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Outfit Designer

  • With Game Update 17, Dragon Bones, an Outfit Designer has been added to the game. The Outfit Designer allows you to create savable outfits for your character that overwrite your armor. Visually, Costume > Outfit > Armor. To create an Outfit, you need to visit an Outfit Station. All Dye Stations have been renamed “Outfit Station,” including those located in your homes.

  • At the upper left of the Outfit Station editor is the “Select Outfit” drop down. The “No Outfit” option leaves the editor the same as it was as a Dye Station. You have the option to dye your equipped armor or costume.

    Choosing a particular Outfit (“Outfit 1” in this case), grants you access to the Armor Styles and Weapons Styles sections of the editor. You can purchase additional Outfit slots from the Crown Store and rename the slots to make it easier to remember which outfit is which. NOTE: You do not need to have any armor equipped to create an outfit, just like using costumes. You do need to have a weapon equipped to use that section though.

  • In the Armor Styles section, you have access to any style motif that your characters have learned, not just the current character. You can use the drop down menu at the top right to narrow your selections down to one armor weight or just scroll down to the next section. There is also a Clothing section at the bottom. Clothing are non-craftable options that you obtain through various means. Currently, the Prisoner’s Style 1 and Style 2 are the only ones available. NOTE: You can choose any armor weight no matter which you currently have equipped on your character.

    For the main racial styles, you will see multiple options for the same style. In these cases, you are seeing the option to create different versions that are available at the different material tiers for that style. 

    • Version 1 = Tier 1
    • Version 2 = Tier 2
    • Version 3 = Tier 3
    • Version 4 = Tiers 4-10

    NOTE: For head pieces, there are only three versions.

    • Version 1 = Tiers 1 & 2
    • Version 2 = Tier 3
    • Version 3 = Tiers 4-10

    Styles you haven’t learned yet are shown at the bottom of the list (grayed out) but you can still preview the item.

  • The Outfit Designer does not allow you to dye your equipped weapon, but it does allow you to dye weapons through an outfit. You have full control to dye your weapon any color you please. Unfortunately, you can only view options for the type of weapon you currently have equipped, but you can make your weapon look like a different type than you have equipped. You can mix and match axes, maces, swords, and daggers or battle axes, mauls, and greatswords. You do not have this option for any of the woodworking weapons.

    For the main racial styles and Akaviri, Ancient Elf, Barbaric, Daedric, Dwarven, Outlaw, and Primal, you will see more then one version. These correspond to the different versions available at different material tiers. For the main racial styles, there are four versions.

    • Version 1 = Tier 1
    • Version 2 = Tier 2
    • Version 3 = Tier 3
    • Version 4 = Tiers 4-10

    For the exotic styles (except Ancient Elf) there are three versions.

    • Version 1 = Tiers 1 & 2
    • Version 2 = Tier 3
    • Version 3 = Tiers 4-10

    Ancient Elf only has two versions.

    • Version 1 = Tiers 1-3
    • Version 2 = Tiers 4-10

  • To add an item to your outfit, simply right click the desired item and choose “Equip.”

    To delete an item from your outfit, right click the item and choose “Clear.” You can also do this from the main editor by using the “Clear Slot” option, located at the top of the editor.

    Changing anything on the Outfit Designer requires you to apply the changes before exiting the editor. If you do not, a “Discard Changes” pop up will appear. Be careful! Do not apply any changes until you are completely satisfied because you will incur a charge.

  • You have the same dye colors available for outfits as for equippable armor and costumes. They have also added ten new colors to both outfits and no outfits. These are located in the “Mixed” section at the bottom and labeled Rank 1-10 Materials. While these have a color swatch assigned, they behave differently than all other dyes. These dye an item to the standard color for that material tier. For instance, if you have an Ancestor Silk robe and want it to look like a Spidersilk robe, you would apply Rank 4 Materials. Alternatively for an outfit, you could choose a Argonian 1 item and give it the Tier 10 colors. Keep in mind that applying this dye to all three slots will not give all three slots the same color since the standard color scheme is not three of the same colors. I am not certain which quality these dyes are based on, since quality does change the secondary and tertiary colors.

    NOTE: When you have dyes attached to a particular outfit, changing the items in the outfit will automatically apply the same dyes unless you change them.

  • You can see all changes as you make them in the preview. Unfortunately, they have not improved this compared to Collections. You are still subject to in-game lighting affecting the preview, a poor background (this time of the Outfit Station), and an inability to zoom.

  • Hide Helmet has been moved from Gameplay Settings. You now have two options for hiding your head piece depending on which apparel is visible.

    • Costume / Equipped Armor – Hide Your Helm in Collections under Hats
    • Outfit – Right click head piece or use the Hide Helmet option in the main editor at the top of the Head section.

  • The first Outfit is free. Choosing to Unlock a New Outfit takes you to the Crown Store where you can purchase one (up to 10) for 1,500 Crowns each. This only unlocks a slot for the current character. 

    . Equipping an armor item into your outfit costs anywhere from 50-2,000 gold per item depending on which styles you choose. Rarer styles cost more than common ones. Head, Chest, and Legs cost 2x Shoulders, Hands, Waist, and Feet.

    Two-hand weapons cost 3x the larger armor items cost. One-hand weapons are half the price of two-hand weapons. Dyeing an item also cost money for outfits (but not for equipped items and costumes). Armor = 50 gold per item, Weapons = 350 gold per weapon. It doesn’t matter how many dye slots you use, it costs the same per item. It costs 50 gold to remove each item from an outfit as well.

    The max cost for one entire dyed outfit is 16,750 gold.

    You can also purchase Outfit Tokens from the Crown Store for 400 Crowns that allow you to change any amount of options in your outfit for the cost of one token, eg changing one item = 1 Outfit Token, changing all items + dyeing = 1 Outfit Token. This is a replacement for the gold cost, not an addition to the gold cost. Save these for when you have a lot of changes to make since one small change costs the same as changing and dyeing every item.

    ItemArmor (Head, Chest, Legs)Armor (Shoulders, Hands, Waist, Feet)Weapon (One-Hand)Weapon (Two-Hand)
    Abah's Watch1,0005001,5003,000
    Ancient Elf250125375750
    Ancient Orc5002507501,500
    Assassins League5002507501,500
    Buoyant Armiger1,0005001,5003,000
    Dark Brotherhood5002507501,500
    Dark Elf10050150300
    Grim Harlequin5002507501,500
    High Elf10050150300
    Militant Ordinator1,0005001,5003,000
    Morag Tong*
    Order of the Hour5002507501,500
    Ra Gada1,0005001,5003,000
    Silken Ring1,0005001,5003,000
    Soul Shriven5002507501,500
    Thieves Guild5002507501,500
    Wood Elf10050150300
    Worm Cult2,0001,0003,0006,000
    * For individuals that were able to convert to this style by purchasing the Imperial Edition or Morrowind Collector's Edition, the cost is free.
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1 year ago

Hey there! Where did the pages go that list styles that resemble things like skirts, shorts, sandals, etc.? The pages I have bookmarked have paths such as /appearance_leg/skirt/ but all of those are giving me a 404 now. I do hope they aren’t gone for good, they were really useful!

Exiled Messenger
Exiled Messenger
1 year ago
Reply to  OCDCoder

I moved those ages ago to this site.

1 year ago

Oh that’s awesome! (It did take me a sec to realize that the fields open dropdowns.) Thank you so much! And yeah, I’m not sure where I got those links originally, it wasn’t from a link on your site. I think maybe a Google search for leg pieces that look like shorts?

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