Bogrog gro-Shub – NA

    • Character: Bogrog gro-Shub of NA
    • Submitted by: Eisotopius

I really do this guy a lot, but he’s my main and I can’t help changing his outfit every couple of months. I promise the next post from me will be a Khajiit.


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Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
Head Malacath Epic (Purple) Crafted Antique Brass Arcane Blue Red Diamond Red
Shoulders Order of the Hour Epic (Purple) Crafted Antique Brass
Chest Trinimac Epic (Purple) Crafted Antique Brass Lamae’s White Arcane Blue
Hands Dwemer Epic (Purple) Crafted Antique Brass Lamae’s White Smith Steel Blue
Waist Ancient Orc Epic (Purple) Crafted Raw Hide Tan Red Diamond Red
Legs Ancient Orc Epic (Purple) Crafted Antique Brass Lamae’s White Arcane Blue
Feet Mercenary Epic (Purple) Crafted Ayleid Gold Craftmaster Gold Lamae’s White
Weapon Trinimac Legendary (Gold) Crafted

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