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Accursed Gray ReliquaryNightfall Crown CrateNot all reliquaries contain sacred remains or serve as memorials for departed family members. Some harbor evils that were meant to be forgotten—bury them once and for all!6s
Agonymium Stone"The Dread Cellar Conqueror" achievementWhile concentrating on this stone, pain breaks you into slivers of individualized torment. Seconds later, you reform. Impressive? Definitely. But dare you repeat the excruciating experience?10s
Almalexia's Enchanted LanternAssisting AlmalexiaA light dances within the glass of the lantern, waiting to be released.27s
Antiquarian's TelescopeComplete "Bygone Bounty" Antiquities Achievement"When looking for your dig site, use your telescope—unless you love baking under the desert sun or freezing your arse off in snow-covered valleys for weeks on end because you chose to eyeball it instead."—Ugron gro-Thumog, Antiquarian18s
Apple-Bobbing CauldronDuring Witches Festival find seven Runebox Fragments and combine them
- Apple-Bobbing Aged Fetid Fish
- Apple-Bobbing Cold Iron Cauldron
- Apple-Bobbing Fenwood Ladle
- Apple-Bobbing Fresh Fall Gorapples
- Apple-Bobbing Poise Guide
- Apple-Bobbing Stale Creek Water
- Apple-Bobbing Vicious Slime
As a reminder that death awaits even the mightiest, at the Witches Festival heroes and adventurers are invited to humble themselves with juvenile games like bobbing for gorapples. Open wide!10s
Archaic Lore TabletsPurchase, Promotion, or EventInvoke these Tablets of Archaic Lore and they glow with the wisdom of ancient knowledge!11s
Astral Aura ProjectorCelestial Crown CratesCreate a breathtaking aurora effect with a device once known to add wonder to the Direnni halls on Balfiera. So sparkly!3m
Battered Bear TrapExploring Toothmouth GullyThe trap goes snap.30s
Blackfeather Court WhistleExploring Crow's WoodUse near a corpse to call the Blackfeather Court to feast.
Blade of the Blood OathAttaining the title of Bane of the Gold Coast and performing a blood oathPerform a blood oath as the Bane of the Gold Coast to receive the Blade of the Blood Oath.
Blizzard GlobeFrost Atronach Crown CratesSometimes you just need to chill out. This blizzard-creating memento can help with that!10s
Blossom BloomStonelore Crown Crate - LegendaryThis eternally blooming flower once graced the boudoir of a Dibellan high priest. Gifted to you for services rendered, you may now command it yourself.3m
Bone Digger's TrinketGloomspore Crown CratesBones await your call when you use this trinket.12s
Bone Dragon Summons FocusScalecaller CrateWith this memento, for just a moment, you conjure the awe-inspiring illusion of the rise of a dreadful Bone Dragon.8s
Bonesnap Binding StoneExploring the Bonesnap RuinsA strange Ayleid stone from the Bonesnap Ruins.16s
Bone Colossus Illusion GemGrim Harlequin Crown CrateCreate a rattling bone colossus illusion that momentarily matches your own movements, and cow any who dare oppose you!9s
Box of Forbidden RelicsSuccessfully attaining the Flawless Sacrament achievement and performing the Black SacramentPerform the Black Sacrament after completing all of the Black Sacrament contract achievements to receive a Box of Forbidden Relics.
Brittle Burial UrnComplete the quest "Relatively Speaking" in ElsweyrShow the strength of your emotions by destroying this hapless urn! Beware the consequences...10s
Cadwell's Surprise BoxJester's FestivalSurprise boxes are fun! Why, you never know what will pop out. But wait. Is that...Cadwell?21s
Campfire KitAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateSet up a crackling fire and start warming up with fellow group members using this handy Campfire Kit.1m
Chains of the Ice WitchComplete the quest "The Coven Consundrum"The Icereach Coven hoarded countless magical items on their cursed isle - these chains for instance. What happens when you invoke their power? Let's see...10s
Cherry Blossom BranchOccasionally found in Jester's Festival gift boxesThis enchanted branch is forever blooming with vibrant cherry blossoms to pluck as one pleases.8s
Clockwork ObscurosInvestigating the deaths of mages, murdered by their own shadowsAs a souvenir of Sotha Sil, pop up your personal projected image of the sphere of Clockwork City.9s
Coin of Illusory RichesBecoming a Master ThiefRemind yourself at any time what you went into thieving for!
