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  1. Karmanak
    11 August 2019 @ 1517

    I’d like to see another category – racial. So a list of only Dunmer, Altmer, Argonian etc furnitures.


  2. Anonymous
    17 March 2020 @ 0956

    Scuttle bloom is missing from database


  3. Anonymous
    5 June 2020 @ 1429

    Racial would make this so much better!


  4. exiledmessenger
    5 June 2020 @ 1431

    Like on this page?


  5. Anonymous
    22 July 2020 @ 0543

    it would be nice if we could filter them by size as well


  6. Exile
    22 July 2020 @ 0850

    It’s a work in progress:


  7. DesertDraggon
    15 November 2020 @ 2154

    I’d really love to see an ‘achievement furnishings’ and ‘luxury furnishings’ category.


  8. Exiled Messenger
    15 November 2020 @ 2157

    Have you looked at the main menu? There are individual pages for both of those,


  9. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    16 November 2020 @ 0847


  10. Artemis
    18 April 2021 @ 1023

    No Elsweyr barstools?


  11. Anonymous
    9 August 2021 @ 0540

    Ah… I liked the old menu better. Everything has a category now, but it is utterly confusing. It’s like navigating a labyrinth. For all Achievement furnishings for the Dominion zones before you would click on Dominion and see them in a descending list with big images and the location. Now you have to go to Achievements -> Then Dominion -> Then click on a map as if people would know what to expect and see them there. Browsing for an item now is opening 60 tabs from your website which do not load too fast… But it’s not just achievements. Luxury vendor before had a list with every item from that week neatly put into their own package with big images and so on. Now it’s a long list of items which you have to open one by one to see, again loading quite slowly. I can imagine how much time and work went into putting everything in their separate category, but my point is that if you want to furnish your garden now you have to open 100 tabs from your site in every category just to find the perfect Bush.


  12. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    9 August 2021 @ 1005

    Wow, a lot to unpack here.

    1) If you scroll down on ANY Achievement Furnisher page, the old table is under the images. I changed to individual achievement vendors, because individual pages with fewer images load more quickly than having them all on one page. I guess if someone had not started playing until after Homestead launched, you might not know which individual areas fell under each faction, but they are labeled on the table as well. You can also use the Search feature on the table itself to easily find a location.

    2) I’ve been updating that Luxury Furnisher table for years. I haven’t had the individual week listing for at least three years because they are constantly changing what week items are released on. For the last two years, it’s been 56 weeks instead of 52 weeks like the dye stamps. I still can’t figure out why they added four weeks when there are only 52 in a year. I put them in reverse order with the latest ones on top, so you can see what has been released that week. This year, I also added images so you don’t have to guess what the items look like. If you really prefer seeing the weekly listing, you can always use this URL: and just change the number after week to whichever week you are trying to view. It will never be completely correct because I change the week numbers on each item as the week changes, ie. the items from last week went from week 23 to week 27, so there are twice as many items listed on week 27 right now as were actually released last weekend.

    3) If you want to see all Bushes, you can click the very first picture on the Furnishings page: Category -> Shrubs ( That shows all 54 items in that category, ie. Bush, Bushes, Shrub, Shrubs, Underbrush, on two pages because I limited the number of images to 50 per page (for speed). I’ve also included an image on the Home Goods Furnisher -> Conservatory -> Shrubs page ( to see those you can purchase with gold from those furnishers. I don’t know why you would need to open every single post to see the items since the images are the same size I’ve used since 2014 (150x150px). Just click on the ones you actually might want to use to find out how to obtain them.

    As for the slow loading, there is nothing I can do about that. With 239,600 images (as of this morning) on the site, it takes time for your request to sift through them all. Just by design, a website with an excessive amount of images is going to take longer to load than one with more text than images. And all eight of my websites are technically the same website, so they are all located on the same server with 620,308 images as of this morning. Plus I have three discontinued sites that are no longer accessible on the internet, but I have not deleted the sites from my server just in case I need to access the information again. To save time on image loading, they do load from a CDN, have lazy loading (don’t show until you scroll down to them), and are optimized. But there is little else I can do if you want to see high quality images, which is the whole point of a visual database.

    Please let me know if I can help clear up confusion on how I’ve organized the pages. They make sense to my ADHD-addled brain, but I realize it won’t hold true for everyone.


  13. aetherial heavenn
    18 October 2021 @ 2041

    Just wanted to say thank you for this amazing work. I find the categories useful and the images help me so much. With the huge data set I think you’ve done an amazing job sorting and cross referencing.


  14. Exiled Messenger (Exile)
    19 October 2021 @ 0752

    Thank you. It’s difficult to please everyone and a lot of the time something makes sense to me, but is hard for anyone else to figure out.


  15. Lia
    25 January 2022 @ 0231

    the site is no longer working.
    have already clicked different categories or type but get a blank page with no info.


  16. Exile
    25 January 2022 @ 0702

    The information is there. You have to scroll through all the extra white space. I’ve explained it on the News page.


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