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Player Character Voices

/u/Argantaelle posted examples of all the Dunmer male voices on Reddit and /u/trowzerss suggested I should do videos of all the player character voices. I did some research and found a list of the actors for each voice ZOS_BeckyIchnoski posted back in October 2018.

You can view a playlist of all videos on YouTube or individual videos from this table (click on the A-H links). Each video has eight different actions: block, chop wood, fall, heavy attack, jump, light attack, mine ore, and prod horse. Breton and Imperial are identical and share videos (8 actions x 8 voices x 18 characters = 1,152 individual videos). NOTE: Each actor voices 1-3 player characters.

AltmerFemaleAJanellen Steininger
AltmerFemaleBOlivia d'Abo
AltmerFemaleCLiz Burnette
AltmerFemaleDCatherine Cavadini
AltmerFemaleEFleur Saville
AltmerFemaleFCindy Robinson
AltmerFemaleGMichelle Arthur
AltmerFemaleHPenrose Anderson
AltmerMaleAMichael Gough
AltmerMaleBJoseph Gatt
AltmerMaleCTroy Baker
AltmerMaleDHenry Hereford
AltmerMaleEEnn Reitel
AltmerMaleFTaliesin Jaffe
AltmerMaleGRobin Atkin Downes
AltmerMaleHDavid Shaughnessy
ArgonianFemaleAJocelyn Blue
ArgonianFemaleBEllen Dubin
ArgonianFemaleCJulianne Buescher
ArgonianFemaleDJulie Marcus
ArgonianFemaleESarah Tancer
ArgonianFemaleFDebra Wilson
ArgonianFemaleGRachel Robinson
ArgonianFemaleHLiz Burnette
ArgonianMaleAJason Spisak
ArgonianMaleBAlem Sapp
ArgonianMaleCTim Russ
ArgonianMaleDKeith Silverstein
ArgonianMaleERon Yuan
ArgonianMaleFMatthew Jay
ArgonianMaleGKeith Szarabajka
ArgonianMaleHFred Tatasciore
BosmerFemaleAMary Faber
BosmerFemaleBKath Soucie
BosmerFemaleCHelen Sadler
BosmerFemaleDMarcella Lentz-Pope
BosmerFemaleEArianna Ratner
BosmerFemaleFTara Strong
BosmerFemaleGApril Stewart
BosmerFemaleHKat Cressida
BosmerMaleAAndrew Pifko
BosmerMaleBHenry Hereford
BosmerMaleCRaphael Corkhill
BosmerMaleDGideon Emery
BosmerMaleEDesmond Askew
BosmerMaleFPeter Lavin
BosmerMaleGLiam O'Brien
BosmerMaleHJB Blanc
BretonFemaleATara Strong
BretonFemaleBKari Wahlgren
BretonFemaleCRebecca Riedy
BretonFemaleDCourtenay Taylor
BretonFemaleEJulianne Buescher
BretonFemaleFMary Faber
BretonFemaleGMarcella Lentz-Pope
BretonFemaleHSusanne Blakeslee
BretonMaleASteve Blum
BretonMaleBAndré Sogliuzzo
BretonMaleCJason Spisak
BretonMaleDLiam O'Brien
BretonMaleEJon Curry
BretonMaleFTroy Baker
BretonMaleGCrispin Freeman
BretonMaleHJim Cummings
DunmerFemaleAKath Soucie
DunmerFemaleBArianna Ratner
DunmerFemaleCCindy Robinson
DunmerFemaleDHelen Sadler
DunmerFemaleEMichelle Arthur
DunmerFemaleFFleur Saville
DunmerFemaleGOlivia d'Abo
DunmerFemaleHPenrose Anderson
DunmerMaleAJB Blanc
DunmerMaleBDavid Shaughnessy
DunmerMaleCJoseph Gatt
DunmerMaleDDesmond Askew
DunmerMaleEGideon Emery
DunmerMaleFRaphael Corkhill
DunmerMaleGPeter Lavin
DunmerMaleHEnn Reitel
KhajiitFemaleASharon Muthu
KhajiitFemaleBCourtenay Taylor
KhajiitFemaleCNecar Zadegan