Corruption of Maarselok"Lair of Maarselok Challenger" achievementThat sickening blue glow you picked up while adventuring in the Lair of Maarselok? Yeah, it's all over you. Just remember what Selene taught you, and you'll be rid of it in seconds!10s
Crimson Bone Hammer“Blood, Books, and Steel”Crafted from an executioner's block and a bone, this unsettling hammer picked up at the Spire of the Crimson Coin requires quenching before use against a certain bloodmage's phylactery. Why not quench it again for old time's sake?7s
Crow's CallingReaper's Harvest Crown CrateSummon a member of the Blackfeather Court for a friendly visit. Watch out for droppings!9s
Daedric Unwarding AmuletObtained by completing the "Emperor's Secret" questEvery adventurer needs a tool that works against Daedric wards! Just hold this amulet up, invoke the magic, perhaps shield your eyes, and voila! The ward is ... not unwarded? Well, it's showy at least!3.5s
Daedroth Illusion GemGrim Harlequin Crown CrateNeed to get a word in edgewise? Or want to show off? Become the center of attention by creating an illusory daedroth that briefly mimics your own gestures. None dare ignore this fiery, clawed, and toothy illusion!9s
Darkswarm TalismanWraithtide Crown Crate“All you have to do is hold this close to your chest and listen to your heartbeat. It summons so many friends. So … wondrous. So … dark. I love it!”—Naifaha the Dread Dreamer7.5s
Dhulef's Bubble WardGraven Deep Conqueror"Ever visited the bottom of the sea? I overheard a Redguard talking about doing just that with some spell he's working on. A warding trinket, maybe. It's like walking in a bubble, I guess."—Enri Coulon of the Ancient Anchor
Discourse AmaranthineExploring the Vile ManseA minor volume from Apocrypha.16s
Dragon Flight Illusion GemElsweyr Prologue Quest " The Halls of Colossus"Use of this enchanted gemstone casts a brief illusion of a flight of Dragons.6s
Dragonhorn CurioComplete the quest "The Horn of Ja'darri"Crafted with great care, this Dragonhorn replica celebrates your past triumph with Sai Sahan againbst Vahlokzin. Simply blow, and a wave emanates from it. It does not, however, affect Dragons.5s
Dream Amulet of ArgonHero of Murkmire10s
Dreamer's ChimeQuest that deals with the Forgotten Wastes Public DungeonEven choked with ash, this bell recovered from the Forgotten Wastes emits a haunting tone and glows when struck.5s
Dwarven Puzzle OrbDwarven Crown CrateWarning: for thousands of years, everyone who has ever fiddled with these ancient Dwarven Puzzle Orbs has died. It's true that sometimes they seem to have died peacefully at an advanced age, but still.11s
Dwarven Tonal ForksDwarven Crown CrateThere's something strangely soothing about the subtle vibration and crackling sparks emitted by these Dwarven Tonal Forks. So very soothing. In fact, you'd like to see them, feel them again. Right away. And for a long time.10s
Dwemervamidium MirageDwarven Crown CrateThis enables its possessor to temporarily assume the appearance of wearing a suit of Dwemervamidium, or steam-assisted semi-mechanized heavy Dwarven armor. Its [sic] genuinely awe-inspiring, albeit only briefly.3m
Everlasting SnowballFrost Atronach Crown CratesReady for a snowball fight? To use this collectible, add it to your quick slot and then pick a target.
Fargrave Occult CurioWraithtide Crown CrateWith this strange bit of bone from exotic Fargrave among your belongings, you need simply gesture and focus your will to cause your hands to glow. Neat trick, eh?1m
Festive Noise MakerObtained by consuming Festive Noise Maker Parts, which can occasionally be found in Stupendous Jester's Festival Boxes.Whoop it up to celebrate whatever Tamrielc festival is going on or just make a nuisance of yourself in the tavern common room with this Festive Noise Maker!3.2s
Fetish of AngerExploring the Obsidian ScarA small, dark stone, hot to the touch.33s
Fiery OrbFlame Atronach Crown CrateThis memento briefly summons a flaming orb of the very stuff of the Plane of Infernace.9s
Finvar's TrinketExploring Bad Man's HollowThis bauble casts an otherworldly light upon its owner.13s
Fire-Breather's TorchesA possible New Life Gift Box reward, obtained during the New Life Festival event (starting in 2017). It comes inside a Runebox: Fire-Breather's Torches item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends. Fire-Breather's Oil Bun consumables have the same effect as this memento, but are consumed upon use.These trusty knives are weighted to be poor for throwing in combat, but excellent for catching and juggling.13s
Flame EruptionFlame Atronach Crown CrateThere's angry, and then there's conjuring-an-erupting-volcano-in-the-floor angry.
