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Master Writs

What are Master Writs?

Master Writs are mysterious, exclusive contracts for high-quality and very specific equipment, or very specific alchemical substances, enchantments, or provisions.

Where do I get Master Writs from?

Master Writs can occasionally be found in the rewards from finishing a maximum tier, regular crafting Writ.

Who can do Master Writs?

Not just anyone! Master Writs are meant specifically for masters – they require specific sets, or specific crafting styles, that not everyone has access to. Further, Master Writs are only awarded to players completing the hardest normal crafting Writs, and are more common when you have a lot of dedication. For example, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Clothier Master Writs are more common if you’ve done a lot of difficult research; Provisioning Master Writs are more common when you’ve learned a lot of difficult recipes; Enchanting Master Writs are more common when you’ve translated a lot of runes; and Alchemy Master Writs are more common when you’ve fully identified a lot of herbs. The more you’ve done in that tradeskill, the better your odds on each normal Writ you complete.

How do I complete Master Writs?

Pay close attention to the requested items. You’ll need to make the item yourself, on the character that has the Master Writ quest. Requested items cannot be traded between characters to satisfy these, and the items cannot be bound.

How many can I do per day?

As many as you have the invitations for. There is no daily limit or cooldown on Master Writs.

Additionally, you can trade Master Writs around to people who are more likely or able to complete them. You could even get them on your alts and trade them back to your ‘main crafter’ if you have one, or host a festival with friends to trade Master Writs all day.


Add three reagents with at least two of each of the requested effects to oil (poison) or water (essence). You’ll need to craft 20 potions (4 at a time) or poisons (16 at a time) to complete the writ. 


Lorkhan's TearsAlkahest


BreachBeetle ScuttleLady's SmockViolet Coprinus
CowardiceBlue EntolomaBuglossWhite Cap
DefileMudcrab ChitinNightshadeSpider Egg
DetectionCornflowerTorchbug ThoraxWhite CapWormwood
EnervationImp StoolNirnrootTorchbug Thorax
EntrapmentEmetic RussulaWater Hyacinth
FractureDragonthornStinkhornTorchbug Thorax
Gradual Ravage HealthFleshfly LarvaNightshade
HindranceLuminous RussulaSpider EggWormwood
Increase ArmorBeetle ScuttleImp StoolMountain FlowerMudcrab Chitin
Increase Spell CriticalLady's SmockNamira's RotWater Hyacinth
Increase Spell PowerCornflowerLady's SmockViolet Coprinus
Increase Spell ResistBuglossMudcrab ChitinWhite Cap
Increase Weapon CriticalDragonthornWater HyacinthWormwood
Increase Weapon PowerBlessed ThistleDragonthornStinkhorn
InvisibleBlue EntolomaNamira's RotNirnrootSpider Egg
Lingering HealthButterfly WingScrib JellySpider Egg
MaimImp StoolLuminous RussulaMountain Flower
ProtectionBeetle ScuttleMudcrab ChitinNightshade
Ravage HealthBlessed ThistleCorn FlowerEmetic RussulaNightshadeNirnrootStinkhornViolet Coprinus
Ravage MagickaBlue EntolomaEmetic RussulaScrib JellyViolet CoprinusWhite Cap
Ravage StaminaEmetic RussulaFleshfly LarvaImp StoolLuminous RussulaStinkhorn
Restore HealthBlue EntolomaBuglossButterfly WingColumbineLuminous RussulaMountain FlowerWater Hyacinth
Restore MagickaBuglossColumbineCorn FlowerLady's Smock
Restore StaminaBlessed ThistleColumbineDragonthornMountain Flower
SpeedBlessed ThistleNamira's RotScrib Jelly
UncertaintyButterfly WingNirnroot
UnstoppableColumbineNamira's RotWormwood
VitalityBeetle ScuttleButterfly WingFleshfly LarvaTorchbug Thorax
VulnerabilityFleshfly LarvaScrib Jelly
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