Katria the Aetherial – NA

    • Character: Katria the Aetherial of NA
    • Submitted by: MrFoxer

Back with another set, this time inspired by Ezio’s armor from AC2. P.S. don’t tell mum I’m a templar.

Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
Head Flannel Forester’s Hood Wild Hunt Crates Volunteer’s Iron Volunteer’s Iron
Shoulders Minotaur (H) Obsidian Black
Chest Ebony Robe (L) Birch White Obsidian Black Champion Red
Hands Thieves Guild (H) Obsidian Black Telvanni Brown Book Cover Brown
Waist Outlaw (L) Champion Red Moonstone White Moonstone White
Legs Hidden by robe
Feet Abah’s Watch (L) Obsidian Black
Weapon Covenant Sword

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