Wedding Dress

  • Source: Crown Store – 700 crowns
  • This white confection is perfect for exchanging Rings of Mara—or delving dungeons with the Undaunted.

Wedding Dress - Female Close FrontWedding Dress - Female Close BackWedding Dress - Female Close SideWedding Dress - Female FrontWedding Dress - Female BackWedding Dress - Female Side

Wedding Dress - Male Close FrontWedding Dress - Male Close BackWedding Dress - Male Close SideWedding Dress - Male FrontWedding Dress - Male BackWedding Dress - Male Side

Wedding Dress - Argonian Male Close FrontWedding Dress - Argonian Male Close RearWedding Dress - Argonian Male Close SideWedding Dress - Argonian Male FrontWedding Dress - Argonian Male RearWedding Dress - Argonian Male Side

Wedding Dress - Khajiit Female Close FrontWedding Dress - Khajiit Female Close RearWedding Dress - Khajiit Female Close SideWedding Dress - Khajiit Female FrontWedding Dress - Khajiit Female RearWedding Dress - Khajiit Female Side


Alchemist Bilious, Clothier Purple, Provisioner Brown

Wedding Dress Dyed Close FrontWedding Dress Dyed Close BackWedding Dress Dyed Close SideWedding Dress Dyed FrontWedding Dress Dyed BackWedding Dress Dyed Side