Alevor Bristleback (Falkreath Liberator) [XBox One]

  • Character: Alevor Bristleback (Falkreath Liberator) of XBox One
  • Submitted by: AlexTheRed17

Alevor is a Redguard-Nord hybrid who left his hometown of Falkreath in Skyrim in search of adventure. After returning many years later, he saved his city from the feared Dreadhorn Clan and drove them back into the Reach. This armor is a symbol of freedom in Southwestern Skyrim and has been referred to as the Falkreath Liberator ever since.


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadBloodforge HelmEpic (Purple)Bloodroot Forge DungeonAtmoran BronzeExpert GraySergeant’s Charcoal
ShouldersBloodspawn’s ShoulderEpic (Purple)Spindleclutch II DungeonDolmen Deep BlueRank 4 MaterialsJulianos White
ChestBloodforge JackEpic (Purple)Bloodroot Forge DungeonCovenant BlueMotif Master BrownHlaalu Gold
HandsGrim Harlequin GauntletsEpic (Purple)Crown StoreBirch WhiteHeartlands Umber
WaistSwordthane BeltEpic (Purple)Greymoor Collector’s EditionRank 9 Materials
LegsAncient Elf GreavesEpic (Purple)OverlandColovian Deep BrownCorporal’s Green
FeetSkinchanger BootsEpic (Purple)New Life Festival BoxesGraht-Bark BrownMaster GoldTower White-Gold
WeaponWood Elf Axe 4 / Skinchanger AxeEpic (Purple)Overland / New Life Festival BoxesJulianos WhiteLegionary’s LeadColdharbour Ash Black
OffhandDraugr BowEpic (Purple)Fighters/Mages/Undaunted Guild DailiesRestorative GoldNecromancer BlueJulianos White

Appearance and Companions:

Hair StyleManagement Material
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor Adornment
Body MarkingTwisted Briar Shoulder Tats
MountGreat Elk
Non-Combat PetWindhelm Wolfhound