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How to Use the Menus

There are two menus on ESO Fashion, one at the top of the page (Top Menu) and one below the site logo (Main Menu).

Top Menu

The top menu contains site administrative links.


About links to the MMO Fashion About page and contains information about the purpose and administration of the site.


Contact links to a Contact Form that allows you to send us a message. Please be aware that the message will go to and be answered by Exile. Dulfy does  not handle communication for the site. If you would like to contact Dulfy about something not related to TOR Fashion, please contact her at


FAQ links to a page of frequently asked questions. Please visit that page to see if your particular question has already been answered.


Terms links to the ESO Fashion Terms and Conditions. By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Use. Please make sure you read these terms.

Main Menu

The main menu contains links to pages which combine similar posts into one grouping or guides.


Submit contains links to the two submission forms. If you would like to add a new item to the site, please use one of these forms. The Character Submission form is for the character gallery and the Visual Database Submission form is for the visual database.


Characters has links to gallery pages for those characters submitted to the site by users.

Crown Store

Crown Store links directly to a page that shows tables of items that are currently being sold on the Crown Store and links to images of all items ever sold on the Crown Store.


Armor links to pages of armor galleries.


Weapons links to pages of weapon galleries.


Mounts links directly to a mount gallery.


Pets links directly to a pet gallery.


Guides links to various guides on crafting, dyes, and how to use ESO Fashion.

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