Dwemer Polytechnic [NA]

  • Tel Galen: Dwemer Polytechnic [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

I purchased this tower with the idea of creating a cave-like environment whose hidden passages would lead to various mystery rooms. Before I could spare the time to work on it tho, it became a repository for unwanted furniture that was not needed or did not fit elsewhere. When Clockwork City was introduced I co-opted one of the tower’s rooms in order to try my hand at designing a mechanical workshop. I loved the machinery. Eventually all the pieces came together to form one cohesive design for a school devoted to the study of dwemer arts and sciences. There is the engineering lab, the dining hall, the dormitory, and at the top of the tower the professor’s study. The grounds outside have peaceful garden landscaping, a picnic area, a fishing lodge, a boat dock, a celestial observatory, and ponies. (P.S. I managed to incorporated most of the unwanted furniture and the cave idea as well)

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