Quintia [NA]

    • Character: Quintia of NA
    • Submitted by: Tyrannica

Rushing to post this before the patch… My stamsorc is here! I think the most interesting feature is the epic wedgie. I mean seriously, guys! Need a top armor without buttflaps to see.

Hands and feet are Bone Pirate’s, shoulder is monster, head is also monster but hidden, the rest is crafted.

PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
ShouldersInfernal Guardian’s Arm CopsLegendary (Gold)Undaunted ChestShadowfoot GrayShadowfoot Gray
ChestMazzatun Rubedite CuirassLegendary (Gold)Shadowfoot GrayShadowfoot GrayRiften Copper
HandsDraugr Rubedo Leather BracersLegendary (Gold)Shadowfoot GrayShadowfoot Gray
WaistMazzatun Ancestor Silk SashLegendary (Gold)Shadowfoot GrayShadowfoot Gray
LegsEbony Rubedo Leather GuardsLegendary (Gold)Shadowfoot GrayDeceit OrangeShadowfoot Gray
FeetDraugr Rubedo Leather BootsLegendary (Gold)Shadowfoot GrayShadowfoot GrayShadowfoot Gray
WeaponSoul Shriven Rubedite GreatswordLegendary (Gold)

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