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Crafting Guide – Jewelry

Engraving allows you to create jewelry (rings and necklaces) from dust you gather in the world. You can gather items without learning a separate gathering skill. Jewelry crafting is only available to those who have purchased the Summerset expansion, but you can collect materials from Seams located throughout Tamriel. Seams are located in the same areas as Blacksmithing nodes, rocky outcroppings, cliff faces, and other stony areas. This guide is based on the official crafting guide since I don’t have access to Summerset.


Like traditional Crafting Skill Lines, there are passive skills you can unlock with Skill Points as you improve your Jewelry Crafting level. The unlock levels and number of points are assumed based on the other Crafting Skill Lines until I have access to Summerset to test them.

NOTE: The Lapidary Research skill does not grant the ability to research more than one Trait simultaneously, ie. you cannot research a Trait on a necklace and ring at the same time.

NameLevel UnlockedStat
Engraver(4 pts) Allows you to craft jewelry to a specific level range
Keen Eye: Wood2, 9(3 pts) Highlights Seams in the world
Jewelry Extraction4, 22, 32(3 pts) Improves your chance to receive materials when deconstructing jewelry
Lapidary Research 8, 18, 28(4 pts) Reduces the time it takes to research a new Jewelry Crafting Trait
Platings Expertise 10, 25, 40(3 pts) Reduces the number of Bars you need to upgrade your jewelry
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