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Crafting Guide – Clothing

Clothing allows you to create light and medium armor from fibrous plants and leather scraps/hides you gather in the world. You can gather items without learning a separate gathering skill.

You start out with one point in each of the crafting professions. Creating, deconstructing, and improving items levels your crafting skills. Once you reach certain levels, you can choose to apply your skill points to passive crafting skills. 

NOTE: To be able to craft items beyond the first tier, you must apply skill points to the Tailoring skill.


Special thanks to Shadowmourn for assistance with tracking the upgrade levels in-game.

NameLevel UnlockedStat
Tailoring1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50(9 pts) Allows the use of cloth to create items. One point for every material tier.
Keen Eye: Cloth2, 9(3 pts) Makes fibrous plants easier to see in the world from 20-40 meters.
Outfitter Hireling3, 12, 32(3 pts) A outfitter hireling will send you cloth & possibly other items.
Unraveling4, 22, 32(3 pts) Improves chance of extracting Clothing ingredients.
Stitching8, 18, 28(4 pts) Reduces research time (by 5, 10, & 20%) & allows research of multiple items (2, 2, & 3) at once.
Tannin Expertise10, 25, 40(3 pts) Increases chance of improving items with tanins.
  • Mario Scaramuzzino

    great work

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. I hope people find it helpful.

  • Sueisfine

    Thanks for your amazing work! Learned a lot from this guide!

    • Exiled Messenger

      You’re welcome. Glad you found it useful.

  • Ukho

    Real thx. I hope you will continue bcs this what i was looking for since the beta !

  • Nez

    Would be great to have the locations of the crafting skill up books in here too 🙂

  • Runs-With-Mudcrabs

    I found a book for the Nord style in Cheesemonger’s (Hollow?) durring the Mage Guild quest inside an Urn. I’m not sure if these are found in specific locations or if they are random drops.

    • Exiled Messenger

      They are random.

  • Aquable

    guide was great but i think you added the same jpeg for flint and copper

  • Juan Mattos

    I’m level R2 and my clothing level is 24, yet I’m only able to craft in Jute… I also have the lore for the first 8 styles. Is this wrong?

    • Tatica

      You need to put skill points into the first section of crafting clothing. Each skill point opens up the next material.

      • stevemeikle

        I understand this and can now harvest flax and hide, having spent a tailoring point. but how do I get the recipes to make items with these? I have a growing stack of hide and flax but nothing to make. IOW my problem is the same as that of the one you were replying to

        • Exiled Messenger

          You don’t need to learn recipes to craft in ESO. Everything that is craftable is already in the crafting menu. You need to scroll through the sliders to the next material tier just like you change from one racial motif to the next.

  • Tassit

    Figures I’d see the warning about bank spaces showing up in deconstruction immediately after I deconstructed stuff from my bank.

  • Fenlin

    Thank you! Just started playing ESO. This will help alot 🙂

    • Exiled Messenger

      You’re welcome.

  • Ju2c0c0

    Hello, I started playing a few days ago and found out your website when looking for a great armor style. I really like the ancient elf style and was thinking of buying it in the crown store, but I was wondering, is the stone for ancient elf style sold by a NPC or not?

    • Exiled Messenger

      No, you have to find it by opening various chests, etc. or try to purchase it from another player through the player-operated stores.

  • Ravenn420

    Great guide, but what’s the fastest way to actually level the skill up? Deconstructing higher level items other people have made? Or crafting the highest you can make?

    • Mudge

      Deconstructing higher level loot made by others or found “in the wild” is the fastest way to level your skills.

      Also, researching traits requires finding/purchasing items with those traits so that you can destroy them to do the research. So, make sure you hold onto the ones that have traits so that you can research them. For clothing for example, you’ll need a light helm, robe, jack, pants, arms, boots, and belt with the “sturdy” trait in order to have the trait finished. I’ve had to use an alt character to hold all of my research items because my bank gets so full. However, you don’t need to do the same trait on each item from what I can tell. You just need 2 traits, or 3 traits, etc. to meet the requirements for crafting stations.

    • aukje

      hi! myself ive been stealing everything from the fighters guild in elden root, so much loot. plus they’ve got a clothing and blacksmithing bench, so you can decontruct, construct and sell

  • MaCrazy

    I spent four hours in a town where I could loot tons of stolen items. I went from level 27 in Blacksmithing to level 50 in those few hours. The town was Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor and was in the middle of a battle. Because I had not bothered to do the mission yet to take back over the town there were no towns people to catch me stealing. You did have to kill the bad guys as they spawned but they are not much of a challenge. The only place that could get you in trouble for stealing there were inside the Fighter’s Guild.

  • Davey Williams

    As others have said, the Velyn Harbor grind is a good way to level up blacksmith, Woodwork and clothing, while also grinding XP and to a lesser extent gold/leger demain. The town is in a battle, with fast respawning mobs and no civilian guard to catch you stealing.

    Locations of note: way shrine, two entries to thieves guild (with working cooking fire), fighter’s guild (friendly occupied), blacksmith station (enemy occupied, but semi safe), armor seller booth (enemy occupied).


