Three Towers: Part Two [NA]

  • Strident Springs Demesne: Three Towers: Part Two [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

So, I am pretty happy with how this first property came together. There were small details and finishing touches that needed to be left out because of the furnishing limits, but, over time I have tweaked and swapped, and upgraded and will probably continue to do so. I have since acquired a couple of other properties as well and enjoyed taking them in different more creative directions, but, this property continues to be the one I return to most often. It is unfortunate there is not a better in-game facility for visiting other player’s properties. Like a garden show/open house were players can share ideas, get inspiration, encourage and support each other’s creative endeavors, and just enjoy doing something different for the afternoon. We are lucky to have this web site to help with that. Thanks to everyone who has posted their houses here.

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