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ESO Fashion

Dyes (by Achievement)

Updated: 7.1 (23 Jul 21)

Dye Station Locations

Alik’r DesertSentinelThe Scholar’s Way
AuridonVulkhel GuardThe Crystal Vial
Bal FoyenDhalmoraFit-For-Kings
BangkoraiEvermoreAcross street from Alchemy & Enchanting stations
BetnikhStonetooth FortressStonetooth Market
Bleakrock IsleBleakrock VillageTrading Hall
ColdharbourThe Hollow CityMixed Results
CraglornAtelier of the Twice-Born StarHidden crafting station
CraglornBelkarthThe Gem & Flask
CyrodiilAD, DC, EP BasesTel Var Stone Exchange
CyrodiilNorthern High Rock Gate
Southern Morrowind Gate
Western Elsweyr Gate
Chrionasium Chronicles
DeshaanMournholdHlaalu Alchemical Goods
EastmarchWindhelmThe Adept’s Retreat
GlenumbraDaggerfallDaggerfall Millworks
Gold CoastKvatchThe Crafter's Square
Gold CoastAnvilThe Dye Job next to Coastal Clothiers and Fabrics
GrahtwoodElden RootMain Hall
GreenshadeMarbrukMages Guild
Hew's BaneAbah's LandingSharper's Alley
Khenarthi’s RoostMistralAlchemist's Building
Malabal TorVelyn HarborMages Guild
Reaper’s MarchRawl’khaThe March Bazaar
RivenspireShornhelmBetween Stoneglow Enchantments & Untamed Elixirs
ShadowfenStormholdRiverside Markets
StonefallsEbonheartMage's Guild
StormhavenWayrestOutside Chironasium
Stros M’kaiPort HundingOpen Marketplace
SummersetAlinorCrafting Area
The RiftRiftenLakeside Experiments
VvardenfellVivec CityCrafting Area
WrothgarOrsiniumPrismatic Pigments



Novice TanLevel 10 HeroReach Level 10.Common
Apprentice BlueLevel 20 HeroReach Level 20.Common
Adept PurpleLevel 30 HeroReach Level 30.Common
Expert GrayLevel 40 HeroReach Level 40.Common
Master GoldLevel 50 HeroReach Level 50.Common
Ransacker BlueSuperior RansackerLoot a Superior quality item.Uncommon
Superior BlueSuperior AttireWear a full set of Superior gear.Rare
Pillager PurpleEpic AcquirerLoot an Epic quality item.Uncommon
Epic VioletEpic AttireWear a full set of Epic gear.Rare
Legendary GoldLegendary AttireWear a full set of Legendary gear.Rare
Boethiah GrayDaedra SlayerKill Daedric creatures from Oblivion. 500 x Bestial, 500 x Humanoid, 200 x Flame Atronachs, 100 x Storm Atronachs, 100 x Frost Atronachs, 200 x Flesh AtronachsCommon
Automaton BronzeDwarven Construct SlayerKill 1,000 Dwarven mechanical constructs.Common
Bandit BrownHumanoid SlayerKill 1000 x humanoids, 500 x Goblin-kin, and 100 x giant-kin.Common
Hunter GreenNature SlayerKill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond. 500 x Beasts, 500 x Insect-like Creatures, 500 x Lizard-like Creatures, 200 Plant-like Creatures, 100 Water-based Creatures, 500 x Chitinous Creatures, 50 x NetchesCommon
Mort Flesh WhiteUndead SlayerKill 1000 x skeletons, 1000 x zombies, 1000 ghosts and spirits, and 500 vampires.Common
Stendarr WhiteMaster Monster SlayerComplete all of the Slayer Achievements. Humanoid, Daedra, Dwarven, Nature, UndeadUncommon
Wolf’s Fur BrownLycanthropyBecome a WerewolfCommon
Noxophilic BlackVampirismBecome a Vampire.Common
Syffim RedFighters Guild Skill MasterReach the max level of the Fighters Guild Skill LineRare
Lycanthrope GrayLycanthropy MasterReach the max level of the Werewolf Skill Line.Rare
Arcane BlueMages Guild Skill MasterReach the max level of the Mages Guild Skill Line.Rare
Undaunted BronzeUndaunted Skill MasteReach the max level of the Undaunted Skill Line.Rare
Lamae’s WhiteVampirism MasterReach the max level of the Vampire Skill Line.Rare
Adamantine SilverDragonstar Arena ConquerorConquer all challengers on the increased difficulty version of Dragonstar ArenaRare


Mages Guild BlueStudent of the Mages GuildJoin the Mages GuildCommon
Fighters Guild RedAssociate of the Fighters GuildJoin the Fighters GuildCommon
Eyevea BlueArch-MageComplete the Mages Guild series of quests. Long Lost Lore, Simply Misplaced, Circus of Cheerful Slaughter, Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent, The Mad God’s BargainUncommon
Champion RedFighters Guild VeteranComplete the Fighters Guild series of quests. Anchors from the Harbour , The Dangerous Past , The Prismatic Core

