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5 years ago

So, looking at this again I realize that the carpet covers the stairs to the basement. Fantastic idea…I never cared for those stairs… but don’t you fall thru the carpet? And if you blocked the stairs more permanently then I take you decided the basement was superfluous space…(or not very usable). I wish it were less dark. At any rate I really enjoyed your take on this property. Almost makes me want to take a try at it myself. : )

5 years ago
Reply to  stellanoche

I also blocked the basement with stone blocks so you can’t fall in. I knew I wanted to make an extra wall and wanted to make the outside with a lot of plants so I knew that I couldn’t use a couple rooms. the two rooms that were in the house are blocked and the basement aswell otherwise I couldn’t fill the house. Just Try! maybe you can create something amazing aswell 🙂

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