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Stolen Furnishings

After doing some research on the web, these are furnishings (not plans) I’ve read people have found through stealing. Please let me know if you are aware of any other items.

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2 years ago

I also got a stack of folded leather through stealing.

2 years ago

I have stolen many Soft Leather, Folded; Soft Leather, Stacked; Quality Fabric, Folded; Spool, Empty; and Letter, Personal from containers, dressers/wardrobes/etc, and desks.

2 years ago

There are also several Elsweyr furnishings that you can loot from containers in Northern Elsweyr:
So far I found those items (mostly in wandrobes):
– Elsweyr Brush, Head;
– Elsweyr Brush, Body;
– Elsweyr Fan, Handheld;
– Elsweyr Hand Mirror, Rectangular;
– Elsweyr Hand Mirror, Bronze Oval;
– Elsweyr Comb, Grooming;
– Elsweyr Fragrance Bottle, Moons-Blessed;
– Elsweyr Fragrance Bottle, Moonlit Tryst;
– Elsweyr Pillow, Gold-Ruby Throw;
– Elsweyr-Pillow, Gold-Ruby Roll;
– Elsweyr Pillow, Night Blues Wide;
– Elsweyr Bowl, Moon-Sugar;
– Elsweyr Mirror, Carved Wall;
– Elsweyr Cloth, Rolled
from others I heard, that you can also find Elsweyr Rolling Pin, Well-Worn and Elsweyr Fabric, Display, but I didn’t loot them myself yet.

If lockboxes count too, then I’ve gotten The Shivering Cheese from those before as well as Velothi Painting, Modest Volcano and Velothi Painting, Modest Geysir.

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