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Housing Guide

Information copied from Update 13 Patch Notes.

Homestead Basics

Except for the entry-level apartment (Inn), which is free after completing a short quest (A Friend in Need), all of the initially-available homes can be purchased with in-game gold or crowns.

  • You may own one of every home, all the way up to all 39 available at launch!
  • Homes are shared across all characters on your account.
  • Homes are split into several tiers, by size:
    • Apartments: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
    • Small Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
    • Medium Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
    • Large Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
    • Manors: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
  • Home ownership is tracked in the new Housing tab of the Collections window.
    • This tab describes each home in detail, and allows you to travel to that particular home.
    • This also displays any homes that you haven’t yet acquired and allows you to preview them, which you can read more about below.

  • All 36 homes can all be purchased with either gold or crowns.
    • Once obtained, a home is yours forever! There is no rent to pay, or any other form of ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Homes have limits on the number of items, collectibles, and visitors that may be present, with larger homes having higher caps.
    • The number of objects you can place in your home is doubled for those with an active ESO Plus membership.
    • In the event your ESO Plus membership lapses, you won’t be able to add any additional items to your home until you drop below the regular item cap. You will be able to remove items in order to do so.
  • Dueling is allowed in homes, but is disabled inside inn-rooms or apartments.
  • Pets, Assistants, and Mounts cannot be summoned inside of homes, but can be placed inside homes as decorations.
    • Once placed, Assistants can be used as normal.

Acquiring a Home

There are three ways to acquire a home in Homestead:

  • Purchase the home in the Crown Store for crowns.
    • Open the Crown Store and explore the new “Housing” tab.
    • From there, you can preview and later purchase any of the new homes via crowns.

  • Find Canthion the Housing Broker to acquire a quest that grants you a free apartment.
    • Canthion the Housing Broker can be found within the banks of Daggerfall City, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard, depending on your alliance. If you want a free apartment – highly recommended! – talk to him, and he will bestow the quest.
    • Completion of this quest awards a small inn-room located in the zone associated with your alliance.
    • Afterwards, you may purchase the other inn rooms for a nominal fee or can repeat the quest on another character in a different alliance to acquire the other rooms.

  • Find homes scattered across Tamriel, make sure you have the prerequisites, and purchase them for in-game gold.
    • First, you must find the home in-game, click on the door, and follow the purchasing instructions.
    • Most homes require you to complete certain prerequisites before you can purchase them for gold. For example, to purchase the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, you must have previously completed the Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant achievement.
    • You must own the Imperial Edition version of ESO in order to purchase any Imperial homes.
    • Homes can be purchased for crowns at any time, bypassing the above requirements.

Home Previewing

The easiest way to preview homes you have not yet purchased is to go to the new “Houses” section in the Crown Store, highlight the home you want to check out, and click “Preview”. This will teleport you to the home so you can do a walkthrough while making your purchase decision. You can also preview homes from the Collections window, and also by simply finding the home in the world and clicking on its door. Previewing brings you into a personal experience where you can explore the prospective home, including both furnished and unfurnished versions.

  • Unfurnished homes may be purchased with gold or crowns, and generally come with a small number of items such as plants and rocks (if the home has a yard) and candles (to light the interior of the home).
  • Furnished homes may only be purchased with crowns. Each furnished home is pre-decorated with a tasteful selection of items, which are yours to keep or adjust at your leisure.
  • You may switch between unfurnished and furnished previews at any time, and the preview will adjust on the fly accordingly.
    • It is not possible to preview a home after you’ve already purchased it, or to purchase the furnished version of a home if you’ve already purchased the unfurnished version (or vice versa).
    • Once you purchase a home, it will reload you into your new home with either your furnished or unfurnished items.

The Housing Editor

The housing editor contains multiple tabs and categories for ease of asset selection.

