Sisters of Fire & Light — Part Two [NA]

  • Grand Psijic Villa: Sisters of Fire & Light — Part Two [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

My properties are always a work in progress. This one I’m sure will be no exception. But …”The Sisters of Fire & Light hope you enjoy your visit today. The previous tour explored the island’s outdoor gardens, vineyards, and watery seafood grotto as well as the Villa’s Main Hall with it’s balconies and alcoves devoted to displaying artifacts from Tamriel’s many cultures. Today our tour will take us thru some of the Villa’s secondary halls including the Library/Study Hall, the Combat Arena, the Dormitory, and the Dining Hall with it’s attached kitchen. We will also be taking a tour of the underground baths. It is down here, in the cooler recesses behind the baths, where the sisters also age their wine in special oak barrels. The bottling process is over for the season but perhaps we will be fortunate enough to catch one of the sisters pulling a few bottles down from their aging racks above the barrels. Just step this way….”

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