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NOTE: Please do not submit dyed sets through this form. We will not post any dyed sets submitted this way. Please use the Character Submission Form instead.  If you are having trouble getting screenshots at the Character Select screen, try switching to Windowed (Full) mode. Here are some tips for taking screenshots.

  • Please choose one item for each submission and only show items that are part of that set at the same level, weight. and quality (eg, Breton Linen (level 16-20 superior).
  • The form isn’t set up to handle multiple crafted weapons at the same time, but I have no problem with you sending in multiple weapons of the same racial motif or material tier as long as you clearly mark each individual image with the racial motif or material tier. Please do not mix and match qualities (eg, normal, superior, epic) unless you clearly mark the image with the quality as well.
    • You could send in Altmer Maple Shield, Altmer Ash Shield, and Altmer Hickory Shield on the same form as long as you clearly title each image name as Maple, Ash, and Hickory.
    • You could send in Altmer Maple Shield, Bosmer Maple Shield, and Breton Maple Shield as long as you clearly title each image name as Altmer, Bosmer, and Breton.
    • You could send in Altmer Maple Shield, Altmer Maple Bow, and Altmer Maple Staff as long as you clearly title each image name as Shield, Bow, and Staff.
  • Turn on max graphic settings, if possible.
  • Please only equip items that are part of the set you are submitting (you do not need to unequip armor for weapon submissions). Shields and bows obscure a good portion of the armor.
  • Include all pieces of armor sets (including helms!). We will not post partial crafted sets.
  • Choose a location with good lighting conditions. It’s very difficult to see details in dark images. The best way to get screenshots is to use the character select screen, when possible. If it’s overcast or raining in game, please move to a well-lit area (eg, under a lamp post).
  • Try to get multiple views of items, including front, back, side and close ups of each.
  • Shields are located under Weapons instead of Armor because the form is limited on how I can organize it. It’s much easier to put it under Weapons because I require the same sort of information about Shields as I do the weapons.

Please do not submit images taken from another site without permission from the site owner. 

This form does not submit to the site directly. If you don’t see your submission on the site within 24 hours, please post a comment on this form. The form has very aggressive spam filtering (I have no control over this) and your submission may be hiding in the site spam folder.


  1. Pensola
    23 February 2016 @ 0255

    May I ask a few questions regarding submission?
    I am submitting bows, specifically all Ruby Ash bows that I have (all except Akaviri), am I supposed to submit the whole screencap picture, or do I myself cut the part you are supposed to have on the site?
    Also, my only v16 character has hair that clipped through the bows a lot of times (the head clipping in general seems to be a problem with the bigger bows). I tried to take pictures where it happened the least, but is it still okay if it does a little?


    • Exiled Messenger
      23 February 2016 @ 0642

      It’s definitely okay to submit weapons. I would still like to get every weapon on the site.

      You can crop the images yourself or I can do it.

      It’s fine that the images show clipping because it’s important for others to know it happens, but thank you for trying to show it as little as posdible.


      • Pensola
        23 February 2016 @ 1114

        Okay, thank you very much for answering! I’m sorry that I asked questions before reading the post about the new weapon posts, I didn’t see it before it was too late! ^^;

        Then I will start uploading the bows! Again thank you!


  2. Hagenbuch
    10 June 2017 @ 2047

    I’d like to submit some armor sets but ran into a little problem, Exile: I’ve taken 12 images for medium/heavy armor and 24 for light armor like you do but the submission form only allows up to 10 images.
    What would be the best way to submit them? Splitting each set into 2-3 parts? Sending them some other way? Or could you increase the number of images per submission?


    • Exiled Messenger
      10 June 2017 @ 2107

      It’s best if you submit each armor weight separately because the form creates a draft post for me.


      • Hagenbuch
        10 June 2017 @ 2124

        That’s what I was trying to do but each single set of medium armor for example has 12 images and the form only allows 10.


        • Exiled Messenger
          10 June 2017 @ 2132

          Duh. I’m having a moment. I upped the number of submissions to 24, but I can’t clear the cache on my phone, so it might take some time before you can see it.


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