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A new way of altering your equipment is available with the Clockwork City DLC. Transmutation allows you to permanently change the trait of an item to one of your choosing! The requirements to utilize Transmutation is as follows:

  • Transmutation can only be done at a Transmute Station, which is a new service station found in the Brass Fortress.
    • Home furnishing versions of these stations may also be purchased for Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu the Master Writ Merchant (1,250 Writ Vouchers).
  • Transmutation requires Transmute Crystals, precious resources occasionally received for successfully completing PvE activities such as Pledges, Trials, and Arenas, and several PvP sources such as Rewards for the Worthy, Battleground end of match rewards, and AvA end of campaign rewards.
    • Unidentified Transmutation Geodes will now occasionally drop from the final bosses of all Normal and Veteran Dungeons, rather than the Transmute Crystals dropping directly.
    • Veteran mode bosses are significantly more likely to drop a Geode than in Normal mode dungeons.
    • Transmute Crystals are granted from the weekly Trial quests, your first-in-a-day Random Dungeon, or subsequent random Dungeons, regardless of whether you do those activities on Veteran mode or Normal mode.
  • Transmute Crystals are an account wide, capped currency which cannot be banked or traded.
  • Transmutation requires having previously researched the desired trait.
  • Transmutation requires 50 Transmute Crystals.
  • Jewelry cannot be transmuted.
  • You cannot research a transmutated item.

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