A Room Please [NA]

  • Mara’s Kiss Public House: A Room Please [NA]
  • Submitted by: Stellanoche

When playing way back in WOW, I often logged off at the Inn in Stormwind. It just felt …”in character”. So, I was delighted when housing rolled around in ESO and that my first place would be a room at the Inn. As a wood elf in Auridon that meant “Mara’s Kiss”. Well, I was a little less delighted when I discovered the room was more like a broom closet on the main floor of a make shift bunk house. But, the room was bright and cheery and I was just a struggling young adventurer after all. Over time I have tweaked all my characters’ rooms as I acquire nicer furnishings that better suite each rooms style and color pallet. Nothing fancy, just a comfortable place to spend the night before setting off on another adventure. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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