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How to Use the Search or Side Bar Filter

We receive a lot of questions about how to search ESO Fashion for particular items. Luckily, between the Search and side bar Filter, you can usually find what you are looking for. I’ve recently cleaned the widgets up an bit to make it easier to understand how they are set up.

If you have questions about how to use Search or the Filter, please take a look at this guide and then play around with them a bit. If you still have questions, please feel free to Contact me or type in the comments. Also, if you have suggestions for other categories, let me know.

NOTE: I often add new categories long after I post a set and don’t always get a chance to go back and tag every post with the new categories. If you know of a post that should be tagged with a specific category, please let me know so I can update it.


WordPress has a built-in search function. You can find this above the log on the right side. All you need to do is type in what you want to find and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Unlike Google, it’s pretty particular about spelling, so if you spell something incorrectly, it won’t return any results.

One nice thing about the search is it will return any posts with a particular item listed, including all of the Personalized sets if the submitter added that information. For example, you can type in “Imperial” and see not only the ESO Fashion posts, but every Personalized Set that uses parts of that set. NOTE: Just remember that not everyone puts that information into the form when they submit their sets.

Explanation of the Category System

Every post on ESO Fashion is tagged with WordPress “Categories” that allow me to sort the post into specific groups. You can see this information at the top of any post directly under the title, between the Post Author and Number of Comments. I leave this information on each post because some people find it helpful, but it is primarily there to help sort posts. That’s why the same word may appear more than once.

Meta Data

Tagging each post with these categories is useful in two ways.

  1. It allows me to create groups of posts anywhere on the site that update automatically when I tag a post with the same “Categories.” This is done through a specialized plugin. You can see examples of this on the Front Page under “Newest Customized Sets,” on any post under “Similar,” and on most pages located on the main menu.
  2. It allows you to filter the posts so you can search for particular items. This is another specialized plugin where you can check off multiple categories to help narrow down your search. You do have to open the widget up by clicking on it because with so many categories listed, it is quite long.

Filter Bar

How to Use the Filter

Click on the Filter button to open the Filter menu. Whenever there is a down arrow, you can expand the menu for more choices. You can choose multiple categories from different sections, but be judicious in the number of options you choose. Too many filters may not return any items. There are some exceptions to this. The site is set up with three different sections, Database, Characters, and Housing. You can’t choose multiple categories between these three sections to return any results.

NOTE: When you choose more than one option, you will get every post that has ALL of those categories tagged to it. To see posts with ANY category, change “All” to “Any” at the top of the filter.


Database covers all items located within the visual database of the site. This is anything not submitted by a player on the Character or Housing submission forms. All items within the database are tagged with at least two categories indicating how someone can acquire it in game and what type of item it is. It may also be tagged with one or more categories under the miscellaneous section that help further identify it, for instance the style or material needed to craft it. You can choose categories within each section to help narrow down what you are looking for, but generally an item will have only one source under Acquired and only one item type. Requirements refers only to furnishings and cannot be combined with the other sections while searching for any item besides furnishings.


This section provides options for choosing how an item is acquired, or the source. You can choose any item with a box or use the down arrow to pick a more specific source under that header. If you choose a source under a header, you don’t also need to choose the header item. While using ‘All,” checking items under more than one header in this section probably won’t return any items since most items in the game only have one source. The exception to this is furnishings. Many furnishings available from crafting or a vendor are also available for purchase through the Housing Editor Purchase Tab. Also, Achievement will not work for furnishings. You need to choose the Achievement category located under Requirements since furnishings do not automatically appear once you have completed an achievement and are a requirement to purchase from a vendor.

Item Types

This sections separates items by their type. Each section has multiple options to help narrow down what type of item you are looking for. You do not need to check both the header and an item below the header. While using “All,” choosing multiple categories within this section is unlikely to return any results because most items in the game are of only one type. The exceptions to this are mounts and pets, which are also furnishings.


This section further qualifies items. Collections indicates any item found within Collections in-game. Faction applies to any item that is faction-specific. Gender applies to Appearance items that are gender-specific. Interactable, Location, Quality, Requirements, and Sets apply only to furnishings. Material and Material Tier apply to crafted armor and weapons. Race applies to Appearance items that are race-specific. And Style applies to armor, weapons, and furnishings.


The Personalized section contains the other two parts of the site, Characters and Housing. These are player-submitted characters and homes so people can show off their characters and homes and for others to get ideas on how to customize their characters and decorate their homes.


This section covers the characters users submit to the site. You can choose “Characters” to return all characters submitted to the site in reverse order of when they were submitted (newest first) to see the latest characters submitted to the site. This is helpful for seeing more than the last 12 that are available on the front page.


This section covers the homes submitted by users to the site. You can choose “Housing” to return all homes submitted to the site in reverse order of when they were submitted (newest first) to see the latest homes submitted to the site. This is helpful for seeing more than the last 12 that are available on the front page.

If you are still unclear about how to search for something, please let me know in the comments or via the Contact form. Also, I appreciate any constructive feedback you might have about this guide or the category system.

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