  • The Place tab allows you to place furnishings and collectibles from a categorized list of available options.
  • The Purchase tab contains a large list of furnishings available for a la carte crown purchase.
    • Nearly every item in the Purchase tab is also available via crafting or from other in-game sources with a few exceptions for items found exclusively in Crown Store bundles.
  • In addition to directly selecting any placed items in editor mode, you may also retrieve placed furnishings from a list of placed items in the Retrieve tab of the editor, without needing to locate them in the home.
  • You can also search each tab by item name to further filter your results.

Home Decoration

Furnishings are a new kind of inventory item that may be placed in a home, and can be identified by the word “Furnishing” on their tooltip. These function like any other inventory item until it is time to place them in a home.

  • After you enter a home you own, you can enter the housing editor and start placing furnishings.
  • Once placed, a furnishing is removed from your inventory or bank and is stored in the house, counting towards the maximum number of items that can be placed in the home.
    • You can see how close you’re getting to the item limit through the housing menu which displays a House Information panel. From there, you can see the current and maximum value for Furnishings and Collectibles.
  • You can place each object at any location and at any angle. The only limitation beyond the Furnishing caps is there is a small safe area near the main entrance which cannot be filled with items.
    • Note that certain furnishings such as chairs and crafting stations may not be usable if placed at an unusual location or orientation (you’ll know if an item is placed in a bad location if it highlights red).
  • In addition to furnishing items, you can also place assistants, mounts, non-combat pets, and a new category of furnishing collectibles called Trophies that includes Undaunted Busts.
    • There are separate limits for furnishings, furnishing collectibles, and other collectibles such as pets or mounts.

Specialty Furnishings

Many types of housing objects have additional functionality when placed, including the following:

  • Assistants
    • Any of the currently-available Assistants (Nuzhimeh the Merchant, Pirharri the Smuggler, and Tythis Andromo the Banker) can be placed in your home, and will offer their services to you and visitors as normal.
  • Light Sources
    • Objects such as torches, braziers, and lamps can be lit or extinguished at will after being placed.
  • Seating
    • Many chairs, thrones, benches, pews, stools, and other seating objects throughout Tamriel are now interactive. You just need to approach the furniture and interact with it to sit down, provided there is room and the furniture is placed in an accessible location.
      • This applies to seating placed in homes as well as those found in the world.
      • Seating objects that aren’t placed in a level, open area may not be valid for interaction.
  • Target Skeletons
    • A Target Skeleton can be used to practice with new weapons, abilities, and combat in general. It does not fight back, but is a resilient opponent, roughly as difficult to put down as the second boss from Veteran Spindleclutch II (Bloodspawn).
    • To learn to craft a Target Skeleton, you can purchase the plan from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator in each alliance capital, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
      • Writ Vouchers are obtained through Master Writs, and Rolis Hlaalu will appear after you start or complete a Master Writ. You can find the description for these below.
    • Crafting a Target Skeleton requires an Animus Stone in addition to a variety of other ingredients.
      • The Animus Stone is a new crafting material that is also available in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
    • Shortly after being defeated, the Target Skeleton will reform itself.
  • Guild Reprints of Shalidor’s Library
    • After you complete a collection from Shalidor’s Library, a Mages Guild reprint of that collection will be available on any Mystic for a moderate fee.
    • Each reprint contains individual volumes of every book in that collection. These reprint volumes can be placed in your home, and you or your guests can read them at any time.
    • Reading a reprint volume does not grant Mages Guild reputation or progress towards Shalidor’s Library–only the original version of a book counts for that!
  • Standard Crafting Stations
    • Crafting stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, for a modest number of Writ Vouchers.
    • Once placed in the home, these can be used like any other crafting station.
    • Note: Crafting stations will not work if placed at an angle or inside other objects.
  • Attunable Crafting Stations
    • Attunable Crafting Stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
    • These items can be activated at any item set crafting site in the world, permanently attuning the station to the unique energies of that item set and binding the station to you.
    • Once attuned, the station can be placed as a furnishing in your home and used by you and your guests to craft items from the set it is attuned to.
  • Unique Objects
    • There is also a variety of unique objects, from Dark Anchor Pinions that open and close, to decoy Elder Scrolls that swap between offensive and defensive visual effects, all with their own unique interactions and effects.
    • As time goes on, expect us to expand this category!

