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In the heart of The Rift, just outside the lively, small town of Nimalten, you will find this sturdy wooden home, with a large hearth to keep you warm in the Skyrim winter, and a stone wall to keep out the trolls.

  • Cost: 60,000 gold
  • Cost (Unfurnished/Furnished): 2350/2900 Crowns
  • Size: Small
  • Race: Nord
  • Prerequisite: Wormsquasher
  • Max # of Furnishings: 100 / 200 (ESO+)
  • Trophy Collectibles: 5 / 10 (ESO+)
  • Other Collectibles: 2 / 4 (ESO+)
  • Max # of Characters: 6
  • Location: Nimalten, The Rift

  • Elisa Saikia

    Can we invite our player friends in as a guest once we buy the house? i mean can we all be inside the house together?

    • Eisotopius

      You get to decide who has permissions to visit your houses, and then they can travel to you while you’re inside, or you can mark it as a primary residence and they can travel there at any time.

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