 July 2014 @ 0858

    I have a bunch I could submit, but I honestly don’t remember exactly what quest or faction they all came from. Can I submit just the photos and title of the item or do I need all this info like the format you have here so far?


    • Exiled Messenger
      23 July 2014 @ 0900

      We’ll take whatever we can get. Other people can help fill in the quest information through the comments.


      • Quixoticism
        23 July 2014 @ 0937

        Okay, I’ll get on that ASAP. I’ll try to get good lighting since character select screen doesn’t seem to show disguises.


        • Exiled Messenger
          23 July 2014 @ 1008



          • Quixoticism
            23 July 2014 @ 1130

            Uploaded 3 so far, sorry I don’t have more info. 2 more to come…

  15. F. Dar'kir
    25 July 2014 @ 1519

    I recently picked up the Vanguard Uniform in EP and it was Heavy Armor (Green/Silver)


  16. Hannibalektr
    26 November 2014 @ 1812

    The armor in this game blows.


  17. Tuvok
    30 November 2014 @ 1422

    The armor in this game is awesome.


  18. Spaghettimonster
    4 December 2014 @ 0514

    where can i find the stormfist disguise on eastmarch when i quit all quests in eastmarch? – thanks


  19. Khrill
    19 June 2015 @ 1356

    To manage yours disguises ingame 😉


  20. Joe Zaccone
    29 July 2015 @ 1054

    i want to go back and reobtain the frostledge bandit one, i just can’t seem to find it anywhere in bleekrock. i have to do the same for shadowsilk gem, but it seems i’m goiung to have to get the alt to get it.


  21. Anonymous
    31 May 2020 @ 1847

    Warnings: you can lose the disguise if you are wearing it in the area it came from – if a sentry spots you, or you are attacked. Since you can’t repeat a quest, it can be hard to replace. Keep a spare in the bank, or remove it before entering the area – some (Maomer, Seadrake,…) may be removed in any of the areas where the bamdits are active.


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