Fists-Of-Fury – NA

    • Character: Fists-Of-Fury of NA
    • Submitted by: MrFoxer

I call this palette “The Green Knight.”

PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadEpic (Purple)
ShouldersMercenary HeavyEpic (Purple)Obsidian BlackWyrd Tree Green
ChestMercenary HeavyEpic (Purple)Orichalc GreenWyrd Tree GreenObsidian Black
HandsWay of Martial KnowledgeEpic (Purple)Craftmaster GoldWindhelm SteelBook Cover Brown
WaistWay of Martial KnowledgeEpic (Purple)Graht-Bark BrownHunding GoldHlaalu Gold
LegsWay of Martial KnowledgeEpic (Purple)Wyrd Tree GreenHunding GoldDried Blood Brown
FeetWay of Martial KnowledgeEpic (Purple)Hunding GoldHunding GoldEvermore Gold
WeaponBriarheart StaffEpic (Purple)

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