Proving the Deed , Will of the Council
Dried Blood BrownRecruit of the UndauntedJoin the UndauntedCommon


Starlight GoldDawn of a ChampionSpend your first Champion Point.Uncommon


Shadowfoot GrayFelonious RecompensePay a total of 100,000 gold to the Fence OR to the Tamriel Guards to clear your criminal record.Uncommon
Forest Footpad GreenSneak Thief ExtraordinaireSuccessfully pickpocket one thousand citizens of Tamriel.Uncommon


Aetherial BlueTamriel Skyshard HunterFind all the Skyshards located throughout Tamriel.Rare


Elemental WhiteAtronach Element CollectorCollect souvenirs from all types of atronachs. Smoldering Ember Heart, Fleshy Symbiont, Everfrost, Crackling LodestoneCommon
Mudcrab MaroonChitin AccumulatorCollect souvenirs from all chitinous creatures of Tamriel. Petrified Spider Egg , Calcified Cuttle, Razor-Edged Mandible, Luminous Blood Sac, Polished Shell Shard, Prized Barb, Multifaceted Eye, Gossamer WingletCommon
Faded Dwemer Scholar RedDwarven Secrets GathererCollect souvenirs from Dwemer constructs. Perfectly Balanced Gyro

Whirring Dynamo
Trolls Fur BrownMonstrous Component CollectorCollect souvenirs from all the monstrous creatures of Tamriel. Werewolf’s Cameo, Nose Shackle, Troll Skull, Ogre Toe Ring, Stony Heart, Second Skin, Flawless Tail FeatherCommon
Spriggan GreenNature CollectorCollect souvenirs from nature spirits and natural creatures from across Tamriel. Primal Sproutling, Lashing Tentacle, Brass Anklets, Imp’s Effigy, Icebound Vertebra, Knotted Heart, Glowing RemnantCommon
Oblivion VermilionOblivion Shard GathererCollect souvenirs from all types of slain Daedra. Banekin Horn , Daderic Dewclaw , Burning Daedroth Eye , Blighted Iron Collar , Spider’s CrownCommon
Beast Collector VioletTamriel Beast CollectorCollect souvenirs from all the beasts of Tamriel. Shimmering Alit Bezoar, Magnificent Bat Pelt, Gnarled Bear Claw, Wolf’s Tooth Necklace, Cat’s Claw, Inert Egg, Malformed Kagouti Tusk, Huge Mammoth’s Tooth, Buzzing Spine, Bile Gilt, Cruel Collar, Scaly Durzog HideCommon
Gangrene GreenUndead HowlerCollect souvenirs from all the undead of Tamriel. Hand of Glory, Chattering Skull, Wraith Shackle, Tomb Urn, Twitching Draugr Hand, Ectoplasmic DischargeCommon

Player vs Player


Dragonknight’s BloodDragonknight SlayerKill 10 enemy Dragonknights.Common
Sorcerers’-Bane VioletSorcerer SlayerKill 10 enemy Sorcerers.Common
Templar’s Last DawnTemplar SlayerKill 10 enemy Templars.Common
Nightblade’s IndigoNightblade SlayerKill 10 enemy Nightblades.Common
Heartlands UmberSupport the FightSupport your Alliances cause and help capture a resource (farm, lumbermill, or mine), and Keep in Cyrodiil. Capture a Resource, Capture a KeepCommon
Spectral BlueNecromancer SlayerKill 10 enemy NecromancersCommon

Alliance War

Ruby Throne RedEmperor!Congratulations! Your leadership has enabled your alliance to dominate Cyrodiil. In recognition of this achievement, you have been crowned Emperor. Long may you reign!Rare
Volunteer’s IronAlliance War VolunteerEarn your first rank in the Alliance War.Common
Legionary’s LeadAlliance War LegionaryEarn the rank of Legionary in the Alliance War.Common
Corporal’s GreenAlliance War CorporalEarn the rank of Corporal in the Alliance War.Common
Sergeant’s CharcoalAlliance War SergeantEarn the rank of Sergeant in the Alliance War.Common
Captain’s VioletAlliance War CaptainEarn the rank of Captain in the Alliance War.Common
Centurion MetalAlliance War CenturionEarn the rank of Centurion in the Alliance War.Common
Tribune’s SteelAlliance War TribuneEarn the rank of Tribune in the Alliance War.Uncommon
Prefect’s GrayAlliance War PrefectEarn the rank of Prefect in the Alliance War.Uncommon
Palatine’s WhiteAlliance War PalatineEarn the rank of Palatine in the Alliance War.Rare
Legate’s BlackAlliance War LegateEarn the rank of Legate in the Alliance War.Rare
General’s GoldAlliance War GeneralEarn the rank of General in the Alliance War.Rare
Warlord’s RedAlliance War WarlordEarn the rank of Warlord in the Alliance War.Rare
Overlord’s PurpleAlliance War OverlordEarn the rank of Overlord in the Alliance War.Rare
Grand Overlord’s BrassAlliance War Grand OverlordEarn the rank of Grand Overlord in the Alliance War.Rare
Regicide RedEmperor SlayerDefeat an Emperor from any campaign in the Alliance War.Uncommon
Murder MahoganyKill a Grand OverlordKill an enemy with the rank of Grand Overlord in the Alliance War.Uncommon


