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ESO Fashion

Hidden Crafting Stations

Hidden crafting stations are scattered throughout the world and are the only stations where you can apply set bonuses to items. The set bonuses vary from station to station and require you to have learned 2-9 traits on that type of item before you can craft it with the bonus. There are 15 crafting stations per faction, but each faction shares the same bonuses. There are also a number of shared stations that require between 5 and 9 traits learned.

Station Locations
FactionZoneAreaSet Bonus# of Traits
Aldmeri DominionAuridonBeacon FallsAshen Grip2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraPar MolagAshen Grip2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsMagmaflow OverlookAshen Grip2
Aldmeri DominionAuridonEastshore Islets CampDeath's Wind2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraChill HouseDeath's Wind2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsArmature's UpheavalDeath's Wind2
Aldmeri DominionAuridonHightide KeepNight's Silence2
Daggerfall CovenantGlenumbraMesanthano's TowerNight's Silence2
Ebonheart PactStonefallsSteamfront CavernNight's Silence2
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodTemple of the EightSeducer3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenFisherman's IslandSeducer3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanBerezan's MineSeducer3
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodFisherman's IsleTorug's Pact3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenHammerdeath WorkshopTorug's Pact3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanLake Hlaalu RetreatTorug's Pact3
Aldmeri DominionGrahtwoodVineshade LodgeTwilight's Embrace3
Daggerfall CovenantStormhavenWindridge WarehouseTwilight's Embrace3
Ebonheart PactDeshaanAvayan's FarmTwilight's Embrace3
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeRootwatch TowerHist Bark4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireTrader's RestHist Bark4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenHatchling's CrownHist Bark4
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeAranangaMagnus' Gift4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireVeawend EdeMagnus' Gift4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenXal Haj-ei ShrineMagnus' Gift4
Aldmeri DominionGreenshadeLanalda PondWhitestrake's Retribution4
Daggerfall CovenantRivenspireWestwind LighthouseWhitestrake's Retribution4
Ebonheart PactShadowfenWeeping Wamasu FallsWhitestrake's Retribution4
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorChance of Divine EntreatyAlessia's Bulwark5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertAlezer KotuAlessia's Bulwark5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchHammerhomeAlessia's Bulwark5
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorSleepy Senche OverlookSong of Lamae5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertRkulftzelSong of Lamae5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchTinkerer Tobin's WorkshopSong of Lamae5
Aldmeri DominionMalabal TorMatthild's Last VentureVampire's Kiss5
Daggerfall CovenantAlikir DesertArtisan's OasisVampire's Kiss5
Ebonheart PactEastmarchCrimson Kada's Crafting CavernVampire's Kiss5
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchBroken ArchHunding's Rage6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiWether's CleftHunding's Rage6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftTrollslayer GullyHunding's Rage6