KhajiitFemaleDSumalee Montano
KhajiitFemaleERebecca Riedy
KhajiitFemaleFTasia Valenza
KhajiitFemaleGAudrey Wasilewski
KhajiitFemaleHNancy Linari
KhajiitMaleAAndré Sogliuzzo
KhajiitMaleBTravis Willingham
KhajiitMaleCChristopher Smith
KhajiitMaleDJonathan Adams
KhajiitMaleEKeith Silverstein
KhajiitMaleFDave Fennoy
KhajiitMaleGAndrew Kishino
KhajiitMaleHNeil Kaplan
ImperialFemaleATara Strong
ImperialFemaleBKari Wahlgren
ImperialFemaleCRebecca Riedy
ImperialFemaleDCourtenay Taylor
ImperialFemaleEJulianne Buescher
ImperialFemaleFMary Faber
ImperialFemaleGMarcella Lentz-Pope
ImperialFemaleHSusanne Blakeslee
ImperialMaleASteve Blum
ImperialMaleBAndré Sogliuzzo
ImperialMaleCJason Spisak
ImperialMaleDLiam O'Brien
ImperialMaleEJon Curry
ImperialMaleFTroy Baker
ImperialMaleGCrispin Freeman
ImperialMaleHJim Cummings
NordFemaleAKari Wahlgren
NordFemaleBJeannie Elias
NordFemaleCJanellen Steininger
NordFemaleDErin Fitzgerald
NordFemaleEMaura Vincent
NordFemaleFAudrey Wasilewski
NordFemaleGCatherine Cavadini
NordFemaleHSusanne Blakeslee
NordMaleAJim Cummings
NordMaleBSteve Blum
NordMaleCMichael Benyaer
NordMaleDAndrew Pifko
NordMaleECrispin Freeman
NordMaleFRobin Atkin Downes
NordMaleGJon Curry
NordMaleHMichael Gough
OrcFemaleAJeannie Elias
OrcFemaleBJocelyn Blue
OrcFemaleCJulianne Grossman
OrcFemaleDApril Stewart
OrcFemaleEEllen Dubin
OrcFemaleFSarah Tancer
OrcFemaleGJulie Marcus
OrcFemaleHRachel Robinson
OrcMaleAFred Tatasciore
OrcMaleBDavid Sobolov
OrcMaleCRon Yuan
OrcMaleDAndrew Kishino
OrcMaleEMatthew Jay
OrcMaleFAlex Skuby
OrcMaleGTaliesin Jaffe
OrcMaleHKeith Szarabajka
RedguardFemaleAKat Cressida
RedguardFemaleBSharon Muthu
RedguardFemaleCDebra Wilson
RedguardFemaleDNecar Zadegan
RedguardFemaleENancy Linari
RedguardFemaleFMaura Vincent
RedguardFemaleGSumalee Montano
RedguardFemaleHTasia Valenza
RedguardMaleATravis Willingham
RedguardMaleBMichael Benyaer
RedguardMaleCNeil Kaplan
RedguardMaleDTim Russ
RedguardMaleEAlem Sapp
RedguardMaleFChristopher Smith
RedguardMaleGJonathan Adams
RedguardMaleHDave Fennoy


  • I used the same character for all videos, changing only the race, gender, or voice as needed
  • It took about 2 hours per character to do videos for all 8 voices
  • Had I done this on live instead of the PTS, it would have cost $987 to pay for all of the Appearance and Race Change Tokens at normal prices
  • Actions did not consistently produce sound, so on average it took 11-12 videos per voice to complete all 8 actions
  • This character harvested 588 dust, ore, and wood (560 Platinum Dust, 763 Rubedite Ore, and 1,097 Rough Ruby Ash) to produce the 36 harvesting videos
  • Altmer Female Voice D does not have a sound associated with Prod Horse
  • I don’t know what produces the green balls. Perhaps the armor or weapons? 5-piece Relenquen Perfect + 2-piece Velidreth + dual wield Berserking Warrior + two-hand Maelstrom
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