Furnishing Sourcing

Home furnishings can be found from a number of sources, including:

  • Furnishing Crafting
    • See the Furnishing Crafting section below this one for the juicy details!
  • Luxury Furnisher
    • A new NPC, Zanil Theran, can be found in the Hollow City within Coldharbour over the weekend and has a cycling inventory, similar to Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden in Cyrodiil.
    • Look for Zanil Theran inside “Cicero’s Food & General Goods” when he sets up shop!
  • Achievement Furnishers
    • Some items are gated by a specific achievement or accomplishment, and is themed to that requirement.
    • Completing the requirements listed on the item will allow you to purchase copies of the item for gold or AP.
    • These can be found throughout Tamriel, including Cyrodiil, and offer rewards for various heroic deeds.
    • Each item is bind on pickup.
  • Home Goods Furnishers
    • These vendors can be found throughout Tamriel in each alliance’s main city and all capitals, and offer a number of basic home commodities as well as local plants and natural stone from the region they are located in.
  • Purchase Tab in Housing Editor
    • Furnishings purchased from the Housing Editor are bound, but may be moved to other homes that you own.
    • These items are purchased for crowns, and cannot be sold for gold.
  • Undaunted Busts
    • Beginning with Homestead, the final boss of each Veteran Dungeon, Trial, or Arena will drop a collectible bronze bust of one of the iconic monsters from that piece of content.
      • Busts are account-wide collectibles, and can be placed once in each owned home.
      • Busts from Trials and Arenas include a marble stand.
      • There are a total of 34 Undaunted Busts available in Homestead.
  • Fishing
    • Though rare, you may catch aquatic-themed decorations while fishing at a fishing hole.
    • These decorations will differ based on the type of fishing hole – some things come from the ocean, while others come from fresh waters. For example, Starfish can only be found in oceans and not from lakes.
  • Shadowy Supplier
    • The Shadowy Supplier will rarely award one of a selection of Dark Brotherhood-themed decorations.

Furnishing Crafting

You can now craft furnishings for yourself, your friends, or to sell to others!

  • To craft a furnishing, you will need to obtain a specific furnishing plan, similar to the way existing Provisioning recipes work.
    • All tradeskill disciplines now have a new tab at their respective stations for furnishing plans.
    • Each tradeskill has a unique type of plan and primarily uses a new type of material:
      • Woodworking Blueprints primarily use Heartwood, from lumber nodes.
      • Blacksmithing Diagrams primarily use Regulus, from ore nodes.
      • Clothing Patterns primarily use Bast, from fibrous plants, or Clean Pelts, from beasts and other sources of leather.
      • Alchemy Formulas primarily use Alchemical Resin, from mushrooms and alchemy plants.
      • Enchanting Praxises primarily use Mundane Runes, from runestones.
      • Provisioning Designs primarily use Decorative Wax, from crates, barrels, and other sources of provisioning ingredients.
    • Plans can be found in containers across the world, purchased from certain merchants, dropped from monsters, or even obtained from pickpocketing (or murdering) Tamrielic citizens.
    • Higher quality plans will require knowledge from multiple tradeskills.
      • Example: An elaborate canopy bed may require rank 9 in the passive skill Woodworking, rank 7 in Tailoring, and rank 3 in Metalworking.
  • Furnishing crafting also utilizes several additional types of materials:
    • Furnishings in a particular racial style require multiple style items associated with that race.
      • You do not need to know the Motif of a race to learn or craft their furnishing plans.
    • Rosins, Tempers, and Tannins are often needed for Green-quality furnishings and higher.
    • Each plan is unique, and certain special plans may require custom ingredients be located and included.
  • All plans, ingredients, and output items are tradeable.

