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14 Jul 18Wolfhunter Updates
29 Jun 18Style Search Tool Complete
2 May 18Out of Town 16-21 May
21 Apr 18Summerset Updates
12 Apr 18Jewelry Crafting Guide


Aug 28th – Wolfhunter XBox One / PS4
Fall 2018Murkmire DLCs

Crown Store

August 2018Crown Store Updates

July 25th-Aug 29th

August 16th-20th

August 23rd-27th

  • Renegade Dragon Priest
  • Tyrants of the Merethic Furnishing Pack

August 28th (XBox One / PS4)

August 29th-September 26th

August 30th

Luxury Furnisher

August 11th-12th (Week 27)

August 18th-19th (Week 28)

August 25th-26th (Week 29)

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