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Guild Tabard

When a guild has 10 or more members, Guild Heraldry is unlocked for the Guild Leader. The Guild Leader may create a Guild Tabard for 5,000 gold that has been deposited to the Guild Bank. Each time the Guild Leader makes changes to the tabard, it costs up to another 5,000 gold from the Guild Bank (depending on how many portions of the tabard are changed). Guild Members may purchase the Guild Tabard from the Guild Store for 2,000 gold. This does not require the guild to have 50+ members. Guild tabards have their own slot, but cannot be seen while a character is wearing a costume.

There are two parts to a Guild Tabard: Background and Crest. The background is further broken up into Style, Primary Color, and Secondary Color while the Crest is further broken up into Style and Color.


There are 10 different styles for the tabard. Each style has several variations to choose from.


Chevron 01Chevron 02Chevron 03Chevron 04Chevron 05Chevron 06Chevron 07


Crest 01Crest 02Crest 03Crest 04Crest 05Crest 06


Fang 01Fang 02Fang 03Fang 04Fang 05Fang 06


Hilted 01Hilted 02Hilted 03Hilted 04Hilted 05Hilted 06


Nord 01Nord 02Nord 03Nord 04Nord 05Nord 06


Onion 01Onion 02Onion 03Onion 04Onion 05Onion 06


Pointed 01Pointed 02Pointed 03Pointed 04Pointed 05Pointed 06


Round 01Round 02Round 03Round 04Round 05Round 06


Sqaure 01Sqaure 02Sqaure 03Sqaure 04Sqaure 05Sqaure 06Sqaure 07


Toothed 01Toothed 02Toothed 03Toothed 04Toothed 05Toothed 06Toothed 07


There are 10 different categories with several variations per category for the crest. The crest is only visible on the front side of the tabard.


Alliance 01Alliance 02Alliance 03Alliance 04Alliance 05Alliance 06


Animals 01Animals 02Animals 03Animals 04Animals 05Animals 06Animals 07Animals 08Animals 09Animals 10Animals 11


Architecture 01Architecture 02Architecture 03Architecture 04Architecture 05Architecture 06Architecture 07Architecture 08Architecture 09Architecture 10Architecture 11Architecture 12


Daedra 01Daedra 02Daedra 03Daedra 04Daedra 05Daedra 06Daedra 07Daedra 08Daedra 09Daedra 10Daedra 11Daedra 12Daedra 13Daedra 14Daedra 15Daedra 16Daedra 17


Deco 01Deco 02Deco 03Deco 04Deco 05Deco 06Deco 07Deco 08Deco 09Deco 10Deco 11Deco 12Deco 13Deco 14


Deities 01Deities 02Deities 03Deities 04Deities 05Deities 06Deities 07Deities 08


Misc 01Misc 02Misc 03Misc 04Misc 05Misc 06Misc 07Misc 08Misc 09Misc 10Misc 11Misc 12Misc 13Misc 14Misc 15Misc 16Misc 17Misc 18


Race 01Race 02Race 03Race 04Race 05Race 06Race 07Race 08Race 09Race 10


Weapon 01Weapon 02Weapon 03Weapon 04Weapon 05Weapon 06Weapon 07Weapon 08Weapon 09Weapon 10Weapon 11Weapon 12Weapon 13Weapon 14

Daedric Alphabet

Daedric Alphabet 01Daedric Alphabet 02Daedric Alphabet 03Daedric Alphabet 04Daedric Alphabet 05Daedric Alphabet 06Daedric Alphabet 07Daedric Alphabet 08Daedric Alphabet 09Daedric Alphabet 10Daedric Alphabet 11Daedric Alphabet 12Daedric Alphabet 13Daedric Alphabet 14Daedric Alphabet 15Daedric Alphabet 16Daedric Alphabet 17Daedric Alphabet 18Daedric Alphabet 19Daedric Alphabet 20Daedric Alphabet 21Daedric Alphabet 22Daedric Alphabet 23Daedric Alphabet 24Daedric Alphabet 25Daedric Alphabet 26


Backgrounds have both a primary and secondary color, while Crests only have one color. The Guild Leader has a larger palette than the dye station to work from. Unfortunately, the dyes aren’t named.


Red 01Red 02Red 03Red 04Red 05Red 06Red 07Red 08Red 09Red 10Red 11Red 12Red 13Red 14Red 15Red 16Red 17Red 18Red 19Red 20Red 21Red 22Red 23Red 24Red 25Red 26Red 27Red 28Red 29Red 30Red 31Red 32Red 33Red 34Red 35Red 36Red 37Red 38Red 39Red 40Red 41Red 42


Yellow 01Yellow 02Yellow 03Yellow 04Yellow 05Yellow 06Yellow 07Yellow 08Yellow 09Yellow 10Yellow 11Yellow 12Yellow 13Yellow 14Yellow 15Yellow 16Yellow 17Yellow 18Yellow 19Yellow 20Yellow 21Yellow 22


Green 01Green 02Green 03Green 04Green 05Green 06Green 07Green 08Green 09Green 10Green 11Green 12Green 13Green 14Green 15Green 16Green 17Green 18Green 19Green 20Green 21Green 22Green 23Green 24Green 25Green 26Green 27Green 28Green 29Green 30Green 31Green 32Green 33Green 34Green 35Green 36Green 37Green 38Green 39Green 40Green 41Green 42Green 43Green 44Green 45


Blue 01Blue 02Blue 03Blue 04Blue 05Blue 06Blue 07Blue 08Blue 09Blue 10Blue 11Blue 12Blue 13Blue 14Blue 15Blue 16Blue 17Blue 18Blue 19Blue 20Blue 21Blue 22Blue 23Blue 24Blue 25Blue 26Blue 27Blue 28Blue 29Blue 30Blue 31Blue 32Blue 33Blue 34Blue 35Blue 36Blue 37Blue 38Blue 39Blue 40Blue 41Blue 42Blue 43Blue 44Blue 45Blue 46Blue 47Blue 48Blue 49Blue 50Blue 51Blue 52


Purple 01Purple 02Purple 03Purple 04Purple 05Purple 06Purple 07Purple 08Purple 09Purple 10Purple 11Purple 12Purple 13Purple 14Purple 15Purple 16Purple 17Purple 18Purple 19Purple 20Purple 21Purple 22Purple 23Purple 24Purple 25Purple 26Purple 27Purple 28Purple 29Purple 30Purple 31Purple 32Purple 33Purple 34Purple 35Purple 36Purple 37Purple 38Purple 39Purple 40


Brown 01Brown 02Brown 03Brown 04Brown 05Brown 06Brown 07Brown 08Brown 09Brown 10Brown 11Brown 12Brown 13Brown 14Brown 15Brown 16Brown 17Brown 18Brown 19Brown 20Brown 21Brown 22Brown 23Brown 24Brown 25Brown 26Brown 27Brown 28Brown 29


Gray 01Gray 02Gray 03Gray 04Gray 05Gray 06Gray 07Gray 08Gray 09Gray 10Gray 11Gray 12Gray 13Gray 14Gray 15Gray 16Gray 17Gray 18Gray 19Gray 20Gray 21Gray 22Gray 23Gray 24Gray 25Gray 26Gray 27Gray 28Gray 29Gray 30Gray 31Gray 32Gray 33Gray 34Gray 35Gray 36


Mixed 01Mixed 02

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