Flame PixieFlame Atronach Crown CrateConjuring a tiny Flame Atronach from Oblivion for a few moments really warms up the room!
Floral Swirl AuraWild Hunt Crown CrateInvoke a temporary aura of the Wild Hunt: use this memento to cause spectral leaves to swirl around you while flowers bloom at your feet.
Full-Scale Golden Anvil ReplicaComplete the "Golden Anvil" questWith a though, summon one of Divine Zenithar's many symbols: a golden anvil. Perfect for when you're sharing tales of triumphs gained through honest toil.12s
Fungimancer's Prayer-BeadsGloomspore Crown CratesWhen invoked, you can use these prayer-beads to form a circle of glowing mushrooms around you.14s
Ghastly VisitationWitches Festival 2022"A classic mage prank: hide an enchanted pebble on someone, then trigger the magic. An illusion springs up, ranging from silly to frightening. A common gag is the appearance of a dark entity of the most frightening sort!" - Scholar Thaegara
Ghost Haven Caravel“Buried at the Bay”The stories of the Ghost Haven caravel still make the rounds at taverns and campfires on High Isle. With this astounding device, you can recreate the caravel's appearance to add evocative detail to every story you tell.10s
Ghost LanternHollowjack Crown CratesWhen you go looking for spirits of the restless dead with the Witches Festival Ghost Lantern, you don't find them -- they find you!
Glanir's Smoke BombExploring the Crimson CovePoof!5s
Gold Dragon Hand ProjectorBaandari Pedlar Crown CrateThis miniature Psijic Projector briefly displays the glowing illusion of a Gold Dragon hovering over the hand of its user.11s
Gourd-Gallows StumpHollowjack Crown CrateGiven a nice, ripe Witches Festival pumpkin, you could carve it, cook it, or do any number of creative things with it. But who are we kidding? You know what you want. Smash that gourd!
Gryphon Feather TalismanSunhold SunderedAn enchanted feather from the gryphon Sunnawel, the living symbol of Sunhold. With this item you can, for a few moments, at least, rule the air! Summon a miniature windstorm and blow your troubles away.2s
Guardian's Frozen ShardComplete Coral Aerie on veteranA glacial fragment from the body of one of the timeless guardians found in the Coral Aerie. It freezes anything it touches.4.5s
Hidden Pressure VentExploring the ruins of RkindaleftRkindaleft's pressure release system was, and is, unusual.6s
Hoard of the SchemersHigh Isle Collector's EditionThis war chest? It's all yours now, and you're not afraid to defend it! Schemers seeking to retrieve it best beware if they try anything.12s
Illusory Salamander StoneObtained by completing the Black Drake Villa Conqueror achievementA hidden fire burns within this gem. With a quick invocation, you can draw it out to create the illusion of charging salamanders in a stunning display of magic.8s
Impartial Decision CoinIron Atronach Crown CrateMade too many decisions today already? Pull out your trusty Impartial Decision Coin, give it a flip, and see what comes of it—no further rumination required!11s
Incarnate Illusion Gem"Hopeful Rescurer" AchievementWith an ease that comes naturally to you, use this gem to create the illusion of a ruby-hued incarnate and direct its movements with your own! It's sure to startle even the most unflinching spectator.5s
Inferno CleatsIron Atronach Crown CrateBurn your way through town and country, literally, with these alchemical augments to your footwear! The flames last only for a few moments, so you can reassure any who feel you've become a fire hazard.30s
Jester's Festival Joke PopperObtained by consuming Joke Popper Parts, which can occasionally be found in Stupendous Jester's Festival Boxes.What is this? A tiny cask? What can possibly be in it? Maybe if I shake it near my ear I can hear -- WHOA!6s
Jester's ScintillatorA possible Jester's Festival Gift Box reward, obtained during the Jester's Festival event (starting in 2018). It comes inside a Runebox: Jester's Scintillator item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends.Celebrate Jester's Festival in scintillating color.8s
Jubilee Cake 2016Complete 2016 Anniversary EventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!