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchOld Town CavernNight Mother's Gaze6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiSilaseil RuinsNight Mother's Gaze6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftEldbjorg's HideawayNight Mother's Gaze6
Aldmeri DominionReaper's MarchGreenspeaker's GroveWillow's Path6
Daggerfall CovenantBangkoraiViridian HideawayWillow's Path6
Ebonheart PactThe RiftSmokefrost VigilWillow's Path6
All FactionsColdharbourFont of SchemesOblivion's Foe8
All FactionsColdharbourDeathspinner's LairSpectre's Eye8
All FactionsFighters GuildEarth ForgeKagrenac's Hope8
All FactionsFighters GuildEarth ForgeOrgnum's Scales8
All FactionsMages GuildEyeveaEyes of Mara8
All FactionsMages GuildEyeveaShalidor's Curse8
All FactionsCraglornLanista's WaystationWay of the Arena8
All FactionsCraglornAtelier of the Twice-Born StarTwice-Born Star9
All FactionsImperial CityArboretum ArmoryRedistributor7
All FactionsImperial CityMemorial ArmoryArmor Master9
All FactionsImperial CityNobles ArmoryNoble's Conquest5
All FactionsWrothgarMalacath StatueTrial by Fire3
All FactionsWrothgarBoreal ForgeLaw of Julianos6
All FactionsWrothgarMorkuldin ForgeMorkuldin9
All FactionsHew's BaneForebear's JunctionTava's Favor5
All FactionsHew's BaneNo Shira WorkshopClever Alchemist7
All FactionsHew's BaneThe Lost PavilionEternal Hunt9
All FactionsGold CoastMarja's MillKvatch Gladiator5
All FactionsGold CoastStrid River Artisan's CampVaren's Legacy7
All FactionsGold CoastColovian Revolt Forge YardPelinal's Aptitude9
All FactionsVvardenfellMarandasAssassin's Guile3
All FactionsVvardenfellRandas Ancestral TombDaedric Trickery8
All FactionsVvardenfellZergonipalShacklebreaker6
All FactionsClockwork CityPavilion of ArtificeMechanical Acuity6
All FactionsClockwork CityRestricted BrassworksFortified Brass4
All FactionsClockwork CityThe Refurbishing YardInnate Axiom2
All FactionsSummersetShimmerene DockworksAdept Rider3
All FactionsSummersetAugury BasinNocturnal's Favor9
All FactionsArtaeumArtaeum CraftworksSload's Semblance6
All FactionsMurkmireDeep Swamp ForgeNaga Shaman2
All FactionsMurkmireRuined VillageMight of the Lost Legion4
All FactionsMurkmireSweet Breeze OverlookGrave-Stake Collector7
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrValenwood Border Artisan CampColdharbour's Favorite8
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrStarlight AdeptoriumSenche-raht's Grit5
All FactionsNorthern ElsweyrRimmen MasterworksVastarie's Tutelage3
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrDragonguard ArmoryAncient Dragonguard6
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrCat's ClawDaring Corsair3
All FactionsSouthern ElsweyrFur-Forge CoveNew Moon Acolyte9
All FactionsCyrodiilVlasterusCritical Riposte3
All FactionsCyrodiilCropsfordDauntless Combatant3
All FactionsCyrodiilBrumaUnchanined Aggressor3
All FactionsWestern SkyrimDragon's BellyDragon's Appetite7
All FactionsBlackreach: Greymoor CavernsParasite's CaveSpell Parasite3
All FactionsWestern SkyrimHunter's HouseStuhn's Favor5
All FactionsBlackreach: Arkthzand CavernPhilosopher's CradleAetherial Ascension9
All FactionsThe ReachDruadach RedoubtLegacy of Karth6
All FactionsThe ReachRed Eagle RedoubtRed Eagle's Fury3
All FactionsBlackwoodPentric RunDiamond's Victory5
All FactionsBlackwoodSariellen's SwordHeartland Conqueror7
All FactionsBlackwoodWithered RootHist Whisperer3

