Scales-In-Starlight [NA]

    • Character: Scales-In-Starlight of NA
    • Submitted by: Zyva

Scales-In-Starlight is a fickle Argonian vampire, as apt to heal your scaly tail as to turn her back and watch the stars while you stand in circles of burning red. She enjoys long rides under the ash clouds of her home, catching fish by starlight, and bathing in the healing springs of her magicka.

She likes to wear the black and red of the Pact, and wears a Pact dragonclaw coronet nestled between her high eye ridges. She carries a nord staff and mixes glowing hollow-jack, celestial, and xivkyn styles.

PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadMending, HiddenEpic (Purple)
ShouldersEpaulets of Torug PactEpic (Purple)crafted, hollowjackColdharbour Ash Black
ChestShirt of Kagnaracs HopeEpic (Purple)crafted, hollowjackColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackSyffim Red
HandsGloves of Kagnarac’s HopeEpic (Purple)crafted, hollowjackJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash BlackSyffim Red
WaistSash of Kagnarac’s HopeEpic (Purple)crafted, celestialJulianos WhiteColdharbour Ash Black
LegsBreeches of Kagnaracs HopeEpic (Purple)crafted, XivkynColdharbour Ash BlackSyffim RedJulianos White
FeetShoes of Kagnarac’s HopeEpic (Purple)crafted, xivkynColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackSyffim Red
WeaponResto of TorugEpic (Purple)crafted, nord

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