Jubilee Cake 2017Complete 2017 Anniversary EventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!
Jubilee Cake 2018Complete 2018 Anniversary EventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's a festival for your taste buds!45s
Jubilee Cake 2019Complete 2019 Anniversary eventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's like a sweetroll mountain, a festival for your taste buds!45s
Jubilee Cake 2020Complete 2020 Anniversary eventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's like a sweetroll mountain, a festival for your taste buds!45s
Juggler's KnivesA possible New Life Gift Box reward, obtained during the New Life Festival event (starting in 2017). It comes inside a Runebox: Juggler's Knives item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends. Disposable Juggling Knives consumables have the same effect as this memento, but are consumed upon use.These trusty knives are weighted to be poor for throwing in combat, but excellent for catching and juggling.13s
Justal's FalconExploring the Lion's DenA well-trained raptor.33s
Kick BallDragonscale Crown CrateKick a sports ball like an Argonian!6.5s
Kyne's Tablet of Storms"The Fading Fire" in Western SkyrimStudy this stone tablet that calls upon the might of the Warrior Goddess and Mother of Nords, Kyne.15s
Lena's Wand of FindingExploring the Shad AstulaA gift from a fellow student of Shad Astula.
Lordorr's CrownExploring the Hall of the DeadThe metal is warm to the touch.15s
Lover's Quandary FlowerDark Chivalry Crown CrateThey love me, they love me not.22s
Maormer Ocean PearlComplete the Seafaring Sleuth achievementThis perfectly smooth, aquamarine pearl is supposedly the essence of the ocean itself. Holding it makes you feel at one with the sea.6s
Malacath's Wrathful FlameExploring Old OrsiniumA relic of the Cult of Malacath, useless in combat but very impressive.6s
Mariner’s Nimbus StoneSunken Trove Crown CrateWhether by magic or blessing, you’ve discovered a wondrous stone that shows the world just how attuned you are to the sea.3m
Meridian Possession PrismGloomspore Crown CratesInvoking this crystal prism briefly exalts the user with the luminous feeling of being possessed by the Lady of Infinite Energies.11s
Mezha-dro's Sealing AmuletExploring the Village of the LostA strange amulet used by Mezha-dro to seal tears in Oblivion.13s
Miniature Dwarven Sun"The Tone of the Deep" in Western SkyrimLighten the darkest places with your own handheld sun!13s
Mire DrumXanmeer Crown CrateOf the many instruments used by the Argonians of Murkmire, the drum is the simplest and most common.10s
Mostly Stable Juggling Potions"Stone Garden Conqueror?You're pretty sure that these potions won't explode when tossed about, but a little uncertainty adds to the excitement, right?8s
Mud Ball PouchA possible New Life Gift Box reward, obtained during the New Life Festival event (starting in 2016). It comes inside a Runebox: Mud Ball Pouch item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends. Mud Ball consumables have the same effect as this memento, but are consumed upon use.A seemingly endless supply of mud balls, ready for tossing at unsuspecting targets.
Murderous StrikeReaper's Harvest Crown CrateCommand a magically-murderous crow to crash down upon your enemies in a suicide strike. This Memento is used on other players.
Murkmire Grave StakeComplete the quest "The Cursed Skull"Like most adventurers, you're probably worried that no one will remember you when you're gone. Create your own momentary memorial with the Murkmire Grave Stake! Because you deserve it, hero.6s
Nanwen's SwordExploring Rulanyil's FallA polished but cheap prop, property of the counterfeit Ayleid king.10s
Nascent Netherroot BrewSovngarde Crown CrateSummon a small—hopefully harmless—harrowstorm using this very early version of the Icereach Coven's netherroot brew.9.5s
Neramo's Lightning StickQuest that deals with the Nchuleftingth Public DungeonThe artificer Neramo rewarded you with this Dwarven electrified cane as a memento of your adventure in the ruins of Nchuleftingth.3.5s
Nirnroot WineHelping to make Nirnroot Wine in CyrodiilA unique wine that is never tasted and never runs out but always gets you drunk.
