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4 years ago

Moon Sugar Palace: Brilliant Beautiful I absolutely love it. But I have to ask…did you really use only 700 pieces of furniture in building it? Another Question…do you test all these pieces of furniture on the test realm before building them in game? I ask because it would cost me a fortune to test all those pieces of furniture in order to find those pieces that fit together in such a way that it fills the purpose I have in mind. For example: test the stairs to see how many sets I need to reach 2nd floor / oops those 2 sets of stairs completely fills the first floor / oops the canopy bed is too tall to fit in the room I built / What piece of furniture can I manipulate to fill the gap in the floor that won’t stick thru to room below / Oops you can’t walk on rugs by themselves / etc. I can only imagine how many pieces I’d have to cast aside because they wouldn’t work. The preview they provide in game is not particularly helpful. What’s your secret?

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