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Hidden Crafting Stations

Hidden crafting stations are scattered throughout the world and are the only stations where you can apply set bonuses to items. The set bonuses vary from station to station and require you to have learned 2-9 traits on that type of item before you can craft it with the bonus. There are 15 crafting stations per faction, but each faction shares the same bonuses. There are also a number of shared stations that require between 5 and 9 traits learned.

Station Locations
FactionZoneAreaSet Bonus# of Traits
Aldmeri DominionAuridonBeacon FallsAshen Grip2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraPar MolagAshen Grip2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsMagmaflow OverlookAshen Grip2
Aldmeri DominionAuridonEastshore Islets CampDeath's Wind2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraChill HouseDeath's Wind2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsArmature's UpheavalDeath's Wind2
Aldmeri DominionAuridonHightide KeepNight's Silence2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraMesanthano's TowerNight's Silence2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsSteamfront CavernNight's Silence2
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodTemple of the EightSeducer3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenFisherman's IslandSeducer3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanBerezan's MineSeducer3
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodFisherman's IsleTorug's Pact3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenHammerdeath WorkshopTorug's Pact3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanLake Hlaalu RetreatTorug's Pact3
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodVineshade LodgeTwilight's Embrace3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenWindridge WarehouseTwilight's Embrace3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanAvayan's FarmTwilight's Embrace3
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeRootwatch TowerHist Bark4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireTrader's RestHist Bark4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenHatchling's CrownHist Bark4
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeAranangaMagnus' Gift4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireVeawend EdeMagnus' Gift4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenXal Haj-ei ShrineMagnus' Gift4
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeLanalda PondWhitestrake's Retribution4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireWestwind LighthouseWhitestrake's Retribution4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenWeeping Wamasu FallsWhitestrake's Retribution4
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorChance of Divine EntreatyAlessia's Bulwark5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertAlezer KotuAlessia's Bulwark5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchHammerhomeAlessia's Bulwark5
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorSleepy Senche OverlookSong of Lamae5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertRkulftzelSong of Lamae5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchTinkerer Tobin's WorkshopSong of Lamae5
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorMatthild's Last VentureVampire's Kiss5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertArtisan's OasisVampire's Kiss5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchCrimson Kada's Crafting CavernVampire's Kiss5
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchBroken ArchHunding's Rage6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiWether's CleftHunding's Rage6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftTrollslayer GullyHunding's Rage6
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchOld Town CavernNight Mother's Gaze6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiSilaseil RuinsNight Mother's Gaze6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftEldbjorg's HideawayNight Mother's Gaze6
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchGreenspeaker's GroveWillow's Path6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiViridian HideawayWillow's Path6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftSmokefrost VigilWillow's Path6
All FactionsColdharbourFont of SchemesOblivion's Foe8
All FactionsColdharbourDeathspinner's LairSpectre's Eye8
All FactionsFighters GuildEarth ForgeKagrenac's Hope8
All FactionsFighters GuildEarth ForgeOrgnum's Scales8
All FactionsMages GuildEyeveaEyes of Mara8
All FactionsMages GuildEyeveaShalidor's Curse8
All FactionsCraglornLanista's WaystationWay of the Arena8
All FactionsCraglornAtelier of the Twice-Born StarTwice-Born Star9
All FactionsImperial CityArboretum ArmoryRedistributor7
All FactionsImperial CityMemorial ArmoryArmor Master9
All FactionsImperial CityNobles ArmoryNoble's Conquest5
All FactionsWrothgarMalacath StatueTrial by Fire3
All FactionsWrothgarBoreal ForgeLaw of Julianos6
All FactionsWrothgarMorkuldin ForgeMorkuldin9
All FactionsHew's BaneForebear's JunctionTava's Favor5
All FactionsHew's BaneNo Shira WorkshopClever Alchemist7
All FactionsHew's BaneThe Lost PavilionEternal Hunt9
All FactionsGold CoastMarja's MillKvatch Gladiator5
All FactionsGold CoastStrid River Artisan's CampVaren's Legacy7
All FactionsGold CoastColovian Revolt Forge YardPelinal's Aptitude9
All FactionsVvardenfellMarandasAssassin's Guile3
All FactionsVvardenfellRandas Ancestral TombDaedric Trickery8
All FactionsVvardenfellZergonipalShacklebreaker6
All FactionsClockwork CityPavilion of ArtificeMechanical Acuity6
All FactionsClockwork CityRestricted BrassworksFortified Brass4
All FactionsClockwork CityThe Refurbishing YardInnate Axiom2
All FactionsSummersetShimmerene DockworksAdept Rider3
All FactionsSummersetAugury BasinNocturnal's Favor9
All FactionsArtaeumArtaeum CraftworksSload's Semblance6
All FactionsMurkmireDeep Swamp ForgeNaga Shaman2
All FactionsMurkmireRuined VillageMight of the Lost Legion4
All FactionsMurkmireSweet Breeze OverlookGrave-Stake Collector7
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrValenwood Border Artisan CampColdharbour's Favorite8
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrStarlight AdeptoriumSenche-raht's Grit5
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrRimmen MasterworksVastarie's Tutelage3
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrDragonguard ArmoryAncient Dragonguard6
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrCat's ClawDaring Corsair3
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrFur-Forge CoveNew Moon Acolyte9
All FactionsCyrodiilVlasterusCritical Riposte3
All FactionsCyrodiilCropsfordDauntless Combatant3
All FactionsCyrodiilBrumaUnchanined Aggressor3
All FactionsWestern SkyrimDragon's BellyDragon's Appetite7
All FactionsBlackreach: Greymoor CavernsParasite's CaveSpell Parasite3
All FactionsWestern SkyrimHunter's HouseStuhn's Favor5
All FactionsBlackreach: Arkthzand CavernPhilosopher's CradleAetherial Ascension9
All FactionsThe ReachDruadach RedoubtLegacy of Karth6
All FactionsThe ReachRed Eagle RedoubtRed Eagle's Fury3
All FactionsBlackwoodPentric RunDiamond's Victory5
All FactionsBlackwoodSariellen's SwordHeartland Conqueror7
All FactionsBlackwoodWithered RootHist Whisperer3
All FactionsDeadlandsThe RazorworksDeadlands Demolisher7
All FactionsDeadlandsForgotten FeretoryIron Flask5
All FactionsDeadlandsStormwright's CleftWretched Vitality3

Aldmeri Dominion

Daggerfall Covenant

Ebonheart Pact

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