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Antiquarian's EyeComplete the quest "The Antiquarian Circle" in Western SkyrimAllows you to Scry for Antiquities. When used within a Dig Site, indicates the direction to the nearest possible Antiquity location.
Breda's Bottomless Mead MugParticipate in New Life FestivalThis wooden mug always seems to have just enough mead in it for one more toast. Use this collectible during the New Life Festival to obtain a 100% experience boost.5s
Fire RockAssist the Dead-Water Tribe in MurkmireWhen used near a friendly stranger, can cause the plant to pull you to its location.3s
Jubilee Cake 2022Complete 2021 Anniversary eventChef Donolon's Jubilee Cake is the perfect pastry to celebrate any special occasion or awesome anniversary. It's like a sweetroll mountain, a festival for your taste buds!45s
Relic of the SentinelDefeat Sentinel Aksalaz in combat and loot it from one of his treasure chestsThis relic's tie to Sentinel Aksalaz allows you to summon forth his visage in a display of frosty power. When used within Black Drake Villa, all party members gain the Icy Vision effect, which reveals hidden treasures within Black Drake Villa.15s
The Pie of MisruleComplete Jester's Festival EventDoes this taste funny to you? Use this collectible during the Jester's Day Festival to obtain a 100% experience boost. Because extra experience is no joke!6s
Witchmother's WhistleComplete Witches Festival eventUse this whistle to summon the Witchmother's Cauldron. During the harvest, drinking the cauldron's brew may have additional effects.45s
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