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  1. Elisa Saikia
    10 May 2017 @ 0830

    Can we invite our player friends in as a guest once we buy the house? i mean can we all be inside the house together?


    • Eisotopius
      10 May 2017 @ 0918

      You get to decide who has permissions to visit your houses, and then they can travel to you while you’re inside, or you can mark it as a primary residence and they can travel there at any time.


      • wolfiekins
        11 August 2019 @ 1506

        I wish we could buy houses together. Owner/Co owner. that would be the best. it’s a shame to have these houses alone. depressing and lonely 🙁


  2. wolfiekins
    11 August 2019 @ 1507

    Mad at my self. mistakenly bought this house instead of the other one I was looking at. it’s nice and all but I hate the floor.. ugh.


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