Yogg-Zethun [NA]

  • Character: Yogg-Zethun of NA
  • Submitted by: @Levi.the'defiler

one of my cool outfits for my characters, a good combination of viking and chinese dynasty warrior style. feel free to add me or ask me questions on the game 🙂 @Levi.the'defiler


PieceNameQualitySourcePrim DyeSec DyeTert Dye
HeadHuntsman HelmLegendary (Gold)Ophidian JadeDivine Gold
ShouldersVykosa ShouldersLegendary (Gold)Bloodroot WineDivine GoldDivine Gold
ChestMoongrave cuirassLegendary (Gold)Divine GoldOphidian JadeFiredrake’s Flame
HandsFiredrake GauntletsLegendary (Gold)Divine GoldDivine GoldFiredrake’s Flame
WaistOrc girdle 4Legendary (Gold)Ophidian JadeDivine Gold
LegsAncient Orc greavesLegendary (Gold)Firedrake’s FlameFiredrake’s FlameOphidian Jade
FeetPit Daemon sabatonsLegendary (Gold)Divine GoldOphidian Jade
WeaponTrinimac BattleaxeLegendary (Gold)Blood GoldBloodroot WineFiredrake’s Flame

Appearance and Companions:

Hair Style
Head Marking
Facial Hair
Major Adornment
Minor Adornment
Body Marking
SkinSanctified Silver
MountBlazeborn Senche-lion
Non-Combat Pet