Anteriore Dimensioni [NA]

    • Character: Anteriore Dimensioni of NA
    • Submitted by: Tyrannica

My magblade… in before the patch! I call this one “thong-pants”. I imagine Peter Dinklage singing it to the tune of Space Pants 😛

PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
ShouldersGrothdarr’s EpauletsLegendary (Gold)Undaunted ChestColdharbour Ash BlackMaster GoldColdharbour Ash Black
ChestMazzatun Rubedo Leather JackLegendary (Gold)Evermore GoldColdharbour Ash BlackMastic Yellow
HandsAssassins League Ancestor Silk GlovesLegendary (Gold)Coldharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackMaster Gold
WaistMilitant Ordinator Ancestor Silk SashLegendary (Gold)Mastic YellowColdharbour Ash BlackMastic Yellow
LegsBuoyant Armiger Ancestor Silk BreechesLegendary (Gold)Mastic YellowColdharbour Ash BlackMastic Yellow
FeetTelvanni Ancestor Silk ShoesLegendary (Gold)Coldharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash BlackColdharbour Ash Black
WeaponSoul Shriven Rubedite SwordLegendary (Gold)
OffhandTelvanni Rubedite SwordLegendary (Gold)

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