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Dyes (by Achievement)

Updated: 5.0 (16 Apr 19)

Dye Station Locations
Alik’r DesertSentinelThe Scholar’s Way
AuridonVulkhel GuardThe Crystal Vial
Bal FoyenDhalmoraFit-For-Kings
BangkoraiEvermoreAcross street from Alchemy & Enchanting stations
BetnikhStonetooth FortressStonetooth Market
Bleakrock IsleBleakrock VillageTrading Hall
ColdharbourThe Hollow CityMixed Results
CraglornAtelier of the Twice-Born StarHidden crafting station
CraglornBelkarthThe Gem & Flask
CyrodiilAD, DC, EP BasesTel Var Stone Exchange
CyrodiilNorthern High Rock Gate
Southern Morrowind Gate
Western Elsweyr Gate
Chrionasium Chronicles
DeshaanMournholdHlaalu Alchemical Goods
EastmarchWindhelmThe Adept’s Retreat
GlenumbraDaggerfallDaggerfall Millworks
Gold CoastKvatchThe Crafter's Square
Gold CoastAnvilThe Dye Job next to Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics
GrahtwoodElden RootMain Hall
GreenshadeMarbrukMages Guild
Hew's BaneAbah's LandingSharper's Alley
Khenarthi’s RoostMistralAlchemist's Building
Malabal TorVelyn HarborMages Guild
Reaper’s MarchRawl’khaThe March Bazaar
RivenspireShornhelmBetween Stoneglow Enchantments & Untamed Elixirs
ShadowfenStormholdRiverside Markets
StonefallsEbonheartMage's Guild
StormhavenWayrestOutside Chironasium
Stros M’kaiPort HundingOpen Marketplace
SummersetAlinorCrafting Area
The RiftRiftenLakeside Experiments
VvardenfellVivec CityCrafting Area
WrothgarOrsiniumPrismatic Pigments


  1. Sylvarris
    12 July 2014 @ 2338

    Thanks, this is helpful


    • Exiled Messenger
      13 July 2014 @ 0651

      You’re welcome.


  2. Traigus
    13 July 2014 @ 0845

    Harvesting ones are the substeps i the “harvest XXX number of items” achievement. Adventurer is the same for the “do xxx quests” master harvester is 10,000 items. iast Adventurer is 1500 quests

    These are the ones that give you like 5 AP for harvesting 10, the another 5 for harvesting 100, then 5 for 1000 etc. If you hover over them they have multiple boxes that light up as you do more of whatever. I assume deconstructor is a new one for deconstructing.

    There is not one for the multi-stage opening chest chest achievement (oddly)

    the soulshard purple, soulshriven grey and couldharbor black (maybe red diamond red as a stage 1)… look themed as a soulshard filling one perhaps?


  3. Lurok
    30 July 2014 @ 2348

    Are unlocked dyes account-wide or per character?


    • Lurok
      30 July 2014 @ 2350

      Brilliant job by the way with this. Would it be possible to have another column or extra description with the rare dyes to describe any sheen effects?


    • Varus
      13 August 2014 @ 1325

      Account wide


  4. Woogawoman
    12 August 2014 @ 0952

    Excellent job. A couple of tweaks:

    I believe Explorer Green is actually for the Quests/Explorer achievement – complete 100 quests. You have Raw Hide Tan listed twice, and Grand Overlord’s Violet seems extra.


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