Furnishings Caps


  • Inn Room – 15 Furnishings, 1 Trophy Collectibles, 1 Other Collectibles
  • Apartment – 50 Furnishings, 1 Trophy Collectibles, 1 Other Collectibles
  • Small – 100 Furnishings, 5 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
  • Medium – 200 Furnishings, 10 Trophy Collectibles, 3 Other Collectibles
  • Large – 300 Furnishings, 20 Trophy Collectibles, 4 Other Collectibles
  • Manor – 350 Furnishings, 40 Trophy Collectibles, 5 Other Collectibles


  • Inn Room – 30 Furnishings, 2 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
  • Apartment – 100 Furnishings, 2 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
  • Small – 200 Furnishings, 10 Trophy Collectibles, 4 Other Collectibles
  • Medium – 400 Furnishings, 20 Trophy Collectibles, 6 Other Collectibles
  • Large – 600 Furnishings, 40 Trophy Collectibles, 8 Other Collectibles
  • Manor – 700 Furnishings, 80 Trophy Collectibles, 10 Other Collectibles

Housing Permissions

You can choose to allow or restrict access to each of your homes as desired, and may set different permissions for each of your guilds and on a per-individual basis. You can even ban specific individuals, while allowing the rest of a guild access (just in case you want to hang out with most of your guildies, but Tony keeps spilling mead on your favorite rug).

  • Players with Visitor access may interact with your placed furnishings but may not move anything, whereas those with Decorator access may relocate items freely.
    • Note: Other players may not add or remove housing items from your home regardless of their access settings.
  • As a homeowner, you can set a primary residence. This primary residence is used to determine which home is visited when friends or guildmates try to visit your home while you are offline. When you are online, other players may social jump directly to you in any home, provided they have access to that home.
  • Homeowners may rescind access to visiting players at any time, resulting in the immediate eviction of that player from their home.
  • You can also immediately copy the Permissions settings of a previous home to any new home when purchasing a new home, and can modify permissions for individual homes.

Character Limits

Each home type can have a maximum number of characters in it at one time.

  • Inn: 2
  • Apartment: 5
  • Small: 6
  • Medium: 12
  • Large: 12
  • Manor: 12

Housing Achievements

In Homestead, you can expect to see a variety of new achievements for everything from decorating your home in a certain way, to learning an impressive number of furniture plans, to beating up Target Skeletons. Of particular note, we’ve added four new titles:

  • Clan Father or Clan Mother, awarded for acquiring the Aldmeri Dominion Manor, Serenity Falls Estate.
  • Lord or Lady, awarded for acquiring the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, Daggerfall Overlook.
  • Councilor, awarded for acquiring the Ebonheart Pact Manor, Ebonheart Chateau.
  • Count or Countess, awarded only after you’ve acquired all three of the titles above.