Pit Daemon's PoisonNewblood Relic HunteSeize your first Relic in BattlegroundsUncommon
Stormlord's LightningNewblood Standard-BearerSeize your first Capture Point in BattlegroundsUncommon
Firedrake's FlamePit BullyDefeat 10 opponents in BattlegroundsUncommon



Woodsman GreenCertified Jack-of-All-TradesBecome certified in every crafting profession.Common
Dragonthorn YellowApprentice Crafting HarvesterHarvest any crafting material 10 times.Common
Hyacinth PinkJourneyman Crafting HarvesterHarvest any crafting material 50 times.Common
Jute GreenExpert Crafting HarvesterHarvest any crafting material 100 times.Common
Raw Hide TanMaster Crafting HarvesterHarvest any crafting material 1000 times.
Kresh Flower RedGrand Master Crafting HarvesterHarvest any crafting material 10,000 times.Uncommon
Bugloss BlueApprentice of RefinementRefine 30 raw materialsCommon
Birch WhiteExpert of RefinementRefine 300 raw materialsCommon
Polished Steel GrayMaster of RefinementRefine 3000 raw materialsUncommon
Forge Ember RedApprentice DeconstructorDeconstruct 50 items.Common
Obsidian BlackExpert DeconstructorDeconstruct 100 items.Common
Craftmaster GoldMaster DeconstructorDeconstruct 1000 items.Uncommon
Book Cover BrownRacial Style LearnedLearn any Racial Style. Breton, Redguard, Orc, Dark Elf, Nord, Argonian, High Elf, Wood Elf, Khajiit, Ancient Elf, Imperial, Reach, Primitive, DaedricCommon
Motif Pattern BlueAlliance Style MasterLearn all Alliance Racial Styles. Breton, Redguard, Orc, Dark Elf, Nord, Argonian, High Elf, Wood Elf, KhajiitCommon
Motif Master BrownRare Style MasterLearn all Rare Racial Styles. Ancient Elf, Imperial, Reach, Primitive, DaedricRare
Dwarven BrassDwemer Style MasterCollect and learn from every Dwemer Style book.Rare
Amethyst VioletLearn a TraitResearch a Trait for any weapon or armor type.Common
Moonstone WhiteTrait MasterResearch every available Trait at least once.Uncommon
Nirncrux RedNirnhoned TraitResearch the Nirnhoned Trait for any weapon or armor type.Rare
Entoloma BlueTruly Legendary ArmorApply a player-created Legendary Enchantment to a player-created Legendary armor piece.Rare
Rank 1 MaterialsRank 1 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Iron, Rawhide, Jute, or Maple equipment.Material
Rank 2 MaterialsRank 2 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Steel, Flax, Hide, or Oak equipment.Material
Rank 3 MaterialsRank 3 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Orichalcum, Cotton, Leather, or Beech equipment.Material
Rank 4 MaterialsRank 4 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Dwarven, Spidersilk, Thick Leather, or Hickory equipment.Material
Rank 5 MaterialsRank 5 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Ebony, Ebonthread, Fell Hide, or Yew equipment.Material
Rank 6 MaterialsRank 6 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Calcinium, Kresh, Topgrain, or Birch equipment.Material
Rank 7 MaterialsRank 7 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Galatite, Ironthread, Iron Hide, or Ash equipment.Material
Rank 8 MaterialsRank 8 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Quicksilver, Silverweave, Superb Hide, or Mahogany equipment.Material
Rank 9 MaterialsRank 9 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Voidstone, Void Cloth, Shadowhide, or Nightwood equipment.Material
Rank 10 MaterialsRank 10 Deconstruction Analyst AchievementDeconstruct a piece of Rubedite, Ancestor Silk, Rubedo Leather, or Ruby Ash equipment.Material


Alchemist BiliousMaster AlchemistAttain an Alchemy rank of 50.Uncommon
Nirnroot GrayBotanistLearn every Alchemy plant Trait. Blessed Thistle, Bugloss, Columbine, Corn Flower, Dragonthron, Emetic Russula, Entoloma, Imp Stool, Lady’s Smock, Luminous Russula, Mountain Flower, Namira’s Root, Nirnroot, Stinkhorn, Violet Coprinus, Water Hyacinth, White Cap, WormwoodRare
Viridian VenomToxicologistLearn every trait for each of the Alchemy reagents listed below.
- Torchbug Thoraz, Beetle Scuttle, Spider Egg, Butterfly Wing, Fleshfly Larva, Scrib Jelly, Nightshade, Mudcrab Chitin


