Stre’lok the Destroyer [NA]

    • Character: Stre’lok the Destroyer of NA
    • Submitted by: MrFoxer

A Sheogorath themed knight made for the daedric costume contest. The second screenshot uses militant ordinator pauldrons.

PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadGlass (H)Dominion YellowPillager PurpleColdharbour Ash Black
ShouldersAshlander (L)Pillager PurpleAntique Brass
ChestBuoyant Armiger (L)Covenant Vanquisher VioletHyacinth PinkHyacinth Pink
HandsAncient Elf (L)Stendarr WhiteCovenant Vanquisher VioletCovenant Vanquisher Violet
WaistOrc (M4)Birch WhiteAyleid Gold
LegsCovenant (L)Covenant Vanquisher VioletIronweed VioletIronweed Violet
FeetMilitant Ordinator (L)Covenant Vanquisher VioletAntique BrassStendarr White

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