List of Homes

  • Staple Homes
    • Inns
      • Mara’s Kiss Public House: As the least restricted seaport in the Summerset Isles, Vulkhel Guard has visitors from across Tamriel—and you’re likely to meet most of them hoisting a mug at the Mara’s Kiss Pub.
      • The Ebony Flask Inn Room: The Dark Elves may not worship Dibella, but down at the cornerclubs they show that they still know how to have a good time—in their own special way.
      • The Rosy Lion: This inn has always had the reputation of being the safest place in Daggerfall for common citizens in search of illicit services to meet their shadier counterparts.
    • Apartments
      • Barbed Hook Private Room, 11,000 gold: Like every busy port, Skywatch has a seamy underside. A private room at the Barbed Hook offers easy access to the criminal classes—and a quick escape from the nearby docks.
      • Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret, 13,000 gold: Even if you don’t personally have a taste for the famous fire-pit dancing at the Flaming Nix, you have to admit it adds a certain cachet to having a room there. Not to mention an unusual fragrance.
      • Sisters of the Sands Apartment, 12,000 gold: In Sentinel, the best way to hide out in plain sight is with a private room in the Sisters of the Sands, the town’s largest inn. It also has the best food in the city, and is the place King Fahara’jad sends to for take-out.
    • Small Homes
      • Autumn’s-Gate, 60,000 gold: In the heart of The Rift, just outside the lively, small town of Nimalten, you will find this sturdy wooden home, with a large hearth to keep you warm in the Skyrim winter, and a stone wall to keep out the trolls.
      • Black Vine Villa, 54,000 gold: Would you want to live in an old stone house just across a dark jungle stream from a haunted Ayleid ruin? Silly question—who wouldn’t?
      • Captain Margaux’s Place, 56,000 gold: The famous Breton merchant-explorer Captain Margaux hasn’t been seen since her ship the Golden Spriggan sailed off over the horizon into the Sea of Pearls—which makes her house near the docks in Daggerfall available for you!
      • Cyrodilic Jungle House, 71,000 gold: An Imperial, of course, is at home anywhere in Tamriel. This compact house at the Baandari Trading Post in Malabal Tor is a bit of Cyrodiil in Valenwood, and just steps away from the fine food and drink at the Silver Moons Inn.
      • Hammerdeck End, 65,000 gold: The house may be small, but the surrounding deck is spacious, convenient for outdoor dining, as well as the Orcish recreations of deer-fishing and taking archery potshots at passing assassin beetles.
      • Humblemud, 40,000 gold: A mud house is a constant reminder of the impermanence of life, and that we are but standing waves in the river of existence. But one still wishes it to look nice and comfortable, and decorates accordingly. Of course.
      • Kragenhome, 69,000 gold: This residence might not be in Kragenmoor’s best neighborhood, but if you’re looking for classic Dunmeri architecture at an affordable price, this town house certainly fits the bill.
      • Moonmirth House, 50,000 gold: A small elevated house on an idyllic plantation in the mild and hospitable clime of Khenarthi’s Roost? This one would find that sweet paradise!
      • Snugpod, 45,000 gold: A perfect graht-oak pod home, grown by a Home Singer from the very roots of Elden Root—compact, comfortable, and convenient to everything. Praise Z’en!
      • Twin Arches, 73,000 gold: It may be small but it’s solid, and it keeps the sandstorms out. The scenery is magnificent, but if you’re in the mood for civilization, it’s right outside the south gate of Hallin’s Stand.
  • Classic Homes
    • Medium Homes
      • Bouldertree Refuge, 190,000 gold: When civilization grows too confining, it’s a relief to be able to withdraw into a handsome home in the wilds—especially one with an imposing wall around it, to keep out beasts and bandits.
      • Cliffshade, 255,000 gold: Just outside the Aldmeri settlement of Marbruk, the forest is wide and open, the climate is mild, the setting idyllic: the elegant home of Cliffshade seems an abode blessed by the gods.
      • Domus Phrasticus, 295,000 gold: No one has seen Phrastus the Scholar since his ill-advised return to the Imperial City. He’s probably fine—he must be!—but in the meantime, his walled town house in Elinhir is available on an indefinite basis.
      • Grymharth’s Woe, 280,000 gold: Fine urban living in Windhelm is now available at this commodious town home, which features a lofty main floor, two fireplaces, and a second-floor balcony. Alas, that balcony lacks a railing, which is how Grymharth, after too much mead, came to woe.