Aldmeri Dominion

Daggerfall Covenant

Ebonheart Pact

All Factions


  1. Rasuto
    5 April 2014 @ 1546

    Deshaan: Twilight Embrace Craft Bonus


    • Guest
      24 April 2014 @ 0914

      Weeping Wamasu Falls are located in western Shadowfen, north of White Rose Prison.this is where you may craft items in the Whitestrake’s Retribution set.


      • Rhasslairiel
        8 July 2014 @ 1026

        The effect for the Night’s Silence set has changed.

        Instead of inc hp regen while hidden, it is inc speed while sneaking by 220% (% does not change with improvement)


        • Exiled Messenger
          9 July 2014 @ 0802

          Thanks, it’s corrected now.


    • moondog
      24 April 2014 @ 0918

      Weeping Wamasu Falls are located in western Shadowfen, north of White Rose Prison. where you may craft items in the Whitestrake’s Retribution set.


  2. Devlin
    8 April 2014 @ 1748

    Thanks for this amazing guide! One question, why didn’t you add what each piece of equipment was, like if something is either Light/Medium/Heavy for the armor type? That’s the only thing missing IMO.


    • Exiled Messenger
      8 April 2014 @ 2041

      I’m not exactly sure what you are getting at since the bonus applies to every type of armor or weapon.


      • Devlin
        8 April 2014 @ 2130

        I was under the assumption that special crafting stations only crafted certain armor types. My bad.


  3. Jordan
    19 April 2014 @ 2020

    Ebonheart Pact is so neglected 🙁


  4. Nowe
    24 April 2014 @ 0928

    What about the Eyes of Mara set/set bonuses? This comes from completing the mage guild quests, requires 8 traits known per item.


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 April 2014 @ 0930

      As you can see at the top, it says this is a work in progress. I haven’t finished the Mage Guild quest line yet.


      • Daf
        3 May 2014 @ 1010

        Fisherman’s Isle is listed as “Fisherman’s Island” in the table at the top (which is a completely separate Covenant set crafting station).
        In the Grahtwood map, the three locations are pointing to the wrong places (Fisherman’s Isle points to Temple of the Eight and vice versa)


        • Exiled Messenger
          4 May 2014 @ 0807



  5. Sillas
    29 April 2014 @ 1353

    Fisherman’s Isle and Temple of the Eight set bonuses are swapped. Seducer should be under the Temple not Fisherman’s and vice versa.


    • Exiled Messenger
      29 April 2014 @ 2009



  6. Kuro
    8 May 2014 @ 1934

    Willow’s Path: (3) +5% Spell Crit (5) +20% to all regen during daytime.


  7. Kuro
    10 May 2014 @ 1306

    Hunding’s Rage: (5) Increase weapon damage by 5% when using weapon abilities.


  8. Sleeping Sorcerer (EU server)
    5 July 2014 @ 0326

    Thanks for this amazing guide, quite informative, love it.


    • Exiled Messenger
      5 July 2014 @ 0654

      Thank you.


      • Sleeping Sorcerer (EU server)
        14 July 2014 @ 0129

        Hunding’s Rage: (3) Adds 3-14 Stamina Recovery. (5) Hunding’s Rage. Increase Weapon Damage by 2-19% when using weapon abilities. I don’t see a “%”.


  9. UncleJazzy
    16 July 2014 @ 1652

    I can’t but a bit discouraged that the list has updated before the game has. I am now crafting items that have the old traits with no reference to work from. Please, in the future leave the previous patch stats until the new patch actually takes effect. Thank you.


    • MeowGinger
      17 July 2014 @ 1358

      On the other hand, there are people who (like me) probably only found out about this change through eso-fashion.

      I am glad I did, because now I know not to create new armor that will have completely different functionality in a month’s time. People have already wasted hundreds of thousands of gold on legendary gear that will be entirely different (and possibly without unique set bonuses, if they relied on 3 piece bonuses) a month from now.


  10. Graham Banzer
    24 April 2015 @ 1645

    healer set is missing in Daggerfall.


  11. Graham Banzer
    1 May 2015 @ 2123

    it’s Reapers March, not Reapers Marsh


  12. moron821 .
    5 August 2015 @ 0512

    the seducer set location in grathwood is wrong its torugs set


  13. CafeenMan
    17 August 2015 @ 0545

    I started playing a couple months ago and can’t make anything at any of the specialized crafting stations. I don’t have the knowledge for any of them and I’m always researching to my full extent. I’m also putting points into additional research as soon as they become available.

    So I don’t get what I need to do. I know I need to have the “right” knowledge but I’m not clear how that works.

    I can’t build one of anything at any station I’ve come across and I’ve researched a lot! So obviously I need to target my research but I don’t know how to target it.

    So can someone please tell me exactly what I need to do.

    For example, I want to build a bow at the Death’s Wind station in Auridon.

    As of now, Powered, Charged, Weighted and Nirnhoned are unknown to me.

