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Dyes (by Color)

Updated: 3.0.4 (15 May 17)

Alik’r DesertSentinelThe Scholar’s Way
AuridonVulkhel GuardThe Crystal Vial
Bal FoyenDhalmoraFit-For-Kings
BangkoraiEvermoreAcross street from Alchemy & Enchanting stations
BetnikhStonetooth FortressStonetooth Market
Bleakrock IsleBleakrock VillageTrading Hall
ColdharbourThe Hollow CityMixed Results
CraglornAtelier of the Twice-Born StarHidden crafting station
CraglornBelkarthThe Gem & Flask
CyrodiilAD, DC, EP BasesTel Var Stone Exchange
CyrodiilNorthern High Rock Gate
Southern Morrowind Gate
Western Elsweyr Gate
Chrionasium Chronicles
DeshaanMournholdHlaalu Alchemical Goods
EastmarchWindhelmThe Adept’s Retreat
GlenumbraDaggerfallDaggerfall Millworks
Gold CoastKvatchThe Crafter's Square
Gold CoastAnvilThe Dye Job next to Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics
GrahtwoodElden RootMain Hall
GreenshadeMarbrukMages Guild
Hew's BaneAbah's LandingSharper's Alley
Khenarthi’s RoostMistralAlchemist's Building
Malabal TorVelyn HarborMages Guild
Reaper’s MarchRawl’khaThe March Bazaar
RivenspireShornhelmBetween Stoneglow Enchantments & Untamed Elixirs
ShadowfenStormholdRiverside Markets
StonefallsEbonheartMage's Guild
StormhavenWayrestOutside Chironasium
Stros M’kaiPort HundingOpen Marketplace
The RiftRiftenLakeside Experiments
WrothgarOrsiniumPrismatic Pigments
  • Wonderfull! Thank you to have put this together! The colors are actually good. Of course, all will depend of players are using them héhé

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thanks. It took me 8.5 hours to do this and it’s nice to hear that someone is getting some use out of it.

      • Joseph Miceli

        I appreciate it immensely!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this. You rock!

  • Jeff Carnes

    This is very good work. 8.5 hours is definitely work. Nice job, much appreciated!!!

    • Exiled Messenger


  • Magdalina

    Wow…awesome job here! Thanks a ton=)

    • Exiled Messenger


  • Nick

    Nice job you did there, this is needed a lot!

    • Exiled Messenger


  • ‘Pom

    Most appreciated !
    ty for the job

  • Joe

    This dying system looks awesome- lot of colors that are easier to get but gives us achievement seekers something more to work toward as well.

  • Dagoth_RAC

    Great stuff! Glad to see there are a few other shades of black besides the Vampire one they talked about. I don’t want to be a vampire! 🙂

    Actually, it looks like there are nice shades of just about every color available in multiple ways. It is not like all the red dyes come from PvP and all the blue dyes come from exploring and all the green dyes come from crafting, etc. Whatever your style of play, you should be able to get a good mix of colors.

  • Dave Hofmann

    Does anybody know if the dies will unlock retroactively if we’ve already completed the required achievements?… Now we’re back to the really important decisions in life “Stendarr White” or “Moonstone White” 😉

    • Varus

      My best guess from my time in other games, the ones that are already tracked will unlock, but the ones that currently have no achievement you will need to do them again. For example, some of the crafting ones. Deconstruct 50 items – isn’t already tracked so even if you’ve done that you will need to do it to earn the new achievement.

      • Dave Hofmann

        makes sense, thx! 🙂

  • Pork Chop

    This is so nice! Thank you for spending your time making this! Its good to see the wide array of colors we can use. What I’m worried about is not being able to get certain colors in certain factions, such as the Silvenar Green from Malabal Tor. I would love to use that color in my Ebonheart character.

    • You should be able to if you decide to do veteran content, as a single character experiences veteran versions of all factions and zones after reaching veteran rank and completing the main quest.

  • ChelleTaylor

    And NOW maybe you can PAY to have whatever color you want!

    Money RULES in ZOS-land!

    I cannot believe they have sold out the game…but at least there may, and note I said MAY, be some up side to all this…though I’m still not holding my breath that they’ll do anything as player friendly as all that. Sigh…

  • Kendral

    The Contraband Violet dye from the Black Market Mogul is missing a description. The dye color looks really amazing and I want to know how to get it. By the achievement’s name it suggests that it might be from the Legerdemain achievements but I can’t find the achievement anywhere.

    • Exiled Messenger

      The Achievement comes up with a UI error in-game, so I can’t add that information until it is fixed.

      • Eyil

        It’s part of a multi-tier achievement, which might be why it comes up with a UI error. Black Market Mogul is earned by earning 1,000,000 gold by selling stolen items to a fence.

  • Lord Maron

    Are there colors that “force” a texture onto things? For instance, things that will be reflective like metal when applied to cloth? Things that will make metal matte when applied to heavy armor?

    If so, it might be neat to add another category to the list above to denote which colors are “normal”, and which are “metalic”, “satin”, “matte”, etc.

    I have a rather small selection of dyes, but I have noticed some seem to act differently in the way they reflect light. I’d like to work toward a metallic color that would still shine on robe trim, for instance, and given the looks I’ve seen other players running around with there does seem to be some forced-metal-texture dyes out there. If this is the case, texture would be a great addition to the list.

    • Exiled Messenger

      I don’t have access to all the dyes, so there is no way I could provide that information. You can look on this page to see how many of the dyes look on different types of armor.

    • Mary Rikka

      The shade of blue you get when you complete all the mage’s guild quests is shiny, like satin.

  • Ether

    Thanks a ton! This is going to be really helpful!

    Although I might feel a little awkward wearing blue on my Pact character in Pvp…

  • William Hucke

    Anyone know which one of these looks like a shiny silver by any chance? Other than that, GREAT JOB MAN!

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