      • House of the Silent Magnifico, 320,000 gold: After the death of his beloved daughter Haruzeh at the Running of the Dunerippers, the Magnifico Z’za retired to his house in Sentinel and never spoke again, spending his last days playing endless games of hammergammon with his trained monkey, Lizard.
      • Mournoth Keep, 325,000 gold: This fortified household is strong, intimidating, and remote—in short, everything an Orc holds dear. And if you get tired of the “remote” part, there’s a convenient wayshrine just outside your gate!
      • Ravenhurst, 260,000 gold: Two floors, no waiting, in this handsome walled town house makes for prime real estate in the quaint Rivenspire town of Fell’s Run. The local story that the ravens that loiter around the front steps are the revenant spirits of former owners is absurd.
      • Sleek Creek House, 335,000 gold: All your friends are already nearby in Rawl’kha, yes? Invite them over to have a party at your so-sleek riverside house, with its private garden and over-creek deck. Much sweetness!
      • The Ample Domicile, 195,000 gold: “This house is a good house, plenty of room for guar! Palisade is strong to keep guar from straying, and many guar can feed in the garden! Very good, yes! Esqoo will come to visit often!” —Esqoo of Dhalmora
      • Velothi Reverie, 323,000 gold: This charming abode was named after both the Prophet Veloth who founded the surrounding town of Narsis, and the Velothi Mountains that rise above the walled garden at its rear.
    • Large Homes
      • Dawnshadow, 1,275,000 gold: Ah, such a sweet estate, with every appurtenance—out in the country, yet convenient to the nearby Khajiiti metropolis of Dune! What can one do but love and admire it?
      • Forsaken Stronghold, 1,285,000 gold: When Hakkvild drove the Orcs of Yashnag’s Kingdom out of Falkreath in 2E 467, the exiled Orsimer came east to establish Forsaken Stronghold. But the last Orcs died in 563 after they were visited by a merchant infected with Knahaten Flu.
      • Gardner House, 1,015,000 gold: The Gardners were the royal family of Wayrest before every single one of them was carried off by the Knahaten Flu. Which is why the spacious and well-situated Gardner House feels like it’s fit for a king!
      • Hunding’s Palatial Hall, 1,295,000 gold: This elegant pleasure palace, with its walled grounds enclosing stables, well, gardens, pool, watchtower, and docks, were paid for by the blood and treasure spilled from the countless treasure ships taken by the legendary Captain Izad.
      • Mathiisen Manor, 1,025,000 gold: This elegant walled estate is truly the apogee of Aldmeri architecture, including a grand entrance hall, curving double staircases, and a blossom-tree garden with circular reflecting pool.
      • Old Mistveil Manor, 1,020,000 gold: By tradition, the biggest mansion on the south side of Riften is always called Mistveil Manor. Since the death of old Thane Snelgar, the current Mistveil Estate has come available, including its impressive stone mansion with attached stable.
      • Quondam Indorilia, 1,265,000 gold: This capacious Dunmeri mansion, with its walled garden and view across a waterfall to majestic Mournhold, was originally built to house a noble family of House Indoril.
      • Stay-Moist Mansion, 760,000 gold: How does this spacious and comely hilltop manor, so far above the fen, nonetheless stay so delightfully damp? It is a paradox, like life itself. (Don’t miss the upper-story lodging with separate entrance!)
      • Strident Springs Demesne, 1,280,000 gold: This fortified manor between Arenthia and Skingrad at the headwaters of the Strid River should satisfy all those who aspire to the life of the landed gentry. Inside the gatehouse you’ll find gardens, a waterfall, and a mansion in Second Empire style.
      • The Gorinir Estate, 780,000 gold: The Gorinir family, a cadet branch of the royal Camoran line, has fallen on hard times and had to sell their palatial Cormount home. The seasons turn, luck changes, and their loss is your gain.
  • Notable Homes
    • Manors
      • Daggerfall Overlook, 3,780,000 gold: Before Daggerfall Castle was built, the kingdom’s rulers lived in this imposing manor, now known as Daggerfall Overlook. The keep comes complete with a lower dungeon level.
      • Ebonheart Chateau, 3,785,000 gold: A magnificent castle keep, complete with walls, watchtowers, well, fountain, and stable, all dramatically sited on the slopes of an active volcano! It just needs a murder, and then it will be haunted as well.
      • Serenity Falls Estate, 3,775,000 gold: Set in a quiet corner of Reaper’s March, the rural manor of Serenity Falls deserves its name, with plenty of room for servants and livestock, all behind a handsome wall to keep out the bandits and burglars.


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