Swamp Thing [EU]

  • The Ample Domicile: Swamp Thing [EU]
  • Submitted by: Kadzra

The ancient city of Stormhold, deep in the swamps of Shadowfen, is build upon old aylid ruins. One of the ancient pyramids was bought by a business minded orc-adventurer who made it into a famous inn, crowded with greedy adventurers, fearless tourists and fake argonian relicts.
It is one of the busiest places in town and most of the trade which is done here is better kept in the dark. Golden coins shine in the dim light when they change hands.
Towering over everything on a nice and soft cushian the orc-matriach watches carefully, her eyes and ears seem to be everywhere. And a good part of the golden coins wander into a chest next to her.

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