Smith Steel BlueMaster BlacksmithAttain a Blacksmith rank of 50.Uncommon
Earthforge Iron GrayLegendary BlacksmithImprove Blacksmithing items to all available Qualities. Fine, Superior, Epic, LegendaryUncommon


Clothier PurpleMaster ClothierAttain a Clothier rank of 50.Uncommon
Ironweed VioletLegendary ClothierImprove Clothier Items to all available Qualities. Fine, Superior, Epic, LegendaryUncommon


Enchanter TangerineMaster EnchanterAttain an Enchanting rank of 50.Uncommon
Aspect RedAspectTranslate all of the Aspect runes. Standard, Fine, Superior, Artifact, LegendaryCommon
Essence GreenEssenceTranslate all of the Essence runes. Health, Magicka, Stamina, Health Regeneration, Magicks Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration, Poison, Fire, Frost, Shock, Disease, Armor, Power, Alchemist, Physical, Spell Damage, ShieldCommon
Potency BluePotencyTranslate all of the Potency runes. Positive Potency, Negative PotencyCommon


Provisioner BrownMaster ProvisionerAttain a Provisioning rank of 50.Uncommon
Battaglir GreenRecipe CardLearn 10 Provisioning Recipes.Common
Shein VioletRecipe BookLearn 50 Provisioning Recipes.Common
Recipe Reaper RedRecipe CompendiumLearn 100 Provisioning Recipes.Uncommon
Brewer’s Ale BrownIron ChefMake a Renown and a Epic Food or Drink. Complete a Renowned Provisioner, Complete Epic ProvisionerUncommon


Woodworker YellowMaster WoodworkerAttain a Woodworking tank of 50.Uncommon
Mastic YellowLegendary WoodworkerImprove Woodworking items to all available Qualities. Fine , Superior , Epic , LegendaryUncommon

Jewelry Crafting

Divine GoldLegendary Jewelry CrafterImprove Jewelry Crafting items to all available QualitiesRare
Antique SilverMaster Jewelry CrafterAttain a Jewelry Crafting rank of 50Uncommon



Boss Butcher BrownDungeon LordDefeat 1000 named enemies in Dungeons.Common
Dungeon Victor TurquoiseDungeon AnnihilatorDefeat 10,000 enemies in Dungeons.Common
Tombstone GrayDungeon Damage DispenserDeal 10,000,000 points of damage in Dungeons.Common
Restorative GoldGreater Dungeon HealerHeal 10,000,000 points of damage to allied in Dungeons.Common
Guardian BlueGreater Dungeon BlockerBlock 10,000,000 points of damage in Dungeons.Common


Warrior’s SteelHel Ra Citadel CompletedYou defeated the Warrior Celestial, freeing him from the Serpent’s control.Rare
Dragonstar RedTime Trial: Hel Ra CitadelCompleted the Hel Ra Citadel within a specified time limit.Rare
Julianos WhiteAetherian Archive CompletedYou defeated the Mage Celestial, freeing her from the Serpent’s control.Rare
Aurora GreenTime Trial: Aetherian ArchiveCompleted the Aetherian Archive within 33 minutes.Rare
Ophidian JadeSanctum OphidiaYou defeated the Serpent Celestial.Rare
Scaled Court BrownTime Trial: Sanctum OphidiaCompleted the Sanctum Ophidia within a time limit of 33 minutes.Rare
Mundus BlueWeekly Trial CompleteCompleted a Weekly TrialRare
Celestial VioletTime Trial: WeeklyCompleted a Weekly Trial within 33 minutes.Rare

Public Dungeons

Dominion Conqueror YellowAldmeri Dominion ConquerorDefeat all of the Public Dungeon champions in the Aldmeri Dominion. Crimson Cove, Root Sunder, Rulanyil’s Fall, The Vile Manse, Toothmaul GullyUncommon
Covenant Conqueror BlueDaggerfall Covenant ConquerorDefeat all of the Public Dungeon champions in the Daggerfall Covenant. Bad Man’s Hallows, Bonesnap Ruins, Lost City of Na-Totombu, Obsidian Scar, Razak’s WheelUncommon
Pact Conqueror RedEbonheart Pact ConquerorDefeat all of the Public Dungeon champions in the Ebonheart Pact. Crow’s Wood , Forgotten Crypts , Hall of the Dead , Lion’s Den , Sanguine’s DemesneUncommon

Group Dungeons

Covenant Vanquisher VioletVanquisher of the CovenantDefeat all the bosses throughout the Group Dungeons in the Daggerfall Covenant. Blackheart Haven, Crypt of Hearts, Spindleclutch, Volenfell, Wayrest SewersUncommon
Dominion Vanquisher GreenVanquisher of the DominionDefeat all the bosses throughout the Group Dungeons in the Aldmeri Dominion. Banished Cells, City of Ash, Elden Hollow, Selene’s Web, Tempest IslandUncommon
Pact Vanquisher BrownVanquisher of the PactDefeat all the bosses throughout the Group Dungeons in the Ebonheart Pact. Arx Corinium, Blessed Crucible, Darkshade Caverns, Direforst Keep, Fungal GrottoUncommon

