• Source: Crafting – Clothing
  • Level: 1
  • Quality: Normal
  • Update: One Tamriel, only requires Base Game

Yokudan Rawhide - Female Close FrontYokudan Rawhide - Female Close BackYokudan Rawhide - Female Close SideYokudan Rawhide - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide - Female BackYokudan Rawhide - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide - Male Close FfrontYokudan Rawhide - Male Close BackYokudan Rawhide - Male Close SideYokudan Rawhide - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide - Male BackYokudan Rawhide - Male Side

Individual Pieces

Yokudan Rawhide Helmet - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Helmet - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Helmet - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Arm Cops - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Jack - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Jack - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Jack - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Jack - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Jack - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Jack - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Jack - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Jack - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Bracers - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Bracers - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Bracers - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Belt - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Belt - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Belt - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Belt - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Belt - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Belt - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Guards - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Guards - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Guards - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Guards - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Guards - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Guards - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Guards - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Guards - Male Side

Yokudan Rawhide Boots - Female FrontYokudan Rawhide Boots - Female RearYokudan Rawhide Boots - Female RightYokudan Rawhide Boots - Female Side

Yokudan Rawhide Boots - Male FrontYokudan Rawhide Boots - Male RearYokudan Rawhide Boots - Male RightYokudan Rawhide Boots - Male Side


Amethyst Violet, Recipe Reaper Red, Motif Pattern Blue

Yokudan Rawhide - Dyed FrontYokudan Rawhide - Dyed RearYokudan Rawhide - Dyed Side

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