    Lastly, how many times can you research the same trait? I’ve researched some traits multiple times taking as long as 3 days.



    • Dulfy
      17 August 2015 @ 1254

      If you have at least 2 traits researched on the same piece (i.e. legs) you should be able to craft the Death’s Wind set on that piece. However you need to make sure that it is 2 traits researched on the same piece and not spread out.

      You can research the same trait on multiple pieces and the time increases the more traits you have already researched on that same piece.


    • Techkey1
      9 September 2015 @ 1659

      First let me say I’m an ebonheart pact vr8 who likes to dps and craft. I don’t mind helping you if we could meet.


      • CafeenMan
        9 September 2015 @ 1706

        I figured it out. Thanks.


        • Techkey1
          4 October 2015 @ 2052

          So, how is the game treating you?


          • CafeenMan
            4 October 2015 @ 2124

            Well…. I got screwed out of a motif this last week. I found the Ancient Elf and applied it to my character. Then after a server update it was gone. Support claims I never did that as their records indicate no books were read during the time frame that I said I applied it. So I guess they think I care about it enough to cheat and ask them to give me a free motif.

            I have a lot of thoughts about the game. I’ve played every Elder Scrolls except Morrowwind because it kept crashing. By the time I learned what the fix was I was already playing Oblivion which I loved so I never went back to it.

            I don’t think ESO is very Elder Scrolls at all. I mean it uses the right words, races, monsters, etc. but it doesn’t feel at all like any Elder Scrolls I’ve played.

            It’s like Justin Bieber singing Hendrix. It’s a good game though so that’s a lousy analogy.

            The dungeons are way too small. There’s no exploration at all. In and done in 15 minutes or less and that’s if you take time to look around. If you’re one of those people who goes straight to the objective it’s probably more like 5 minutes for a dungeon. I don’t play that way. Takes me hours to get from one place to the next because I look behind every rock, pick every plant, chop every log, kill everything I can.

            I hate how long it takes to pick/mine/cook, etc. That’s just stupid. It’s so you can get a perk later to cut the time in half or something.

            And the whole thing with research times is obviously designed to keep you playing the game forever. I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s ridiculous.

            Anyway, I’m V10 with my main guy now. He’s mastered woodworking, clothing and provisioning (my main source of cash).

            My first guy is abandoned and gets fed all the alchemy and blacksmithing stuff. I’ll have to play him again so I can finish the Blacksmithing tree.

            Eventually when I have everything researched I’ll start a new character and my first two characters will feed him all his gear, food and potions.

            Oh, and I’ve got skill points I can’t figure out what to do with. I play Bow only and everything I care about is maxed out already. So I can plug them into whatever but it’s stuff I won’t use.

            I think one character could max all the crafting and be self-supporting and still be a total bad-ass unless you want to be good at every combat style which I don’t.

          • Techkey1
            10 October 2015 @ 2127

            Lol, oh the irony. If only you had played Morrowind. That (and the previous) is what bests give anyone the true understanding and feel of The Elder Scrolls. Oblivion and Skyrim didn’t do what Morrowind did as far as depth goes, but they were fun and I enjoyed them a lot.

            And (lol) the waiting on crafting (learning) was also done in WOW, I like it very much, it allows nice timing instead of everyone just rushing though everything. And I like the short timed animations when gathering mats and cooking, however I must agree that there should be a perk that allows those who don’t like such to just click and be done with it. I’m also with you on checking every crack and so forth.

            As for me I’m more of a solo player and am basically a DPS/subTANK, 4-5K standard DPS according to FTC and Recount. I’m not really an alt man, but I do know where I want my points lol. I’ve been only able to play for about 4 hours a week for the pass 4 months so I have to really catch up but I’m back on for now for a while. I had to take a break for a while so I’m only VR9, however I am a master crafter in everything. Of course I will be playing this and WOW, so I’ll be jumping back and forth.