Veteran Dungeons


Deceit OrangeEasy as PieExplore the culinary traditions of the Dremora.Uncommon
Sigil OrangeVeteran City of AshComplete Veteran City of Ash by defeating Horvantud the Fire Maw, the Ash Titan, and Valkyn Skoria.Rare

Death Challenges

Voidstone VioletComplete All Death ChallengesComplete the listed Death Challenges. Closing the Book, Compassionate Hero, Cursed Hero, Deadly Crypt Survivor, Deadly Engineer, Fearless Assaulter, Pellingare Ghoul Slayer, The Blade’s EdgeRare

Speed Challenges

Akatosh’s Scales GoldComplete All Speed ChallengesComplete the listed Speed Challenges. Veteran Elden Hollow Assassin, Veteran Crypt of Hearts Assassin, Veteran Darkshade Assassin, Veteran Banished Cells Assassin, Veteran Wayrest Sewers Assassin, Veteran Fungal Grotto Assassin, Veteran Spindleclutch AssassinRare



Explorer GreenTamriel Master Cave DelverComplete every cave exploration achievement in Tamriel. Dominion Cave Delver, Covenant Cave Delver, Pact Cave Delver, Cyrodiil Cave DelverCommon
Liar’s LinenI Like M’aiqTrack the movements of M’aiq the Liar across Tamriel and beyond.Rare

Aldmeri Dominion

Ayleid GoldAldmeri Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all caves and locales throughout the Aldmeri Dominion territory. Khenarthi Explorer, Grahtwood Master Explorer, Greenshade Master Explorer, Malabal Tor Master Explorer, Reaper’s Marsh Master ExplorerRare
Maormer-Eyes GrayAuridon Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Auridon. Auridon Cave Delver, Auridon PathfinderUncommon
Graht-Bark BrownGrahtwood Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Grahtwood. Grahtwood Cave Delver, Grahtwood PathfinderUncommon
Dibella’s BlushGreenshade Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Greenshade. Greenshade Cave Delver, Greenshade PathfinderUncommon
Silvenar GreenMalabal Tor Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Malabal Tor. Malabal Tor Cave Delver, Malabal Tor PathfinderUncommon
Jode RedReaper’s Marsh Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Reaper’s Marsh.

Reaper’s Marsh Cave Delver

Reaper’s Marsh Pathfinder
Khenarthi RedKhenarthi’s Roost PathfinderDiscover all of the striking locales on Khenarthi’s Roost. Bolga’s Hunting Camp , Temple of the Crescent Moon , Temple of the Two-Moon Dance , Temple of the Dark Moon , Rid-Thar’s SolaceUncommon

Daggerfall Covenant

Orichalc GreenDaggerfall Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all caves and locales throughout the Daggerfall Covenant territory. Stros M’kai and Betnikh Explorer, Glenumbra Master Explorer, Stormhaven Master Explorer, Rivenspire Master Explorer, Alik’r Desert Master Explorer, Bangkorai Master ExplorerRare
Hunding GoldStros M’kai and Betnikh ExplorerDiscover all of the striking localed on Stros M’kai and Betnikh. Stros M’kai Pathfinder, Betnikh PathfinderUncommon
Vine GreenGlenumbra Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Glenmumbra. Gelnumbra Cave Delver, Glenumbra PathfinderUncommon
Flame-Knight Light RedStormhaven Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Stormhaven.

Stormhaven Cave Delver

Stormhaven Pathfinder
Haunted Moor MauveRivenspire Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Rivenspire. Rivenspire Cave Delver, Rivenspire PathfinderUncommon
Ash’abah Hood GrayAlik’r Desert Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in the Alik’r Desert. Alik’r Cave Delver, Alik’r PathfinderUncommon
Wisp BlueBangkorai Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking localed in Bangkorai. Bangkorai Cave Delver, Bangkorai PathfinderUncommon

Ebonheart Pact

Atmoran BronzeEbonheart Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all caves and locales throughout the Ebonheart Pact Territory. Bleackrock and Bal Foyen Explorer, Stonefalls Master Explorer, Deshaan Master Explorer, Shadowfen Master Explorer, Eastmarch Master Explorer, The Rift Master ExplorerRare
Netch Jelly BlueBleakrock and Bal Foyen ExplorerDiscover all of the striking locales on Bleakrock and Bal Foyen, Bleakrock Pathfinder, Bal Foyen PathfinderUncommon
Telvanni BrownStonefalls Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Stonefalls. Stonefalls Cave Delver, Stonefalls PathfinderUncommon
Indoril BlueDeshaan Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Deshaan. Deshaan Cave Delver, Deshaan PathfinderUncommon
Strangler Maw RedShadowfen Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Shadowfen.

