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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of helpful links that may answer some of the questions you have. If your question isn’t answered here, please send me a note via the Contact Form. ZOS has changed the look of racial motifs and crafted armor sets several times since pre-launch. We don’t always have the most updated look on the site since we must rely on the community to help update the images. Please see this spreadsheet to see what the latest version of a specific crafted item is on the site.

How do I contact you?

We have three forms on the site. Two submissions form, one for characters and one for visual database items and one contact form. Use the submission forms if you want to add something to the site. Use the contact form if you need to contact me for any reason. Please see How to Contact for more information.

What is acceptable for character submissions and commenting?

Generally, our submission and comments requirements are what you would expect. Nothing NSFW, swearing, harassment, etc. Please view our Terms and Conditions for a more specific list.

Do you have any tips for taking screenshots?

Absolutely! I wrote up a guide.

Why can’t I change my post?

We specifically designed the site so that you can use it anonymously if you choose. This means no one has to create an account to view any post, submit a character or visual database item, comment, or upvote a post. You do need to provide a name and email if you contact me via the contact form though so I can respond.

WordPress doesn’t allow me to create a template where other users can only change portions of the post. Right now, it takes up a significant portion of my time updating posts for people. If I were to allow people to do this themselves, you would think it would take some of the burden off of me, but it is very easy to mess up a post if you don’t know what you are doing. I believe it would take me even more time than it does now to fix posts for people that have accidentally screwed it up than it does for me to just make changes myself.

I created an account, why can’t I change my post?

It is not possible to create an account on ESO Fashion. If you created an account to comment, you created an account on DISQUS. This will allow you to comment under your name on any website that uses DISQUS, a very popular commenting system. When you create an account on DISQUS, unless you change the settings, you will receive an email every time someone responds to a comment that you have made or comments on a post you have commented on. This is all controlled through DISQUS. You can also choose to subscribe to the comments on a particular post without commenting. This is a very good idea if you’d like to see all of the comments people write on your post. Please see this guide for more information on the DISQUS comment system.

How do I find stuff on the site?

I group a lot of items by source on pages that you can find on the menu bar. You can also use the side bar search or filter to find items based on appearance or anything I’ve tagged the post with. Click on the links to see guides on how to use the menus, search, or filter.

How do I see dyed armor?

See it’s not possible for me to collect all of the dyes, I added an option to link dyes to the Character Submission form. All characters that have dyes listed show on this page, giving you the ability to see how dyes work on different armor sets.

Why do some weapons have all motifs on one post and others are listed on separate posts?

I originally built weapon posts with all racial motifs on one post, but am in the process of slowly breaking those out into individual posts.

What’s a Prolific Poster and how do I become one?

Prolific posters are submitters who submit five or more characters to the site. I’ll add you as a Prolific Poster within 24 hours or you submitting your fifth post. Please see this guide for more information.

Why haven’t you linked all of my submissions together?

This is only available to Prolific Posters. Please see the FAQ above for more information. If you have already submitted five or more sets, it may take me up to 24 hours to link your posts.

How does the site work?

ESO Fashion is broken up into two separate parts, the character gallery and visual database. The character gallery is made up of user-submitted characters while the visual database is a collection of images or videos of most of the items available in game. You can see more information about the sites here.

Who works on the sites?

Exile is the owner and administrator of the site. Dulfy rarely helps out with uploading images and advertising. That’s it. You can see also see a list of other people who have helped out from time to time.

Who does what?

Please see this page for a table that shows exactly who does what on the site.

What other games do you cover?

Please see this page for a full listing of games we currently cover, those that we are thinking about for the future, and those that we decided not to cover.

Why does it take so long to update the site?

Exile is the only one doing the updating and she also has several other sites to work on.

Why are you so strict about commenting?

People usually take a lot of time and effort on their characters and I won’t tolerate people abusing them. You can view a blog post about my thoughts on this.

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