            I’m glad the game is treating you well (with the exception of loosing a motif) and that you are enjoying yourself. But I still can not believe that you missed the “bread and butter”, of The Elder Scrolls-Morrowind. That explains a lot. Believe me when I tell you Morrowind IS “The Elder Scrolls.” Later 🙂

          • CafeenMan
            10 October 2015 @ 2211

            I’m not comparing it to Skyrim or Oblivion really but more to Daggerfall. I really liked Skyrim but it was a huge departure as well. I never really understood the whole “shout” thing since it was just duplication of spells. I guess if you weren’t going to cast spells you could get shouts instead but I never really used them except sometimes the first one you get.

            I loved Oblivion but again it was a departure. I wish they’d do another one like that but bigger and modern graphics.

            I play solo except for a couple places that I grind for provisioning where I’m way over-leveled and sometimes someone needs help getting through.

            So I’m V11 now and will be a level 40 dungeon grabbing 30 cheeses. Then someone comes along and needs help with mobs.

            It’s fun being a demi-god. 😀 No XP for it but so what.

          • T Jensen
            2 June 2016 @ 2233

            I kinda hate you for having played Daggerfall, CafeenMan. Nothin’ personal, you understand.

          • CafeenMan
            2 June 2016 @ 2237

            Daggerfall is a free download. I don’t mean torrent but an actual, sanctioned free download. They probably still have it and are probably still giving it away.

            I downloaded it a year or two ago.

          • CafeenMan
            10 October 2015 @ 2212

            BTW, my main character is Fu’zaea (Fuzzy).


          • T Jensen
            2 June 2016 @ 1824

            You really should go back and play Morrowind – the story is amazing. I still load the thing up every now and then. 🙂

          • CafeenMan
            2 June 2016 @ 1828

            Thanks. It’s on my bucket list.

          • CafeenMan
            2 June 2016 @ 1833

            By the way, ESO got tons better for me when they released Orsinium. It sucked up until then but I finally could start making actual gold in the game and could play the game instead of always trying to find ways to get some gold.

            The new expansion gave me an orgasm. 🙂 I spent at least 1/3rd of my time managing my inventory and have a couple of toons just to stash stuff. And I could never remember who had what so I was always logging in and out to manage my inventory.

            Now that everything goes in a craft bag my main character only carries around 25 items and I can harvest all I want without worrying about having to go to the bank every 30-45 minutes to unload stuff.

            I belong to five guilds and they all crapped out. I don’t know how the system works but I guess they bid on vendor locations or something.

            Before I could sell a lot of excess mats to help keep my inventory somewhat clear but then sales just stopped. Two of the guilds I belong to have always been worthless from a sales point of view but the three that were working don’t work any more either.

            Not sure what I’m going to do about it but it’s not a huge issue now that I’m not constantly maxed on my inventory space.

            It’s a whole new game.

  14. Valentissimo
    11 January 2016 @ 1641

    I have a question that I should probably ask somewhere else but this place is more convenient. I play a Stamina Wood Elf Templar Tank and I would like some recommendations as to which armor sets I should use. I have all heavy armor with an axe & shield on both bars. Also, I have the Orsinium DLC but not the Imperial City DLC.


