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Crafting Guide – Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing allows you to create heavy armor and metal weapons from ores you gather in the world. You can gather items without learning a separate gathering skill.

You start out with one point in each of the crafting professions. Creating, deconstructing, and improving items levels your crafting skills. Once you reach certain levels, you can choose to apply your skill points to passive crafting skills. 

NOTE: To be able to craft items beyond the first tier, you must apply skill points to the Metalworking skill.

Blacksmithing Skills

Special thanks to Shadowmourn for assistance with tracking the upgrade levels in-game.

NameLevel UnlockedStat
Metalworking1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50(9 pts) Allows the use of ingots to create items. One point for every material tier.
Keen Eye2, 9(3 pts) Makes ore easier to see in the world from 20-40 meters.
Miner Hireling3, 12, 32(3 pts) A miner hireling will send you ore & possibly other items.
Metal Extraction4, 22, 32(3 pts) Improves chance of extracting Blacksmithing ingredients.
Metallurgy8, 18, 28(4 pts) Reduces research time (by 5, 10, & 20%) & allows research of multiple items (2, 2, & 3) at once.
Temper Expertise10, 25, 40(3 pts) Increases chance of improving items with tempers.
  • Max

    It should also be mentioned that deconstructing items you didn’t make earns more experience. Also, depending on your blacksmithing level, making certain level weapons and armor will yield more xp per ingot than others. For leveling early, level 4 daggers are best. Basically, find a friend and make a pile of daggers, trade them to each other and deconstruct. Rinse and Repeat.

    • Athas

      Good Call Max. That makes some sense and I’ll have to utilize that trick with a pal or two. 🙂

  • Athas

    This is really great information! I love it!

    • Exiled Messenger


  • JeffColorado

    It is not noted above, but you can craft items above your level… It is possible to craft items you can’t use yourself. Also you can get tempers just by refining stuff as well as through deconstruction. You can get hemming just from refining raw jute.

  • Volston

    Metal Extraction – 4,22,32

    Temper Expertise – 10, 25, 40
    Metalworking – every 5 levels.

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you.

  • Kevin Black

    All my crafted armor is now coming out green. Anyone know why? Just seems to be for Orichalcum and Dwarven for now, but I had made it previously and it wasn’t green.

  • Narotar

    It would be nice to have a reccomendation wich Items one should craft/deconstruct to skill as effectively as possible (Mat./IP-Ratio) for each Material.

  • Norester

    Wondering if this is an Error or not from upgrade 1.6. It says (In game) for me to learn a Dwemer Motif that my metalworking skill needs to be at lvl 9. But. Level 4 is it? lets me use Dwemer metal. I appreciate the clarification.

    • Exiled Messenger

      We haven’t updated the crafting guides since launch.

    • ZapTap

      It means you must have invested 9 points in the metalworking skill in the blacksmithing skill line. Metalworking is the skill that let’s you work with better materials. metalworking 9 let’s you work with voidstone ingots and your blacksmithing skill therefore has to be level 50 to be able to learn dwemer motifs. The dwemer metal and the dwemer motif aren’t connected in any way.

      • Norester

        “The dwemer metal and the dwemer motif aren’t connected in any way.” Thank you for the reply ZapTap. I finally figured that out. But for a bit I had a hard time letting go that the two were connected. Too much old school Skyrim, etc.

  • Cheata890

    if i want to learn the ancient elf it says it requieres lvl 8. Only in Blacksmithing or also in closing and woodworking?

  • Deron Baker

    Vet 15-16 ingots are called Rubedite Ingots

  • Genifae

    i need to learn to blacksmith good weapons for my level 31 Dark Elf Dragon Knight. I do not know how to do this can someone help me? My armor is pretty good (in the 2000s) however both weapons for my dual wield is like 1030s? How can I make this better?

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