Drelan Telvanni (Blackreach Necromage) [XBox One]

  • Character: Drelan Telvanni (Blackreach Necromage) of XBox One
  • Submitted by: AlexTheRed17

Despite necromancy being accepted in Telvanni culture, Drelan wanted to expand his research beyond his homeland of Morrowind. After accidentally stumbling into Blackreach, he set up shop to continue his studies in private; soon utilizing a new form of magic by manipulating the fungal growth within the caverns. His studies are seen as revolutionary and are only shared amongst the highest ranks of House Telvanni.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadXivkyn HatEpic (Purple)Imperial City Treasure VaultsMaormer-Eyes GrayEpic Violet
ShouldersWood Elf Pauldrons 4Epic (Purple)OverlandPellitine CoralStendarr White
ChestDaedric RobeEpic (Purple)OverlandColdharbour Ash BlackDaedric RedColdharbour Ash Black
HandsXivkyn BracersEpic (Purple)Imperial City Treasure VaultsColdharbour Ash BlackExpert GrayMotif Master Brown
WaistFang Lair SashEpic (Purple)Fang Lair DungeonPellitine CoralMoonstone White
LegsDark Elf Breeches 1Epic (Purple)OverlandColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash Black
FeetTelvanni ShoesEpic (Purple)Vvardenfell SafeboxesThalmor BlackVarla WhiteWarrior’s Steel
WeaponGloomspore StaffEpic (Purple)Gloomspore Crown CratesGraht-Bark BrownAnequina Sunrise
OffhandScourge Harvester StaffEpic (Purple)Scourge Harvester Arms Pack (Crown Store)Clothier PurpleWayrest Royal PurpleSigil Orange

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleShorthair Center Crest
Head MarkingBlack Cross With Right Top Bar
Facial Hair
Major AdornmentLegendary Dragon Coronal
Minor AdornmentSabre Cat Ear-Fang
Body MarkingChittering Chaurus Body Markings
PersonalityTelvanni Magister
MountGloomspore Guar
Non-Combat PetGloomspore Bear Cub