    • Ryan Akey
      30 January 2016 @ 2050

      I would go with a super regen build, specifically health…use steeed mundus, 6 pcs hvy, 1 piece med(for stam regen+ max stam+ crit dmg) attributes I would go with 80%stam and 20%health(maybe evn 85%/15%) sets I would use either orgnums scales(5 pcs) and 4 piece vampire for the 4% heals as a Templar that’s good…or for more dps/tank….I would go with 5 pcs WILLOW and 4 piece NIGHT mothers for wpn dmg and crit…all large armor pcs should have the infused trait to make ur glyphs spike in amount(stam) and all ur small pcs of armor should have divines…and be enchanted with health to get that last little squeeze outta ur hp pool……very important to the build is in restoring light skillz….restoring aura!!!!…not repentance…as a tank, u WILL NOT be killing things as fast as normal, and therefore will not be able to use the “ability” to heal/restore stam per body(it wont be useful) BUT restoring aura for a tank IS VERY USEFUL….it give a minor regen buff if slotted, AND a major regen buff to both stam and health!!! boom slot on both bars and run any other skills u want that are stam based and ull be able to block alot, roll dodge alot and run alot…oh yea, and be a WHEREwolf….slot it on ur ATTACK BAR and ull get a 15% stam regen bonus on top…have fun, hope u like it…(side note I personally would use a two hand axe as attack bar for the added benefit of rally or momentum…even if reduced by a % by heal rduction abilities, any amount of HOT’s u can apply to urself or get from others, essencially makes ur Health regen go up, also the axe adds bleeding dmg,as a tank ur best line of attack is dmg ovr time/staying alive)


      • Valentissimo
        31 January 2016 @ 1505

        hmm, i heard that health recovery isnt very useful? ive been focusing a lot on stamina regen, total health, and resistances. also, what you describe doesnt sound very tanky but more damage-y. however thanks a lot for the help and i will consider what you said.


        • Ryan Akey
          31 January 2016 @ 1937

          Well ive been playing this build for quite sometime now, and a tank that JUST takes dmg, is kindof a lame tank….and eso doesnt have any group pulls for trash mobs like other mmo’s, so tanks use a combo of puncture, inner fire, and dmg(particularly AOE) to keep agro on them…..also haveing 4000 health regen every 2 secs, is like haveing a personal healer, and ull have a 27000 hp pool… what it sounds like and what the build actually is are 2different things….if u are just gunna stand there and take dmg then good luck(physical resist is broken in this game…at most u can acheive a 12% reduction in just physical dmg) but this build allows the healer to not HAVE to heal as much(more time for dps) and gives the dps’s help to BURN the enemies down….again a tank that just pulls aggro and nothing else is a lame tank and should probably look into being a healer…. Resist is broken!!!!!! Plz dont reply to post if u want to disagree, u asked for a suggestion, one was given……imagine urhealth bar filling itself from half health to full health within two roll dodges…..not very tanky??????? Imagine takeing on a group of trash mobs and with nohealer ur healthgoes down a couple thousand then up 4000….not very tanky….GOOD LUCK WITH RESIST


  15. D'Kho
    4 June 2016 @ 1119

    What happened to the list of all the crafting stations and their various bonuses? The maps are awesome, but without that list they don’t do me much good. :/


    • Exiled Messenger
      4 June 2016 @ 1123

      I deleted it. It changes every single update and I find it impossible to keep updated.


      • D'Kho
        4 June 2016 @ 1125

        Ah, too bad. Well, this site is still a great resource – thanks for the work you put into it! /salute


        • Exiled Messenger
          4 June 2016 @ 1150

          Thank you. I hope it’s gotten a little better with some of the work I’ve done recently.


  16. Echo
    21 June 2016 @ 0912

    Not sure if you are aware of this, but The Rift crafting stations Trollslayer Gully (Hunding’s Rage) and Eldbjorg’s Hideway (Night Mother’s Gaze) are reversed, in the opposite location. Trollslayer Gully (hunding’s rage) should be where you put Eldbjorg’s Hideaway (Night Mother’s Gaze) and vice versa.

    Admittedly I really do miss the old list. Is it possible to just put a trait requirement/location/set name and leave off the bonuses, since the set bonuses seem to be what changes, and the only things that are static are the amount of traits required and location.


    • Exiled Messenger
      21 June 2016 @ 0946

      Thanks. I switched them around on The Rift map. I also put the table back in minus the bonus descriptions.


      • Echo
        21 June 2016 @ 0953

        <3 Good deal, thank you so much!


        • Exiled Messenger
          21 June 2016 @ 0955

          You’re welcome.


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