Shadowfen Cave Delver

Shadowfen Pathfinder
Sulfur Pools YellowEastmarch Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Eastmarch. Eastmarch Cave Devler, Eastmarch PathfinderUncommon
Mammoth Fur BrownThe Rift Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in The Rift. The Rift Delver, The Rift PathfinderUncommon


Soul Shriven PaleColdharbour Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all six caves and striking locales in Coldharbour. Coldharbour Cave Delver, Coldharbour PathfinderUncommon


Craglorn CrimsonCraglorn Master ExplorerDiscover and clear all caves and locales throughout Craglorn.

Lower Craglorn Cave Delver

Lower Craglorn Pathfinder


Colovian Deep BrownCyrodiil Cave ExplorerExplore and clear all 18 caves in Cyrodiil. Bloodmayne, Breakneck, Haynote, Nisin, Pothole, Serpent Hollow, Capstone, Echo, Lipsand Tam, Red Ruby, Toadstool, Underpall, Cracked Wood, Kingscrest, Muck Valley, Newt Cave, Quickwater, VahtacenUncommon

Dark Anchors

Daedric RedGeneral ExecutionerDestroy all of Molag Bal’s generals that appear at the Dark Anchors. Torturers, Ogrim Brothers, Dremora Pirate, Traveling Dremora, Dardroth of Kora-Dur, Ever-Open Eye, Daedroth General, Devourer of Souls, Frost Lord, Storm Lord, Xivilai Slavenmasters, Seductive Sisters, Verkath Vampire, Crescent Dremora, Lich of the Mournhold, Son of Molag BalRare
Dolmen Deep BlueAnchor DestroyerDestroy 10 Dark Anchors from Coldharbour.Common
Nightshade PurpleChainbreakerRelease the Dark Anchor pinions (100x) to send the chains back to Coldharbour.Uncommon


Slaughterfish Flesh PinkMaster FisherComplete all fishing achievements. Covenant Fisherman, Pact Fisherman, Dominion Fisherman, Cyrodiil Angler, Coldharbour Angler, Stros M’kai Angler, Khenarthi’s Roost Angler, Bleackrock AnglerRare
Covenant Fisher BlueCovenant FishermanComplete all Daggerfall Covenant fishing achievements. Glenumbra Angler, Stormhaven Angler, Rivenspire Angler, Alik’r Desert Angler, Bangkorai AnglerUncommon
Dominion Fisher YellowDominion FishermanComplete all Aldmeri Dominion fishing achievements. Auridon Angler, Grahtwood Angler, Greenshade Angler, Malabol Tor Angler, Reaper’s Marsh AnglerUncommon
Pact Fisher RedPact FishermanComplete all Ebonheart Pact fishing achievements. Stonefalls Angler , Deshaan Angler , Shadowfen Angler , Eastmarch Angler, Rift AnglerUncommon
Nibenay Trout GreenCyrodiil AnglerCatch all 12 rare fish in Cyrodiil. Sewer Eel, Runmare Bream, Nibenay Trout, Topal Fanche, Tainbow Fish, Yellow Perch, Glassfish, Pirate Perch, Quillfish, Pufferfish, Emperor Angelfish, Jewel FishUncommon
Yokudan Cod TanCraglorn AnglerCatch all 12 rare fish in Craglorn. Glasshead Barreleye, Crag Salmon, Forlorn Catfish, Ghost Knifefish, Nirn Flounder, Spiny Orcfish, Yokudan Cod, Nedic Eel, Dragon Goby, Croaker, Bitterling, MermouthCommon



Dominion YellowHero of the Aldmeri DominionComplete the Aldmeri Dominion quest achievements. Auridon Adventurer, Grahtwood Adventurer, Greenshade Adventurer, Malabal Tor Adventurer, Reaper’s Marsh AdventurerRare
Cyrodilic SteelCyrodiil ChampionComplete all quest achievements in Cyrodiil. Bruma Adventurer, Cheydinhal Adventurer, Chorrol Adventurer, Cropsford Adventurer, Vlastarus AdventurerRare
Quester YellowQuesterComplete 50 quests.Common
Adventurer BrownAdventurerComplete 500 quests.Uncommon
Master Adventurer PurpleMaster AdventurerComplete 1000 quests.Uncommon
Indomitable VioletIndomitable AdventurerComplete 1500 quests.Rare

Main Quest

Soul Shriven GraySoul Shriven in ColdharbourComplete Main Quest Chapter 1Common
Soul Gem PurpleChasing ShadowsComplete Main Quest Chapter 2.5Common
Red Diamond RedThe Valley of BladesComplete Main Quest Chapter 4.5Uncommon
Coldharbour Ash BlackThe God of SchemesComplete Main Quest Chapter 6Rare