Orb of MagnusGreymoor Collector's EditionVampirism and sunlight just don't mix. Hide from the oppressive light of Magnus with this memento.7.5s
Painter's Easel and CanvasAyleid Crown CrateExplore your artistic side with this sturdy easel and canvas. Whether you're interested in painting dramatic landscapes or prefer to depict nature, these items should serve you well.21s
Phial of Clockwork LubricantAyleid Crown CrateThe lubricant used in clockwork maintenance is particularly well known for its immediate efficacy—and its difficulty to clean up.15s
Playful Prankster's Surprise BoxCombine 5 x Mirth Shard from Jester's Festival BoxWhat's in this delightfully bedecked box? It's a surprise, of course. Crank it open and find out!10s
Prismatic Banner RibbonDragonscale Crown CrateThis enchanted Ribbon briefly unfurls a Prismatic Banner over the head of its user.
Psijic Celestial OrbPsijic Vault Crown CrateWhen you use this brief Psijic illusory enchantment, you seem to be scrying a globe of the night sky!10s
Psijic Scrying TalismanSummerset Collector's EditionThe spellcasting monks of the Psijic Order are the acknowledged masters of the art of magical scrying, with distinctive gestures and visual effects. Use of this memento enables one to simulate such farseeing.10s
Psijic Tautology GlassPsijic Vault Crown CrateDisplay your mastery of time, or maybe just your contempt for punctuality, by summoning a mystic hourglass—and then shattering it! It's strangely gratifying. In fact, once you start, it's hard to stop….11s
Questionable Meat SackExploring the Forgotten CryptsThere's a lot of meat in here.1m3s
Reliquary of Dark Designs"The Gray Council" Stonethorn prologueThe mage that crafted the illusion produced by this replica reliquary meant for it to demonstrate the proper use of the real thing.7s
Replica Tonal InverterDivine Intervention in VvardenfellRecall your bravery as Vivec's Champion with this replica of the Tonal Inverter, an invention which creates sound waves that temporarily disrupt the flow of energy within magical devices.5s
Rind-Renewing PumpkinHollowjack Crown CrateShowing off your adventurer's deft dexterity with a deadly blade, you swiftly carve a Witches Festival pumpkin into a hollowjack lantern. Impressive!12s
Ritual Circle Totem"Shield of the North"Form a prayer circle for you and three of your boon companions, then watch your prayer take form in spectacular visual displays.1m
Sanguine's GobletExploring Sanguine's DemesneThe goblet is never quite empty.13s
Sapiarchic Discorporation LensPsijic Vault Crown CrateYou know those moments when you just wish you could simply disappear? With the High Elven magic of the Sapiarchic Discorporation Lens, you can! ….All right, maybe it IS just a temporary illusion, but it's a damned impressive one.
Scalecaller Frost ShardScalecaller Crown CrateUse this memento to put a chill in the heart of your adversary by conjuring a brief magical ice cyclone before you. (It's also handy for chilling your drink.)
Scalecaller Rune of LevitationScalecaller Crown CrateUse this memento to briefly hover ominously, eyes glowing, like a menacing ancient Dragon Priest.10s
Sea Sload Dorsal FinAn Unexpected BetrayalThis Sea Sload body part radiates with mind magic and simulates a Sea Sload mind trap without most of the debilitating effects.10s
Skeletal MarionetteObtain 10 Skeletal Marionette Parts from Plunder SkullsBe the life of your party with this cute little skeleton marionette! It dances! It prances! It hangs from strings, ready for you to make it move! (Creepy skeleton voice not included.)10s
Snow CadwellFrost Atronach Crown CratesGo beyond building a snowman. Build a snow Cadwell with this memento!9s
Storm Atronach AuraStorm Atronach Crown CrateClothe yourself in the Aura of the Storm with this memento of Daedric summoning!3m
Storm Atronach TransformStorm Atronach Crown CrateAssume the semblance of a mighty Storm Atronach with this transformation memento! Just be sure to hold onto your rocks.3m
Storm Orb JuggleStorm Atronach Crown CrateDo you want to juggle a Storm Atronach's internal organs? Dumb question—of COURSE you want to juggle a Storm Atronach's internal organs.
