ESO Fashion


  1. Kawosky
    12 January 2017 @ 2127

    The max number of furniture is 300 not 600, you get 600 if you are ESO+ (not even close to enough imo, couldn’t properly finish decorating the gardens)


  2. Jose Antonio
    24 January 2017 @ 1116

    dat floating box at 8:23


  3. Alexander Delorean
    24 January 2017 @ 1415

    Can i buy it only by crowns? So i wont need any “prerequisite” ?


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 January 2017 @ 1425

      Yes. You can buy any home, except the inns, for Crowns. Purchasing a home for Crowns negates the need to accomplish the prerequisite.


  4. daro l
    26 February 2017 @ 0051

    there is no clay oven in the furnished preview on the na server. there are 2 stone firepits instead. so where do i get the clay oven?????


    • Dun Quixote
      12 July 2017 @ 1725

      I want to know this too. I finally have enough gold to buy the house and have already gotten the achievement that’s required, but…I really want that clay oven. I have half the crowns i need to buy the house, but I don’t want to buy the house and then it not have the clay oven.


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