Aldmeri Dominion

Varla WhiteA Rule UnquestionedYou defeated a hidden threat to the Dominion in Auridon. Help Razum-dar defeat the Veiled Heritance at Skywatch. Help the Queen uphold High Elf traditions. Save Firsthold from the Veiled Queen.Uncommon
Thalmor BlackIconoclastYou thwarted perilous Daedric schemes in Grahtwood. Save Southpoint from madness. Uncover the secrets buried in the Reliquary of Stars.Uncommon
Welkynd BlueSpirit of the BosmerYou drove corruption from the heart of Valenwood in Greenshade. Drive back the Maormer invasion at Seaside Sanctuary. Protect the Wilderking, Defeat Prince Naemon and restore the Heart of Valenwood.Uncommon
Falinesti GreenMatchmakerYou restored the Silvenar and the Green Lady to their rightful place in Malabal Tor. Help the Green Lady investigate the Drublog compound. Defeat the Hound and free the city. Ucover the secret of the Belarata ruins.Uncommon
Senche-Tiger OrangeHallowed MoonsYou walked the Two Moons Path in Reaper’s Marsh. Help the Lunar Champion begin a spiritual journey.  Deal with the Dark Mane’s corruption.  Walk the Two Moons Path with the Lunar Champion.Uncommon

Daggerfall Covenant

Wyrd Tree GreenRitual DestructionYou stopped an insidious cultist plot in Glenumbra. Unravel the mystery of Daggerfall. Remove Angof’s corruption from the Wyrd Tree. Lead the effort to retake Camlorn. Defeat Angof the Gravesinger.Uncommon
Wayrest Royal PurpleRude AwakeningYou ended the nightmare in Stormhaven. Restore order to Pariah Abbey and save the Spirit Wardens. Reunify the Knights of the Flame. Resolve the Military Standoff that threatens the Covenant.Uncommon
Doomcrag VerdigrisCurse BreakerYou ended the blood-curse and restored order in Rivenspire. Help the Camp Tamrith refugees and the Shornhelm Guard. Infiltrate the besieged city of Northpoint and set it free. Ascend the mountain and put an end to Baron Montclair.Uncommon
Alik’r LapisConsecrated GroundYou put the dead to rest in Alik’r. Stop the Withered Hand plot at Tava’s Blessing. Stop Uwafa from raising the dead at Tu’whacca’s Throne. Defeat Shiri and reclaim the final Ansei Ward.Uncommon
Evermore GoldEnd of EmpireYou drove the Imperial forces out of Bangkorai. Slay Uela the Hagraven to put an end to the Reachmen threat.  Retake the garrison from the Imperial Army.  Help King Emeric defeat the Imperials at the Hall of Heroes.Uncommon

Ebonheart Pact

Ashland GrayHearts of DarknessYou imprisoned the Brothers of Strife in Stonefalls. Imprison Balreth inside Ash Mountain. Stop Tanval from unleashing the second Brother of Strife. Repel Covenant forces from Fort Virak.Uncommon
Hlaalu GoldPlague ErrorYou averted the destruction of Deshaan.

Find out why Maulborn are occupying the pass.  Protect the Tribunal Temple from the Maulborn menace.  Put an end to the threat of Magistrix Vox.
Hist GreenEgg and RootYou defeated a great threat to the Hist in Shadowfen. Investigate Dominion activity at Ten-Maur-Wolk. Determine the Dominion’s purpose in Hatching Pools. Stop Ruuvitar from corrupting the Mnemic Egg.Uncommon
Windhelm SteelBlood FeudYou prevented a great threat to the Skald-King in Eastmarch. Keep the Nord celebration safe and sound. Reach the dragonshire and stop Fildgor’s vile plot. Help the Ternion Monks save Kinbg Jorunn.Uncommon
Riften CopperShattered RemainsYou defeated the Worn Cult in the Rift.

Help King Jorunn defeat the Worm Cult at Honrich Tower. Investigate Vernim Wood.

Help the Ebonheart Pact defeat the Worm Cult.


Necromancer BlueRadiant ChampionYou defied the will of Molag Bal in Coldharbour. Destroy the Great Shackle and end the Planemeld. End the threat of the Planemeld once and for all. Rescue the Last Ayleid Kind from the lightless Oubliette.Rare

Holiday Events

New Life Festival

New Life CeruleanNew Life CelebrantComplete all New Life Festival celebrations across Tamriel
- Snow Bear Plunge
- The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile
- Lava Foot Stomp
- Mud Ball Merriment
- Signal Fire Sprint
- Castle Charm Challenge
- War Orphan's Sojurn
- Fish Boom Feast
- Stonetooth Bash

Waking Flame


Moonshadow OrchidWaking Flames DelverComplete both Red Petal Bastion and Dread Cellar in VeteranRare

Flames of Ambition


Scintillating ScarletFlames of Ambition DelverComplete both Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron in VeteranRare



Hazardous ChartreuseStonethorn DelverComplete both Stone Garden and Castle Thorn in VeteranRare



Darkstorm EmeraldSavior of the ReachComplete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of the ReachRare

Vateshran Hollows

Void PitchHonor to the SpiritbloodComplete the listed achievements for Vateshran Hollows
- Scattered Spirits
- Seeker of the Hollows
- Fire Walker
- Trapped Between Worlds
- High Flyer



Blackreach BlueSavior of Western SkyrimComplete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of Western SkyrimRare