    1. you can start going around character level 15. The enemies will be impossible at this low a level, but you can sneak past them. And if you have higher level player help, you can get some valuable XP.
    2. Free up as much bag space as you can. I go with a 100 bag with only 10 slots full. Yes, you need that much space.
    3. Don’t worry too much about getting caught. There are no guards to demand your bounty. NPCs will attack you if you’re too belligerent, but you can sneak and grab about every piece of gear in the place. My khajit can steal a pile of swords right out from under the captain’s nose as she discusses battle plans. But if you get caught, just hide and let things cool off. Your bounty will decline while grinding…no sweat…there are NO GUARDS in this loop anywhere.
    4. If you aren’t a good sneak, practice this grind at the end of your session. Log off and let time take care of those fines for you if they get excessive.
    5. I dump all my crafting deconstruct gains into my bank, where they stack and can still be used at the table.
    6. Speaking of which, this will give you tons of materials to make items to send your crafting buddy. Or resell in your guilds.
    7. Speaking of which, you might want to invest skill points in the perks that give you more materials from deconstruction, and make sure you are knowledgeable in level 2-3 crafts so you get the materials. The gear in the loop is about 65% smith, 25% cloth and 10% wood, so there’s where you can prioritize skill points.
    8. Feel free to do this during busy times. Unlike chests, the gear shows up for each player, and no one can grab “yours”. You’ll see other khajit weirdly standing by a table you just looted…they’re stealing the same stuff you just did. If you’re low level, playing when there are higher level grinders can save your bacon if you attract baddies.
    9. At the end of the loop (thieves guild), logging out of your character then back in generally resets all the gear. However, there is so much gear it almost respawns fast enough you don’t need to log out. Round two!

    The “Loop”

    Make your way from the way shrine down the hill. You can get into the fighters guild (where the goodies are holed up) from either side. If you’re low level, sneak off to the left. If you’re looking to XP, fight down the hill. Enter the fighter’s guild.

    Fight guild: sneak here and pick up everything. The place is littered with level 15-30 gear, mostly steel and hide with some ori and leather. Outside you’ll find 4-6 racks stacked with gear, along with 20-30 containers. There are about 25 pieces of gear outside. From containers, steal the ingredients to sell/launder at the fence to work up leger demain if you like. I was level 12 leger demain, so I tended to also pull $200-$500 in treasure from the containers on each loop. Inside you’ll find 75 (I counted) or more gear, 4-6 cabinets and 20ish containers. Look everywhere! There is gear hidden all over. Learn where it is for future grinds.

    Blacksmith station: when your inventory is almost full (remember to leave 4 open slots), sneak to the blacksmith station in the center of the square. Here you’re semi-safe. The enemies occasionally spawn in here, watch for that. But for the most part they only come in when another player drags them. Deconstruct everything you stole. Then rob the blacksmith station, which has, I KID YOU NOT, another 50-75 pieces of gear. Again, look everywhere. Bows are on the posts. Swords are in the furnace and in cooling vats…on the ground…behind containers…everywhere. Deconstruct all this crap and empty out your inventory…we are not done.

    Armor stall: to the right of the fighters guild is an armor vendor’s stall, with another 20-25 items, mostly cloth. Be careful, three enemies will spawn right in front. But steal away and then…you guessed it…return to the blacksmith station for some deconstruction.

    Other buildings: the mages guild and town hall don’t have notable loot, and are only good for XP grinding.

    Thieves guild: sneak to either entrance and head down to fence/launder for those leger demain points. Your limit resets about 8 pm pacific time, and you get 1 pt per fence/launder regardless the value. Without investing skill points, you can earn 100 legerdemain points per day. You might as well get them if you’re doing this grind. This guild has a rare working cook fire if you want to make potions to sell off with the crap you steal. And if you need to gold grind some of the gear is worth $20-$25…not bad to get a little gold from this grind. Log out and back in if you want to repeat the loop.

    I have done about six hours of this grind. I don’t have exact records, but in doing this I have gotten about:

    1. Blacksmith from level 8 to level 29, woodworking 6 to 19 and clothing 9 to 25.
    2. I got, no joke, 1600 steel ingots, 200 orichalcum ingots, 800 hide, 200 cotton, 500 oak, 200-400 style stones, 10-20 gems, probably $5000 in various treasure, mostly white/green with an occasional blue, 1 style motif, 2 rare set armor drop from a kill, 10-20 hemming, 25ish recipes, with some blue.
    3. My friend got 80 emails full of steel daggers, which means tomorrow I’ll get 40 emails full of steel daggers. Whee.

    The grind will probably show diminishing returns up around level 35 in the crafting skills, but right now a full loop (20-25 minutes) is still producing one ding in a crafting skill, so it’s remaining a good grind.

  • Haiaku

    Just did a series of quick tests and found that, intuitively, the experience gained from crafting is scaled to the level of the item you create. For Jute for example, a level 1 item is worth 59 crafting exp without boosts. A level 14 item is worth 268. Unfortunately, this is not affected by the number of materials used to craft the actual item. A level 14 sash nets the same experience as a level 14 robe, while the robe needs several more pieces of cloth to make.

    • Sisqi

      So if you want to level your skill by crafting yourself, you can choose to make belts of as high a level as possible, so you can create more items with less of the materials but it will cost you more for the style material or you can craft jackets which cost more materials but you will save on the style material?

  • Sisqi

    So what does Tier 1 and Tier 10 refer to?

    • Exiled Messenger

      There are ten material tiers for crafting. Tier 1 is Jute (Homespun), Rawhide, and Iron. Tier 10 is Ancestor Silk, Rubedo Leather, and Rubedite.

      • Sisqi

        Ah, thanks!

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