Bogrog gro-Shub [NA]

    • Character: Bogrog gro-Shub of NA
    • Submitted by: Eisotopius

*oversaturation of site with orc pictures intensifies*

Piece Name Quality Source Prim Dye Sec Dye Tert Dye
Head Grim Harlequin H Obsidian Black Ayleid Gold Covenant Blue
Shoulders Akaviri H Obsidian Black Automaton Bronze Covenant Blue
Chest Bloodforge H Obsidian Black Covenant Blue Ayleid Gold
Hands Skinchanger H Obsidian Black Covenant Blue Craftmaster Gold
Waist Not visible
Legs Daedric L Rank 6 Materials Covenant Blue
Feet Divine Prosecution H Obsidian Black Covenant Blue Covenant Blue
Weapon Thieves Guild Sword Obsidian Black Rank 6 Materials Vehk’s Mystic Blue
Offhand Trinimac Shield Ayleid Gold Obsidian Black Indoril Blue

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