Lakeside [EU]

  • Sleek Creek House: Lakeside [EU]
  • Submitted by: Kadzra

I felt in love with the view and couldn’t resist. I bought the homestead with my last money (and the last money of my friend, thank you very much!) and tried to make the best out of the small house, the big place below the house and the wet-and-dry garden. It is not completely like i wanted it to be – i ran out of money, materials and allowed items, since my subscription ended while i was furnishing. But i still like it and it feels like a nice retirement place.
I really loved all the possibilities of the housing-menue. Even when i was cursing sometimes, it is one of the best and easiest ways to create a nice for roleplay and ingame meetings. You can create a lot of atmosphere, you can give a rp-character a place to evolve and create nice storys of your own. You can make the same place look really different. It can be a nice Inn, a dark and demolished place were werewolves meet, a beautiful garden, the guarded fortress of a hunter and trophy gatherer or the home of a happy family.
You can choose your style and go your own way.
Thank you for that, teso!

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