Swarm of CrowsReaper's Harvest Crown CrateCall down a swarm of crows to surround you in a menacing aura.3m
Sword-Swallower's BladeA possible New Life Gift Box reward, obtained during the New Life Festival event (starting in 2017). It comes inside a Runebox: Sword-Swallower's Blade item, which can be traded with other players even after the event ends. Disposable Swallower's Sword consumables have the same effect as this memento, but are consumed upon use.This trusty blade is unworthy of combat, but harmless when swallowed.13s
Temperamental GrimoireBlackwood Collector's EditionMost books share all sorts of knowledge with their readers. Some, however, don't have "sharing" in their index. They do have fire though. Lots of fire.12s
Temporary Candlefly LanternAkaviri Potentate Crown CrateAfter gathering candleflies, Breton families set them out to light their annual summer reunion dinner. Once they savor a last bite of dessert, they release the flies back into the evening sky, causing a cloud of gently bobbing lights to drift away.16s
Thetys Ramary's Bait KitReady to summon a cliff strider? Thetys Ramarys, breeder extraordinaire, created a kit you can use to attract them. Just toss the bait quickly if you want to keep your fingers.19s
Throwing BonesAssemble a set of 10 Rune-Carved Bone Fragments from Plunder Skulls during the Witches FestivalPeer into your future with these augury bones! Give them a toss and read the portents that await.13s
Token of Root SunderExploring Root SunderA small seed given by Root Sunder.16s
Twilight ShardHelping Rhea Opacarius defeat the Daedric forces working against AzuraThis rough-hewn crystal star pulses with brilliant Daedric energy-using it produces a dazzling tribute to Azura.9s
Umbral ProjectorHero of Clockwork CityWant to relive the horror of watching a harmless shadow become a bloodthirsty killer? This mechanical marvel will let you do just that—without the harmful effects, of course.15s
Void Shard"A Feast of Souls" quest in the ReachA remembrance of your times traversing void portals, this void shard still creates interesting visual effects even if it can't help you move through breaches in reality.15s
Vossa-satlXanmeer Crown CrateThis memento enables one to play the bizarre Argonian vossa-satl, or Frog-Pipes. Party in the swamp!10s
Wall of Life Brush"Chiaroscuro Crossroads"The artists of Black Heights honor their lives through their paintings on the Wall of Life. Now, to commemorate their practices, you can paint a tree in mid-air.12s
Werewolf Behemoth SigilComplete "The Great Indrik Hunt" achievementWhen your rage and bloodlust cannot be contained in your usual meager mortal form, then it is time to become ... the Werewolf Behometh.
Wild Hunt Leaf-Dance AuraWild Hunt Crown CrateInvoke a temporary aura of the Wild Hunt: use this memento to cause mystical leaves to dance and twirl around you.3m
Wild Hunt TransformWild Hunt Crown CrateInvoke the power of the Wild Hunt with this transformation memento. By bough and by leaf, a Spriggan you'll be!
Wilting Weed Killer PhialComplete the "Harrada Harvest" questNever again suffer the indignities of a weed-filled garden! This potent phial contains a defoliating decoction that hastily rids you of any and all corrupting creepers.10s
Winnowing Plague DecoctionComplete the quest "Unhealthy Preoccupation" in Elsweyr"The Peryite cultists have an...interesting world view. For instance, some will carry around that bottle and - no, don't open that!" - Dar'ava6s
Witch's Bonfire DustWitches FestivalWith a flick of your wrist, show the world and fellow group members that you are an initiate of a witch's coven, creating bonfire flames that dance in hues of purple and green.1 min
Wooden Grave-StakeCollect all seven Grave Stake Fragments found in Murkmire Strongboxes during the Murkmire CelebrationWhat a wonderfully decorated stake you've recovered from Murkmire! But, oh dear, you do realize you took that from a grave? Perhaps you should return it. Now. Before the grave's inhabitant seeks you out. Or is it too late...13s
Wyrd Elemental PlumeHelp the Great Mage find the missing Wyress OracleUse this Wyrd memento to invoke elements of wind and air into a swirling vortex.14s
Yokudan TotemExploring the Lost City of the Na-TotambuA weathered sandstone sculpture.15s
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