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  1. Devin
    11 August 2019 @ 1517

    I have seen all your outfits! Been watching your stunning work for a very long time now. Instead of commenting on all your different posts, I’ll say it here. I love your work! There is so much passion, so much effort in your outfits it’s insane. It’s like you just refuse using something of the same style in one outfit, trying your damnndest to make them as original as possible. How you match the colors is great, making it look like these parts belong to each other. Thanks for inspiring me, and for yet again making another great outfit. x)


    • Eisotopius
      11 August 2019 @ 1522

      Funny you mention refusing to use several bits of the same style in an outfit, because that is actually something I do go out of my way to avoid if it’s at all possible. Sometimes it looks nice to match styles (Breton hoods and T2 light shoulders are my favorite), but usually it’s just pretty boring. Does get expensive as hell though, buying all new motifs to do stuff I couldn’t before.

      (And please don’t get me started on color matching, a lot of the styles I would really like to use, I can’t, because the same dye looks different on them than it would on the pieces around it, and if you’re using blue there’s no way to fix that.)

      But, yeah, nice to know I’ve got fans. Really good to see people appreciate all the work that goes into these.


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