Marble WhiteExcavation InitiateSuccessfully excavate 100 antiquitiesRare



Anequina SunriseSavior of ElsweyrComplete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of ElsweyrUncommon


Blood GoldAssassination CessationComplete "The Final Order" quest in Northern ElsweyrRare



Shrike BlueSavior of SummersetComplete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of SummersetUncommon


Bedlam PurpleCloudrest ConquerorDefeat Z'Maja, Siroria, Relenquen, and Galanwe in Veteran CloudrestRare



Vehk's Mystic BlueChampion of VivecRestore Lord Vivec's lost power, save Vivec City, and be named Champion of VivecRare

Halls of Fabrication

Colossus BrassHalls of Fabrication CompletedDefeat the Assembly General and assist Divayth Fyr in stopping the flood of animunculi coming from the Halls of FabricationRare



Frozen BloodHarrowstone DelverComplete both Icereach and Unhallowed Grave in VeteranRare



Pellitine CoralLair LocatorComplete the "Return of the Dragon" quest in Southern ElsweyrRare



Hollowfang CruorScalebreaker DelverComplete both Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok in VeteranRare



Glacial TopazWrathstone DelverComplete both Forstvault and Depths of Malatar in Veteran.Rare


Blackrose Prison

Apricot OrangeBlackrose Prison VanquisherDefeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeth the Unchained in Blackrose PrisonRare



Stahlrim ChromeWolfhunter DelverComplete Veteran Moon Hunter Keep and Veteran March of SacrificesRare

Dragon Bones


Nacreous PurpleDragon Bones DelverComplete Veteran Fang Lair and Veteran Scalecaller PeakRare

Horns of the Reach


Bloodroot WineHorns of the Reach DelverComplete Veteran Falkreath Hold and Veteran Bloodroot ForgeRare

Thieves Guild

Maw of Lorkhaj

Abyssal BerylMaw of LorkhajDiscover all of the striking locales on Bleakrock and Bal Drive the dro-m'Athra back to the void and close the Maw of Lorkhaj in Normal Mode.Rare


Maelstrom Arena

Blademaster's MauveMalestrom Arena ChampionConqueror all challengers and earn the title of Maelstrom Arena Champion.
- Maxus the Many, Centurion Champions, Lamia Queen, Control Guardian, Matriarch of Atrocity, Argonian Behemoth, Valkyn Tephra, Voriak Solkyn

Imperial City


Dusky BronzeHorror of HorrorsDefeat all the Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial CityUncommon
Somber CeriseFortune Favors the BoldKill 100 players inside Imperial City while carrying a minimum of 250 Tel Var Stones.Uncommon
Transliminal VioletImperial LightbringerComplete the Baranthrum Centrata event deep benetah the Imnperial City,Rare
Antique BrassThe Sublime ProtectorBring an end to Molag Bal's secret plot in the Imperial CityUncommon

Imperial City Prison

Tower White-GoldBlockbusterFree prisoners from their cell blocks in Imperial City PrisonUncommon
Putrid Flesh TealImperial City Prison ConquerorDefeat the Overfiend, Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor, the Gravelight Sentry, the Flesh Abomination, the Lord Warden's Council, and Lord Warden Dusk in Veteran Imperial City PrisonRare

White Gold Tower

Tainted TurquoiseImperial TransgressionsLocate and interact with all of the speaking stones in the White-Gold TowerUncommon
Magnus Setting RedWhite-Gold Tower ConquerorDefeat the Adjudicator, the Elite Guard, the Planar Inhibitor, and Molag Kena in Veteran White-Gold TowerRare


  1. Sylvarris
    12 July 2014 @ 2338

    Thanks, this is helpful


    • Exiled Messenger
      13 July 2014 @ 0651

      You’re welcome.


  2. Traigus
    13 July 2014 @ 0845

    Harvesting ones are the substeps i the “harvest XXX number of items” achievement. Adventurer is the same for the “do xxx quests” master harvester is 10,000 items. iast Adventurer is 1500 quests

    These are the ones that give you like 5 AP for harvesting 10, the another 5 for harvesting 100, then 5 for 1000 etc. If you hover over them they have multiple boxes that light up as you do more of whatever. I assume deconstructor is a new one for deconstructing.

    There is not one for the multi-stage opening chest chest achievement (oddly)

    the soulshard purple, soulshriven grey and couldharbor black (maybe red diamond red as a stage 1)… look themed as a soulshard filling one perhaps?


  3. Lurok
    30 July 2014 @ 2348

    Are unlocked dyes account-wide or per character?


    • Lurok
      30 July 2014 @ 2350

      Brilliant job by the way with this. Would it be possible to have another column or extra description with the rare dyes to describe any sheen effects?


    • Varus
      13 August 2014 @ 1325

      Account wide


  4. Woogawoman
    12 August 2014 @ 0952

    Excellent job. A couple of tweaks:

    I believe Explorer Green is actually for the Quests/Explorer achievement – complete 100 quests. You have Raw Hide Tan listed twice, and Grand Overlord’s Violet seems extra.


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